What is Conversational Email and Why Your Business Needs It

You’d be forgiven for assuming it only exists in a single format regarding email. No matter the email app or platform your business uses, the design of its interfaces, and the range of tools it offers, the basics of emailing look and functions are pretty standard across the board.

Things are changing, though, and email is being re-imagined in significant ways, which can deliver enormous benefits for the businesses that use these apps. We look at the most exciting of the new email options below: conversational email.

Conversational email takes business communication to another level and promotes better collaboration and smoother workflow. It also offers a range of innovative features that mean less frustrating hopping between workspaces – so your team can focus on getting on with the important stuff.

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What is Conversational Email?

Conversational emails were developed by the company Spike, which now offers the world’s first conversational email app. It combines the best features of instant messages with the functionality and professionalism of traditional emailing – this mix results in a new concept: email chat.

Conversational emails allow staff to chat with other team members and those outside the organization, just as they would in a messaging app.

It also incorporates an arsenal of tools designed to allow colleagues to segue seamlessly from one task or mode of communication to another in-app.

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The Advantages of Conversational Email

what is conversational email and why your business needs it

There are loads of benefits to switching to a conversational email app. Here are a few of the most important ones!

Everything’s Organized in One Place

The beauty of conversational email is that you and your staff can find all the emails and threads you’re looking for under the contact—every message, file, attachment, and person’s social profile.

You can identify contacts quickly by the profile picture displayed, plus you’ll be able to see if they’re online and when they received and read your message.

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Seamless Conversations

Conversational email focuses firmly on the people themselves and is designed to make communication as smooth and easy as possible. Threads are easy to follow, and the lack of on-screen clutter makes these threads easier to read and respond to.

It’s a great team chat app, too: the ability to quickly drop someone a message, as you would in an instant messaging app, and fire back a speedy response can free up time and help you and your colleagues to get the information you need, fast.

Best of all, you can switch between chat and regular inbox mode at the click of the mouse, so you can tailor the way you conduct your conversations as necessary as your day unfolds.

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Powerful Perks and Features

And if you’re wondering whether the range of tools and features you can expect from conversational email can match that available with a standard email app – then you’re in for a pleasant surprise!

Conversational email typically offers many helpful, powerful tools to help you and your team work smarter and boost productivity. There’s Advanced Search to start with: this tool allows you to find emails quickly by viewing the potential options without needing to open every single one to check the contents.

File management tools, online notes, an innovative calendar, group tools, tasks, and an intuitive to-do list are some of the features you’ll have access to.

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Built-In Video Meetings and Calls

As well as being able to switch seamlessly between messaging modes, a conversational app may also allow you and your team members to go from text to voice or video calling in-app to keep the conversation flowing and the ideas coming.

You can start or join a meeting from any team chat or email thread without needing to log out and switch to a new app or for additional plug-ins or software. So whether you want to set up a one-to-one meeting, or a whole department conference call, this can be done quickly, efficiently, and on the go.

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How to Choose a Conversational Email App

If you’ve decided that switching to conversational email for your business is the way to go in 2022, then the next question is how to choose the best app. Here’s what to look out for:

Look for apps with a range of packages and associated pricing options so that you’ll only pay for the number of inboxes and features you need.

Depending on the nature of your business and its processes, consider a conversational email app that offers extra tools, such as voice messaging and email prioritization and scheduling tools.

Check the nature of the customer service: if you have any problem with your service and connection, you need to get back online fast: find out whether the provider’s customer care is contactable 24/7 and via various means.

Find out about the storage capacity – free packages may only offer 1GB of storage, whereas upgrading to a premium option may only cost a little more per month but give you 20GB of storage per inbox.

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Use the guide above to help you decide whether conversational email would benefit your business and get started with the right option.

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