how to build better relation with your customers

4 Ways to Build Consistent Customer Relations

Customer relationships are very important aspects of businesses. Loyal and repeat customers sustain the businesses. It isn’t easy for brands and businesses to keep...
full stack web developer interview - Igor Dimitrijevic

Let’s Meet Igor – Full Stack Web, Mobile, and Desktop App Developer

Today, we will meet Igor Dimitrijevic - a full stack web, mobile, and desktop app developer. He will share his professional coding experience and how to get over the fear of coding. Read the complete interview here.
android app to spy on WhatsApp of your friends

How to spy on WhatsApp activities of your kids

In this post, we will see how to spy on WhatsApp messages of your kids. You will be able to track WhatsApp activities of your kids and see what exactly are they doing.
Android App To Execute code in 23+ coding languages

Android app to execute code in 23+ programming languages

Here is an Android app which allows users to code in more than 23 programming languages including C#, Java, Python, Swift, etc. and compile them online. Now, you can code on the go using this lightweight coding app. Read here to know other exciting features.
5 android apps to boost productivity

5 Android Apps to boost productivity

Here is the list of 5 free Android apps to boost your productivity. Easily edit documents, track packages, print files, etc. using these business apps.
how to send whatsapp text and voice messages via google assistant

How To Send WhatsApp Text and Voice Messages by Google Assistant

In this tutorial, you will learn how to send WhatsApp text and voice messages by Google Assistant. Use this simple trick to talk with your friends from anywhere in Android.
how to market your app to boost your startup growth

How To Market Your App To Boost Your Startup Growth

In order to grow your startup, you should invest in mobile app development and its promotion. Here are some of the best ways to market your app and grow your business.

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