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Everything You Need To Know About Dedicated IP

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Every website must have its IP address, which is the actual address of a website. Due to the difficulty of remembering IP addresses, domain names were later developed to provide easy access to a website.

IP addresses are unique identifiers that designate the actual location of a website. The IP address is a numerical representation of the website’s location, such as

When you access a website by typing a domain name (e.g., in the address bar of the browser you are using, the computer will access a particular server to find out the IP address of the domain name and then direct it to the right website.

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This does not necessarily mean that one domain is identical to one IP address. One IP address can be shared by more than one website on a web server.

Learning The Differences

what is dedicated ip

Shared IP is the most common, which is an IP address that is used for many websites. Shared IP can be home to many websites on a web server. Because it is used by more than one website, the web server will do extra work, directing user requests (computer users) to the right website.

In shared IP, the actions of a website’s owner will impact other websites on the shared IP. If an IP address is blocked for spamming, it will also blacklist mail for all websites that use the shared IP. You can only access a website on a shared IP via a domain name, not an IP address.

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Another disadvantage of shared IP is that it cannot install SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), a security technology to encrypt the link between a web server and a browser.

Dedicated IP is the address that is assigned to one website. Generally, users of a dedicated IP are large-scale e-commerce websites or websites requiring a merchant account or handling online payment processes, such as PayPal.

Such sites must use SSL and, therefore, must be on a dedicated IP. Websites with a dedicated IP can be accessed through a domain name or an IP address. The cost of using a dedicated IP is much more expensive when compared to the use of a shared IP.

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Reasons Why Dedicated IP Is Needed

From the difference with shared IP, it can be concluded that Dedicated IP offers a solution to the limitations of shared IP. The following are the reasons why you should use a dedicated IP.

1. The traffic volume is high.

If your website has a high traffic volume, using a dedicated IP is the right choice. Dedicated IP can help you to maintain and increase website loading speed. It can also eliminate the possibility of crashes caused by high traffic coming to your website.

And yes, you can get unlimited dedicated IP from VPS. What makes it unique is that the IP address allows you to access the website as quickly as accessing your website’s domain.

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2. SSL Certificate and Security

If you are an online store owner, you need an SSL certificate and provide a feature where consumers make payments by card. It would be best if you had a dedicated IP to get this security certificate.

This security certificate is essential not only for your website’s reputation in the eyes of search engines but more for how customers feel safe transacting with you because evil people will not steal their data.

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3. Protection from other website activities

A dedicated IP means you won’t share the server with other accounts or websites. This is very important because you don’t have to worry about other activities that might interfere with your website. You have eliminated one risk.

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4. Improve search engine ranking

Did you know that Google pays more attention to websites with dedicated IPs? Especially when compared to shared IP, dedicated IP has a chance to achieve a better PageRank.

As explained above, shared IP has the risk of being affected by the bad reputation of problematic IPs in one IP. This is what makes dedicated IPs superior.

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5. Expanding Hosting Functions

Several functions can only be used by dedicated IPs and are not found on shared IPs. One of them is anonymous FTP. This feature allows you to use an FTP program to access files from your website.

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6. Business Identity

Dedicated IP can help increase the trust of consumers and prospects in your business. This is good capital to build a business.

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7. Better Stability

Of all the advantages of dedicated IP, the most striking is its ability to make websites more stable. This is because sharing the same IP address on multiple websites poses severe security and stability issues.

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If other websites with the same IP address as you are blocked, your website will also be affected. In other words, having a dedicated IP is intended so that other websites’ activities do not affect your website’s reputation.

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