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10 Best Network Monitoring Software For Businesses

Here we have compiled a list of 10 best network monitoring software for business. continuously monitors a network and the data flowing through it.

Welcome to the guide that compares and ranks the 10 best network monitoring software so that you can choose the best one for your organization.

Network Monitoring is essential to any connected business, as it gives you visibility over devices, ensuring they stay up when needed.

But with a wide range of options available today in this field, finding one suitable for performance needs and budget constraints isn’t easy! This article provides insights into each tool’s features, benefits & drawbacks.

10 Best Network Monitoring Software

Please make sure to check all of these out to develop a better selection for your business. And, with that being said, let’s dive in!

1. Datadog

datadog - network monitoring software

Datadog is a popular network monitoring software that provides comprehensive visibility into your networks and traffic.

It has two main modules: Network Performance Monitoring, which examines all network data to alert you of any performance issues, and Device Monitoring, which uses SNMP to collect information from each device, such as model numbers, processor speed, etc., for overall health checks on devices like switches, routers, or appliances.

Alerts can be enabled through preferred channels such as SMS/Email/Slack or PagerDuty with custom metrics set up according to the Autodiscovery feature.

This creates an updated inventory map at regular intervals in a real-time environment-based cloud processing account with included storage space alongside other monitoring tools.


  • Network Traffic & Health Checks
  • Automatic Discovery For Creating Live Inventory Map
  • SNMP Polling Of Devices
  • Alert Notification Through Preferred Channels (SMS / Email)


  • Cloud-Based Solution Providing Ease In Accessibility
  • Real-Time Machine Learning Enabled Alert Notifications


  • 14-Day Trial Could Be Too Short

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2. Paessler Network Monitoring

paessler network monitoring

Paessler Network Monitoring is one of the most popular network monitoring software.

It has gained a lot of traction due to its comprehensive yet affordable features, which enable businesses and organizations of all sizes to monitor their networks efficiently.


  • SNMP, packet sniffing & WMI-based detection, and analysis for complete visibility into your network’s performance
  • Automated discovery process identifies devices on the same subnet as well as relevant information about them in real time
  • Customizable dashboard displays data related to bandwidth usage, latency levels, and detailed device status
  • Generates reports that include value changes over thresholds along with graphs\ heatmap visualizations
  • Supports various alert types, including email notifications, when triggered by certain events or sensor values


  • Easy setup – requires minimal configuration
  • Notifications can be sent via SMS/email, etc., keeping users up-to-date
  • Reports are highly accurate as they are generated using WMI technology


  • Alert systems may not always provide timely alerts during critical incidents.
  • It can require more resources than other similar products

3. Solarwinds Network Monitor

solarwinds network monitor

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) is a comprehensive network monitoring software that provides automated setup and real-time visibility into the health of your networks and connected devices.

It uses SNMP for device discovery and packet analysis for traffic regulation. NPM has some unique features like NetPath, which traces the route taken by packets across different hops.

WiFi heat maps feature helps optimize wireless performance while the alerts system keeps track of all issues reported with email/SMS notifications depending on their severity level.


  • Automatically discovers connected devices through SNMP Monitoring
  • Network Packet Analysis
  • NetPath tool visually shows network routes
  • WiFi Heat Maps
  • Alert System & Reports
  • Unique Feature – Net Path Route Tracing


  • Monitors large enterprise networks effectively yet easily
  • Real-time monitoring gives instant insight into any issue
  • Customizable Alerts give complete control over trigger conditions
  • Convenient pricing plans starting at $2,995


  • Maybe it is overkill for LANs with too many unnecessary features.

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4. Auvik

auvik - best network monitoring software

Auvik is another excellent network monitoring software. It offers comprehensive management, visibility, and control of networks from a centralized console.

It offers features like automated setup & configuration, performance tracking & reporting, and integrated third-party tools.

This makes it ideal for small businesses and enterprise customers who want to monitor multi-site operations remotely from one location or across multiple sites in real-time.


  • Automated Setup – Installs collectors quickly on monitored devices
  • Continuous Network Discovery – Find new devices automatically
  • Network Mapping – Visualize infrastructure links
  • Resource Utilization Alerts – Notify when thresholds are crossed
  • Configuration Management – Improves overall performance


  • Centralized multi-site monitoring solutions
  • Quick automation set up process
  • Easy visual mapping system T
  • Threshold-based alerts notify users before outages
  • Can integrate 3rd party applications


  • Only provides network-related services
  • No other products are available

5. ManageEngine Opmanager

manageengine opmanager

ManageEngine OpManager is a comprehensive network monitoring software that provides real-time visibility and management of networks, servers, and applications.

It offers automated discovery to quickly find new devices on the network and powerful mapping capabilities to show device topology at a glance.


  • Automated Network Discovery finds new devices
  • SNMP continuously monitors for performance changes with alerts
  • Over 200 customizable dashboard widgets for a unique user experience
  • Monitors CPU, memory & disk metrics/utilization in addition to Devices


  • Reduces false positives by only alerting users when relevant performance changes occur
  • Provides clear visualization using over 200 custom dashboard widgets
  • Discovers/Inventories New Devices automatically or On Schedule
  • Provides Clear Visualization through trustworthy Mapping
  • Continuous Performance Monitoring Ensures no data leakage


  • Requires time investment in learning how best to utilize features offered

6. Checkmk

checkmk - network monitoring solution

Checkmk is a comprehensive network monitoring software offering free and paid options. The free version, Checkmk Raw, provides real-time visibility into your networks’ performance and bandwidth usage.

It also alerts you of any potential problems on the horizon so that proactive steps can be taken to fix them before they become an issue for your business operations.

Furthermore, its Enterprise edition scales features and pricing based on several monitored hosts, making it suitable for larger businesses needing more robust networking infrastructure solutions.


  • Network mapping – Automatically finds connected devices to provide greater visibility over the entire IT environment;
  • Discovery – Identifies all available hardware resources within a network, including servers & applications;
  • Monitoring – Monitors critical parameters such as network performance & capacity status with regular updates alerting users when changes or issues occur;
  • Integrated Monitorings– Offers additional support like server/application monitoring


  • Budget-friendly alternative, primarily through the Free (Raw) Version, which covers basic needs while providing valuable insights about traffic flow
  • Scales feature & price according to the amount of hosted unsupported, thus matching company size requirements without excess costs


  • Lackluster compared to similar representatives such as Nagios Core despite offering comparable functionalities.

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7. Site 24×7 Network Monitoring

site 24x7 network monitoring

Site 24×7 offers a practical and affordable Network Monitoring Software solution. It provides a holistic view of IT infrastructure, applications, and user experience monitoring (RUM) in real-time.

The tool has many features that make it one of the best solutions for businesses looking to monitor their networks effectively:


  • Automated network discovery – discovers all devices connected to your network with an automated mapping process
  • All-in-one platform – monitors both hardware & software components together continuously
  • Real-time performance monitoring – detect any issues or outages quickly and keep users informed about availability status at all times
  • Alerts and reporting feature – informs you when critical problems arise, such as low resource usage, etc
  • A wide range of virtualization options is available, including Free Ping Uptime Monitor (50 URLs/servers)
  • Website Monitoring, Infrastructure APM editions, among others


  • A simple setup is required, which is highly scalable depending on the requirements
  • Comprehensive visibility over the entire system = easy troubleshooting
  • Easy detection & prevention against potential incidents due to the proactive approach taken by the application
  • Affordable pricing plans tailored based on specific needs


  • A limited number of functionalities are included under the free package plan.
    Detailed nature may require extra effort to understand various intricacies of the whole suite.

8. Extrahop

extrahop - networking monitoring software

ExtraHop Reveal(x) is a powerful network monitoring software designed to keep mid-to-large-sized businesses secure and compliant.

It provides multi-site management, anomaly detection, rogue device detection, and Network Detection & Response (NDR).

With continual device discovery and User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), Extra Hop ensures comprehensive protection while maintaining efficiency.


  • Multi-site monitoring provides a consolidated view across networks/locations for simpler management.
  • Rogue Device Detection finds unknown devices before threats take hold and spread.
  • Anomaly Detection identifies complex threats even in the face of unknown ones.
  • NDR detects threats and then blocks them to prevent damage or ensure compliance.
  • Discovery inventories of known devices through traffic analysis – alerts immediately upon finding new ones.
  • Options include a SaaS platform, network appliance, or cloud edition; demos allow evaluations.


  • Consolidates multiple sites into one more accessible location
  • Detects previously unseen malicious activity quickly
  • Adaptable solutions tailored to any environment, including a free trial
  • UEBA predictive analytics helps avoid future issues


  • Complexity may put it out of reach for small business owners

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9. Catchpoint

catchpoint - network monitoring software

Catchpoint Network Experience is a comprehensive network monitoring solution that optimizes website delivery.

It offers an array of features that assist in delivering visibility across infrastructure for reliable, high-performance delivery and prevent performance issues while meeting the demands of growing businesses.

The platform offers a 14-day free trial, which helps users familiarize themselves with Catchpoint’s powerful capabilities before subscribing to it as their toolset.


  • Monitors websites’ delivery through internet connectivity, BGP routes, ISPs, CDNs, etc
  • Detects problems or underperformances in virtual networks and remote access influencing deliveries
  • Maximizes visibility into complex environments using an optional on-premise agent
  • Integrates easily with other platforms available at Catchpoint


  • Provides end-to-end website deliverables
  • Enhances availability, performs reliably & meets SLA without increasing cost


  • Not primarily designed for LANs, general networking purposes & limited pricing details are mentioned.

10. Zabbix

zabbix - networking monitoring solution

Zabbix is a powerful, open-source network monitoring software that provides comprehensive and reliable insights into the performance of your infrastructure.

It offers essential features such as autodiscovery for finding new devices automatically and automatic configuration change detection to ensure high availability and maximum benefit from networking assets.


  • Autodiscovery & Automatic Configuration Change Detection
  • Monitoring Templates For Quick Setup
  • Alert System (Email /SMS /Webhook)
  • SNMP And IPMP Support


  • Free & Open Source
  • Uses SNPM/ IPFp Broad Monitoring
  • Find New Devices Automatically


  • Interface Could Be More Intuitive

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In this article, we reviewed the top 10 best network monitoring software. The monitoring network is crucial for businesses to avoid downtimes and ensure a better customer experience. We hope you found the article insightful. Please make sure that you share it with everyone.

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