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Top Features of High-Tech Commercial Security Camera Systems

Discover the cutting-edge capabilities of high-tech commercial security camera systems. Explore advanced features that redefine surveillance, ensuring unparalleled protection for your business.

As a business owner, you have likely heard about the importance of having security camera systems in your commercial space. However, do you know what features will guarantee your surveillance system’s effectiveness?

In this post, we will discuss some essential elements to look for when purchasing modern commercial security cameras to keep your property safe and secure.

These advanced cameras will help prevent crime and provide peace of mind, knowing that whatever happens outside or inside your building is constantly monitored and recorded.

Read on to learn why these are considered a valuable investment!

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Key Innovative Features Found in Modern Security Camera Systems

features of commercial security camera systems

Any security concern should be addressed immediately because these can cause hindrances and limitations to your business’ growth and safety.

As technology advances, the features of commercial security camera systems become more sophisticated, providing ample solutions to challenges you face regarding your business’ security.

Apart from getting a patrol car with security car magnets for your premises, this monitoring device will elevate your security and protection.

With that said, here are some top-notch ad must-have features that will make you want to invest in a security camera system today:

Remote Video Monitoring

Accessing your security camera wherever you are allows for convenience, especially while away. Not only will you be able to view the video feed live, but you can also obtain its storage anytime.

Whether you’re accessing your security camera through your PC or mobile device, you will receive real-time notifications if there are break-ins or other suspicious activities in your business and its surrounding areas.

More benefits of remote video monitoring include:

  • Control or manipulate your camera system remotely
  • Watch multiple areas simultaneously
  • Check on your business premises and employees at any location
  • Two-way audio as an add-on to warn intruders
  • Catch evidence for further prosecution of offenders

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Weather-Resistant and Vandal-Proof

Large commercial spaces require CCTV systems, especially in parking lots and stadiums. Since these areas are out in the open, you want to see that your security cameras won’t get affected by bad weather, such as heavy rains, hailstorms, or snow.

The best solution is to choose a camera system that’s ideal for outdoor use. In addition, you can have them fitted with weatherproof and vandal-resistant housing. These housings are designed to protect the cameras from harsh elements and vandalism.

Infrared Capability

A good feature that every security camera system must have is infrared capability. It simply means it has night vision, which means you can continue monitoring your property even when it’s dark.

This feature is handy for businesses that operate 24/7, and there are colored night vision capabilities, too!

Your business should constantly monitor during the day, but ensuring its security throughout the night is vital, especially for companies with valuable assets needing protection.

With infrared capability, your security cameras can capture and record footage even in low or no light conditions.

Other brands even have additional features, such as capturing HD images in complete darkness. Additional features include wide-angle lenses and motion detection.

Combining these will provide high-quality footage, regardless of the time of day or night.

Internet Protocol and High-resolution

Leveraging the power of internet protocol (IP) and high-megapixel video surveillance technologies can better protect your business and assets and deliver operational efficiency and business intelligence that analog or traditional CCTVs don’t have.

IP cameras are the new generation of security cameras in the surveillance industry. These are more powerful and provide camera and video footage with high clarity and resolution.

Moreover, these security cameras can give you better image quality than traditional CCTVs.

What IP CCTVs can offer:

  • Better zooming capabilities
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Scalability during business expansions
  • Extensive video surveillance analytics with a Network Video Recorder (NVR)
  • Incredible field of view

You can now find security camera systems in various megapixel resolutions, such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and even 8 or 12 MP.

If you’re looking for a system, see that it has these capabilities for an improved surveillance experience.

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Triggered and Motion Activation

If you want to conserve storage space, especially for DVRs with a cap on the available cloud storage, you can use a motion-activated security camera.

These cameras don’t record 24/7, but they will start recording once their sensors detect movements or if something enters the camera’s field of view.

Benefits of motion-activated cameras:

  • Instant notifications every time the camera detects motion or is triggered
  • Saves energy
  • Night vision and low light recording
  • Less storage space needed
  • Cost-effective option for businesses on a budget

Varifocal Lens

A must-have feature for commercial security cameras is a varifocal lens. Also known as a zoom lens, this feature can modify the focus and viewing area of the camera.

It allows you to adjust what you want to focus on – regardless of angle. You can also pair it with an autofocus lens so that the image you get isn’t blurry.

Though many security camera systems can zoom in and out, it’s not the same if it doesn’t use a varifocal lens.

Once you’re ready to purchase, consider a motorized varifocal lens to control it remotely. The motorized feature gives you extra control and is highly reliable for efficient utilization.

Retained Video in Unit

Analog CCTVs will go down if your building experiences a power outage. It means your business is vulnerable since the camera system isn’t working. However, modern brands equipped their products with retained video in the unit.

Retained video in the unit means the security camera has internal storage. When there are power outages, network failures, or service interruptions, the system automatically uses the internal storage to ensure no lost footage.

Depending on the brand, most cameras can retain footage from a few hours to several days before. Once the service is restored, the camera will operate again as usual.

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Catering to Your Business’ Security Needs

Regardless of your business’s size, security camera systems can deliver outstanding protection and safety applications by constantly monitoring and surveillance.

Aside from getting a patrol vehicle with car magnets to make rounds, paying attention to essential features, such as night vision, IP camera capabilities, motion activation, and varifocal lens, will give you an efficient and dependable system that will get the most bang for your buck!

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