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3 Best AI Spanish Text Paraphrasing Tools

Writing is not just all about creating new content. Sometimes, you must renew the existing text and give it a fresh look. That is where rewriting tools come into play.

AI paraphrasing text tools can take any text and rewrite it in a minute to remove the plagiarism. As a result, you get 100% unique content that reflects the original text’s meaning.

So, if you are a writer and have been looking for an excellent paraphrasing tool for a while, this blog is for you.

I have compiled a list of 3 paraphrasing tools that can make the life of writers so much easier by freeing you from the hassle of manual paraphrasing.

Top 3 AI Text Paraphrasing Tools

1. Parafrasear.org


The top one on my list is the Pragrasear rephrasing tool. The AI-powered rewriting tool does not let you worry about the manual paraphrasing of text as it does it wonderfully.

The AI paraphrasing tool has lots of features that facilitate writing. Eight rewriting modes can be rewritten in almost any tone and style possible. These modes include:

  1. Remove Plagiarism: A free rewriting mode that renews the text while keeping it close to the original text.
  2. Essential: This one is also free and provides basic paraphrasing services.
  3. Half: Half mode can rewrite the text while not altering it too much.
  4. Rewrite: This premium mode can thoroughly rephrase your text to produce a fresh version while preserving the original message.
  5. Creative: It is for blog writers and other writing tasks requiring a creative touch. The modes can take a text in the usual tone and give it a creative touch.
  6. Extreme: Extreme mode offers a thorough and intensive rewriting of your text, making significant changes to sentence structure, vocabulary, and style.
  7. Remove Plagiarism: This truly serves the purpose of a paraphrasing tool as it completely removes the plagiarism.
  8. Academic: The mode is to improve academic writing as students constantly need to rewrite.

The first three modes are entirely free and can be used unlimitedly.


  • Eight paraphrasing modes for diverse rewriting options
  • A partial free version that allows unlimited paraphrasing
  • The word limit of 20,000 characters per paraphrase
  • A budget-friendly premium version


  • Does not work without the Internet.
  • Requires a sign-up for usage.

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2. Reescribirtextos.com


A similar tool loaded with a variety of rewriting modes is the Reescribirtextos. It is another paraphrasing tool that is a savior for Spanish writers but can also be paraphrased in other languages.

Including Spanish, it can rewrite the text in 8 other European languages, including Dutch, French, Italian, and Romanian.

The rewriting process is also simple. Just input the text, select the mode you want to rewrite, and then hit the ‘Paraphrase text’ button.

The AI paraphrasing tool also offered eight distinct rewriting modes, as parafrasear.org provides, to cater to various writing needs.

Remove Plagiarism” mode ensures the originality of the text by eliminating any instances of plagiarism while maintaining the essence of the original content.

Essential” and “Half” modes balance retaining the original text and introducing moderate changes for better readability.

Rewrite” mode, a premium feature, completely rephrases the text to create a fresh version while preserving the core message.

Creative” mode is for writers seeking a more imaginative and engaging tone, ideal for blog writing and creative tasks, and the “Academic” mode focuses on improving academic writing.


  • Quick and accurate results
  • Generates 100% original text
  • Gives a limit of 20,000 characters per paraphrase
  • Supports multiple languages


  • It is only partially free; you need a premium version for full access.

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3. Reescribir.org


Lastly, Reescribir offers three modes: Essential, Half, and Remove plagiarism. It’s a free tool primarily designed for Spanish users but supports approximately 20 other languages.

The “Essential” mode provides basic paraphrasing services, while the “Half” mode makes moderate alterations to the text.

The “Remove Plagiarism” mode guarantees the originality of the content by eliminating any instances of plagiarism.

Although it has fewer modes than other tools and may have limitations in language support, Reescribir.org remains a valuable option for users looking for free and straightforward paraphrasing tool.


  • It’s an entirely free tool.
  • Supports around 20 languages.
  • Simple interface with three rewriting modes.


  • Limited mode options compared to other tools.
  • Primarily designed for Spanish users.

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Final Words

So the ball is in your court now. These are some of the top Spanish AI paraphrasing tools for rewriting texts. Parafrasear.org and Rewrite Texts provide free services to some extent, and Word Changer and Reescribir.org are free.

Therefore, choose the one that aligns with your text rewriting requirements and get on with the fastest way of rewriting the text.

Himanshu Tyagi
Himanshu Tyagi
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