Video Marketing Guide For Small Businesses in 2020


Small businesses are facing the utmost intense competition in the current scenario due to a multitude of reasons. In the wake of the growing significance of digital marketing, it has become imperative for small businesses of all domains to ensure a thriving virtual landscape presence.

Ironically, building the ideal digital marketing strategy is impossible without integrating an impeccable video marketing strategy. Once an option, now a prerequisite, video marketing is ruling through the roost of the Digital marketing landscape. It helps businesses gain a competitive advantage by leveraging the power of visual appeal.

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Interestingly, using the power of video marketing on the landing pages believes in enhancing lead conversions by a whopping 80%. Merely talking about the word “Video” in an email subject line is believed to increase the open rates of emails by 19%.

If you have been in the quest of a foolproof video marketing guide for small businesses in 2020, here gain an inkling of different kinds of video formats to select which video would be the most suitable option for your business requirements. 

1. Brand Videos

Brand videos’ purpose is to create brand awareness and boost traffic to communicate the brand’s personality, mission, vision, culture, and of course, products and services to its ideal audience.

2. Instructional Videos

Such videos are meant to satiate the users’ curiosity by answering their queries and demonstrating how offered products and services can solve the problems. “How to” videos, explanation videos, testimonials, tutorials fall in the gamut of this specific video category.

3. Virtual Reality Videos

Such videos strive to impart an explicit linking of a product/service from all angles through advanced devices, including Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, and beyond, to gain a leading edge in the industry. Remarkably immersive, such videos make the entire video experience for the viewers much more accessible in terms of imagination expansion.

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4. Instagram Videos

Undeniably, Instagram has emerged as an incredibly innovative and immersive platform meant to enhance end-user engagement. From pitching a product/service to selling it, Instagram marketing videos fetch 21 % more interactions than still images.

Be it about educating users about the latest offerings, running promotional campaigns, and leveraging the power of Instagram videos to carve a niche. We found the blogpost from InVideo about Instagram marketing very informative, and you can read it too.

5. Vlog

If you intend to be a gamechanger by creating a distinctive brand voice while delivering an incredibly immersive experience, explore Vlog (video blog) marketing strategy. Whether you aim to introduce your company culture or run a branding campaign, strike an authentic emotional connection with your ideal audiences with Vlogs’ help emphasizing personal experience.

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6. Event and Behind-the-scene videos

Satiating curiosity in a creative manner through showcasing event videos, including behind-the-scenes videos, can engage the interest of your ideal audience like never before. What can be a better way to break free from monotony through sharing a glimpse of the most joyful moments, including humorous and casual after-work event parties’ moments? Indeed, such videos are the best way for businesses to highlight participation in networking events and documenting the experiences to establish credibility better.

7. Interview videos

If you intend to establish an authority in your industry, there is no better way than investing in Interview videos. From harnessing the power of social proof to cementing trust in your industry, sharing interviews with the industry experts/influencers of the relevant domain can quickly help you stand out in the competition.

8. Animated videos

Empowered with exotic detailing, eye-catchy animated videos are meant to share the brand story and explain abstract concepts. Businesses prefer to rely on the power of animated videos due to their resourcefulness.

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9. Live Videos

Streaming videos are becoming popular with time no matter which social media platform it is. Broadcasting live has emerged as one of the best ways to engage ideal audiences in real-time.

A Live connect helps your target audience understand your offerings, the vision of your businesses, USPs, and beyond.

Here are a few steps to embark on an intriguing process of implementing a Video Marketing Guide for Businesses in 2020 and to even understand how to create a YouTube channel. 

Select your Target Audiences

To start with video marketing, you need to start with determining your ideal audience. Once you have gained apt clarity regarding your target audiences, boosting engagement is no more a hassle with the help of remarkable video maker apps in the market.

Identifying your purpose

After selecting your target audiences, it is now time to identify your business purposes. Video Maker apps are equipped with top-notch advanced features and tools to help users create engaging videos, creating brand awareness, business expansion, and beyond.

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Deciding the budget

If you have been postponing creating video due to budget constraints, do not delay anymore as you may be left behind in the competition. Buying expensive video editing suites doesn’t make sense for small businesses. The best part is that you can explore many online video makers that are affordable and offers plenty of professional video editing features for decent production. 

Select a video type and publishing platform

You may choose a preferred video type from the above categories that best suits your business goals. However, a lot will hinge on selecting an ideal video format to experience the best results.

Create a video

While creating a video, it is recommended to emphasize solving problems rather than merely offering visual delight. No matter which instrument you select to create a video, ensure integrating an emotional appeal in the video.

You can check out this guide here to get the most straightforward tutorial on how to create your own YouTube Channel.

The bottom line

Right from capturing attention to enhanced conversion rates, from instant social shares to more excellent retention rates, the power of video marketing cannot be underestimated anymore.

From an occasional regime to a regular ritual, video marketing has indeed come a long way in the context of raising brand awareness.

Especially from the past few years, the volume related to video content has witnessed a dramatic staggering upward swing.

Dynamic platforms like TikTok and Instagram have disrupted (in a positive way) the way digital marketing is being consumed.

What better way than an interactive business video, highlighting the USP of your products empowered with compelling visual appeal. By personalizing video content as per your ideal audiences’ preference, you can quickly boost the engagement rate, including attention and retention rate.

If you are yet to leverage the power of video content, there has never been a better time than now.