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3 Best Fake Code Generator Websites

Use any of these 3 best fake code generator websites to create dummy or fictious code. Generate dummy programming code in a few seconds.

Fake code generator websites are a quick and intelligent way to produce fictitious code that we can use in demo projects and mockups. In this article, we have included a variety of websites that will let you do that.

These websites can produce fake code in a variety of programming languages. Once done, you can always copy and use the code anywhere.

We have also included a website that will alter your code and change its variable and function name.

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3 Best Free Fake Code Generator Websites

If you’re working on a test website or a software prototype that involves code, you’ll need a fake code to display in screenshots or reports.

Earlier, when these kinds of websites were not in the picture, people manually created these codes, which used to take a long time. With these free programming code generator websites, you no longer need to do so.

Read on to learn about some of these websites you can use to generate a code for you and use it wherever you want.

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1. SL Random Program Generator

sl random program generator

This website allows you to generate fake code by entering the number of lines you want to generate.

Go to its main website to begin the code creation process. Provide the number of commands and the code will be generated for you.

The website’s interface is straightforward; after the code is generated, you can copy and paste it wherever you like. It produces Python code of arbitrary length as an output.

There is no need to sign up or register, so you enter the number of commands on the interface. Then, you press the “Generate” button to generate the appropriate code.

Once the code has been generated, you can copy and paste it wherever you wish. This website can be used whenever you require fake code.

2. Hacker Typer

hacker typer - fake code generator

Based on your input, this website generates fake code on the screen for you. As you type, every keystroke generates a different piece of code, which you can see on the screen.

It is bogus code, and you can use it wherever you like. Most people use it to impress those who aren’t as tech-savvy as they are. Go to Hacker Typer’s main website and start typing to use it.

You can use it any way you want without registering, just like the other websites mentioned here. You can begin inputting random keystrokes after landing on the main homepage.

It will continue to generate the corresponding code. The amount of code you can type here is not restricted.

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3. Ipsum Codem

codem ipsum - fake code generator website

You need to input a code on this website in the left-hand box. The tool then alters the names of variables, declarations, functions, and other elements to make it appear as a fake code.

All you need to do is insert the code on the left-hand side, which will automatically modify it. You do not have to register on the website to get a fake code. You can use it to generate fake JavaScript code.

You’ll see that the equivalent lorem ipsum code appears in the other window as you type in the code. You can copy and paste the JS code or write your own and use it.

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We now know of some free websites where you can generate fake code. If you’re looking for a free fake code generator, you can visit any of the websites listed above.

None of the above websites requires registration. Use them to generate fictitious programming code and then do anything you want with that fake code.

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Himanshu Tyagi
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