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Why You Should Choose ASP.Net Core for Website Development

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We live in a technology-driven world. It is easy for an enterprise to build a web application to streamline its business processes and improve overall productivity. We have a plethora of development frameworks, technologies, and tools available in the market to facilitate web application development services.

But with such vast possibilities, we may experience dilemmas while choosing the right technology for web app development. However, the ASP .NET Core framework is a boon for developers and development firms.

While ASP .NET MVC has been used for web app development, the modern ASP.NET Core framework offers many additional benefits if we compare it with the ASP.NET MVC to ease out all web application development woes.

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ASP.NET Core is a cross-platform and open-source framework released by Microsoft, which completely transforms ASP.NET while combining the Web API and MVC structure into a single framework.

This blog will explore the components that make ASP.NET Core an ideal choice for web application development.

ASP.NET Core – An Overview

why choose asp net core for website development

Microsoft built ASP.NET Core as a capable open-source and cross-platform architecture that you can effectively use to develop the latest, internet-connected, and cloud-based applications.

ASP .NET Core has been developed to enable ever-evolving runtime modules, Compilers, languages, and APIs, and it runs on .NET System or .NET Core on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

ASP.NET Core has facilitated the methods of crafting simple yet powerful web applications. Its exceptionally top-notch features and capabilities have garnered an unprecedented reputation.

You can use ASP .NET Core to:

  • Develop online apps and services, IoT apps, mobile backends, and other practical and progressive applications.
  • Execute web applications for .Net Core and .NET Framework.
  • Gain mobility for cloud or on-site installations of utilities and apps.
  • Enable multiple systems, allowing app development for Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

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Why must you use ASP.Net Core for Web App Development?

As we said, ASP.NET Core is a feature-rich and robust framework that enables you to build super-fast APIs, Web services, and web applications.

Here are the primary benefits you can reap if you leverage the capabilities of ASP .NET core and app development companies.

1. The MVC Architecture

In the early days of classic ASP.NET, developers used to be very concerned about ViewState and IsPostBack. However, with the evolution of the MVC, web app development has become more intuitive and efficient.

The ASP.NET Core framework allows the development and testing of web apps and web APIs to be enhanced by addressing existing concerns. The ASP.NET Core makes application coding, compiling, and testing very easy using the MVC architecture.

2. Razor Pages

It is an innovative element of ASP.NET Core that has enhanced the productivity of the development of page-focused applications. Razor Pages is technically a page-based coding module that eases web UI development to a more significant extent.

Razor Pages help developers build each web page self-contained with its View component, allowing them to organize the code better.

3. Support for JavaScript Frameworks

In contrast to the conventional ASP.NET MVC, the modern ASP .NET Core framework offers numerous built-in templates for popular JavaScript frameworks — React JS and Angular JS.

The ASP.NET Core is equipped with JavaScript Services that offer a robust platform for developing client-side apps using the JS mentioned above frameworks.

The JavaScript services help developers eliminate the underlying plumbing and rapidly build feature-rich and scale apps.

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4. Cross-Platform Support

ASP.NET Core is a solid cross-platform framework that allows us to build applications without any hassles on Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

It also gives app developers the freedom to select the development operating system. It allows developers to work across Windows, macOS, and Linux and can still collaborate closely on a joint project.

This is made possible by a unified experience provided by the Visual Studio IDE.

5. In-Built Dependency Injection Support

ASP.NET Core framework supports the in-built dependency injection, eradicating reliance on the 3rd parties frameworks such as AutoFactor or Ninject.

Dependency Injection is indeed a pattern that assists developers in identifying the unique components of their applications.

This feature allows developers to leverage the libraries in event-driven applications like the Azure Functions or AWS Lambda to improve the extensibility and testability of web apps.

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6. Simplicity

Simplicity is the key to a successful ASP .NET Core, making it the next big thing in the app development domain. ASP .NET Core makes critical functionalities such as Client authentication, site configuration, and form submission easy and hassle-free.

It comes with a time-tested and reliable MVC (Model, View, and Controller) architecture that assists us in developing APIs and custom web apps with ease.

ASP .NET Core architecture enables developers to code, test, debug, and deploy applications without hassles.

7. Minimal and Quick coding

The most crucial element of web application development is coding. The ASP .NET Core coding is not heavy; it allows developers to build apps with minimal code.

ASP .NET Core is a beautiful platform that eases code generation and management due to a higher degree of code optimization.

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8. Superior Performance Assured

It is one of the essential considerations ASP .NET Core offers developers. Performance is unarguably the critical factor that developers tend to consider while building web applications, as it can make or break the end user’s experience.

ASP.NET Core framework offers a higher degree of code optimization, making the application efficient and boosting its performance to the next level.

9. Robust Safety and Security

The ASP .NET Core framework is known for fortifying the application security, which has Windows configuration and confirmation. It is equipped with CLR and Managed code, providing powerful safety features such as role-based control and code access security.

You can use a combination of ASP .NET, Web APIs like Azure Document Db, and SQL Server to develop secured solutions for multiple industries such as banking, finance, education, and digital marketing.

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What type of Applications can be built on ASP.NET Core?

ASP.NET Core enables developers to build web applications and mobile backends, hybrid apps, IoT apps, and web services. It differs from other frameworks and languages developed to run on server-based environments.

Using ASP.NET Core, you can develop modern, enterprise-grade, and feature-rich apps for your business.

  • Web Applications: These applications can be deployed on a web server and executed through an internet browser using HTTPS and HTTP protocols. Here we can create either collection of HTML web pages or a full-fledged web application that can run on a remote or local network.
  • Web-based Applications: Such applications do not need any installation on the system and can be run via any modern mobile web browser.
  • Mobile Applications: These applications can be installed on smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices.
  • Web Services: These services connect with the clients via a URL while utilizing XML, HTTP(S), and SOAP protocols to access other applications, components, and services.
  • Hybrid Applications: These applications perform like typical native applications. We can install them on any device, and they can execute web applications inside the app container.
  • IoT (Internet of Things) Applications: These applications are developed for the Internet of Things devices.

You could build applications for specific verticals or industries, including automotive, industrial automation, smart home, wearable technology, and healthcare.

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ASP .NET Core is unarguably one of the best frameworks for web app development. With the release of ASP.NET Core, Microsoft has taken care of multiple development-specific concerns in a single shot.

ASP .NET core enables developers to build web applications, web services, hybrid applications, mobile backend, IoT apps, and several other apps under a unified framework.

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