How to Hide Your Snapchat score [3 Easy Steps]

In this article, you will learn how to hide your Snapchat Score. Snapchat is one of the biggest social media apps globally and primarily used by millennials.

Snapcscore is a great way to keep yourself hooked to the platform as it gives users a sort of incentive to keep sending. Your Snapscore keeps increasing with each snap you send and receive.

Another cool thing on the platform is the Snapstreaks which indicate the number of days you’ve’ consistently sent and received snaps from a person.

Unfortunately, you cannot entirely hide your Snapchat score from everyone, and if you don’t’ block any specific of your friends, your Snapscore will still be visible to them.

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Let’s proceed with our article; please ensure you read it till the end so that you don’t’ miss out on essential steps.

What Is A Snapscore On Snapchat

Your Snapscore is a score derived by Snapchat that can be seen on your Snapchat profile and indicates your total activity on the app. Your Snapscore is affected by a variety of factors such as:

  • Number of Snaps you send and receive
  • Number of people you send Snaps to and receive from
  • Number of stories you view and post
  • Number of replies and texting you do
  • Your overall activity on the app
  • Number of friends you have on the app

These aren’t just the only factors used in developing a Snapscore for your profile, many other things are considered too, and Snapchat has not been much clarity on that.

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Who Can See My Snapscore On Snapchat?

Your Snapscore is visible to all your friends on Snapchat. You both should have added each other as friends to view Snapscores for each other. Any person you haven’t’ added as friends cannot view your Snapscore.

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How To Hide My Snapchat Score?

As previously stated, you cannot hide your Snapchat score from friends. There is no option on the Snapchat app; neither is there a third-party method.

You can, however, remove the person from your friend list or block them to prevent them from seeing your Snapscore on Snapchat. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Open the Snapchat app and click on the Profile icon in the top left corner next to the search icon.

snapchat profile options

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2. Now, in the profile section, scroll down to the “Friends” section and open My friends.

friends In snapchat

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3. In the “My friends” section, look for the friend you want to hide your Snapchat score from or remove from your friend and long-press on their name until a menu pops up.

remove friend or block people on snapchat

In the menu, you get two options and many other options. You can either choose to “Remove Friend” or “Block.”

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If you want to keep your profile more private and only limited to your friends and prevent random people from adding you as friends, you can choose not to list your profile in the Quick Add a feature where a lof Snapchatters can see your profile and send you friend requests.

You can also prevent any unknown Snapchatters from sending you Snaps and use many privacy settings to make your Snapchat profile private.

Let’s discuss how to do that.

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How To Make My Snapchat Profile Private?

You cannot entirely make your Snapchat profile, but you can prevent a lot of unwanted socialization from happening. Here’s how you can access the profile privacy options on Snapchat:

Open the Profile menu in the Snapchat app by clicking on the profile picture icon in the top left corner of the app.

Open settings by clicking on the gear icon in the top right in the profile options.

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Now in the settings, scroll down to the Who can… section.

snapchat profile privacy settings

Now you will see many options like My Stories, contact me, see me in Quick add, and many others. When you open any of these options, you can choose from Everyone, Friends, and Custom. Choose the option suitable for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I See Who Views My Public Profile On Snapchat?

You cannot see who views your public profile on Snapchat; you can only track who views your public profile on Snapchat.

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2. How To View My Public Profile Subscriber Count On Snapchat?

You can view the subscriber count for your public profile by going to the public profile settings, selecting Edit public profile, and toggling on the show subscriber count option.

If you have less than 5000 subscribers, you cannot view the exact number of suppliers. It will just show as < 5000 subscribers.

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Wrapping Up

This was all for your article on how to hide your Snapscore on Snapchat. Note that Snapchat is a budding ground for many scammers running Ponzi schemes. Only add people you genuinely know for your safety. We hope you found this article helpful. Please make sure you share this article with everyone.

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