Top eLearning and Education Software Development Companies

Here we have compiled a list of top e-learning and education software development companies. If you’re reading this text, your company may need an eLearning partner. Education without the use of new technology is no longer viable.

Therefore, the faster you develop something new, the better. Here, we’ll look at the key options available on the market. As you’ll see, finding an educational software development company is not as difficult as it may seem. All you have to do is focus on the best players, who we’ll outline.

Remember that choosing an eLearning & education software development company to trust is a grave decision. You need to do your research and highlight the best players in the field regarding the exact type of work you need to do.

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Any of the following companies can be a great choice, but the one that is the best for you is not necessarily the best one for another.

Top eLearning & Education Software Development Companies

top eduction software development companies

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1. KeenEthics

The primary company on our list is KeenEthics. This business is interesting due to its strong portfolio and experience with many projects. Firstly, KeenEthics has been on the market for more than 5 years. This means the company finds success among customers.

Over this period, the business has completed several big and a dozen small projects. Edtech frameworks were in this list, showing that the company has experience in the field.

Its experts work with many JavaScript frameworks, such as Node.js and MeteorJS. This means you can rely on them for web development since these frameworks are online-focused.

KeenEthics has a website featuring all the key data about the business: you can find use cases and data about the developer team there.

The company offers moderate prices that are ideal for small businesses. If you are looking for a development company with a lot of experience in education and learning, and you want to get the most for your investment, KeenEthics needs to be considered.

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2. ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft is a company that deals with many innovative technologies in its portfolio. Its creators founded the business in 1989 to offer consulting and development help. ScienceSoft deals with frameworks related to blockchain and AI.

The business offers great solutions if you ever want to have some artificial intelligence for your learning. But, the work done is not just about AI and blockchain. It dabbles in several other programming languages and custom applications.

One of the problems for the company is that it doesn’t have a priority focus on edtech. ScienceSoft works with business solutions for banks or even the oil sector.

This expertise is great for something innovative but isn’t always strong on less ambitious projects. ScienceSoft is better suited for unique and challenging projects, although they tend to cost more.

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3. Innowise Group

Innowise Group is a business with more than 15 years of experience in development. It has some major advantages for edtech. This firm has experience in the field, with several projects listed on the site. They work with implementing gamification and even blockchain into the mix.

Among the key problems is the price: large experience and focus on new technologies make it high. Besides, we like the technologies used in this service since they’re web-centric.

For example, the backend features the already classic Node.js for development. JavaScript for the front end is also present, indicating the potential for one-language full-stack development. Generally, Innowise is a great choice, but it will likely cost you a lot.

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4. Resourcifi

Founded in 2009, Resourcifi is widely recognized as a very efficient mobile app development company. With clients like Proximity Learning and Stanford University, the Delaware, USA firm is also a big player in the Indian market.

It specializes in web app development, UI design, UX design, hybrid app development, native app development, and QA testing, together with several other services tailored for diversified industries.

The team of developers working for the company is highly experienced. As a result, Resourcifi covers several different industries, like Media & Entertainment, Banking, Finance, Healthcare, Education, Logistics, Retail, eCommerce, and more.

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5. Belitsoft

Belitsoft has provided its services in Israel, UK, and US since 2004. It has over 400 employees, and some of its top clients are Berkeley University and Aalborg University. The company made a mark in several industries and gained the reputation of a top industry technology partner with clients in various industries.

What stands out with Belitsoft is its culture of invention and innovation. Their work is unique, and the custom software always adds to the user’s experience.

The company offers new digital products by creating transformational solutions in web, mobile, QA testing, custom software development, product management, UI design, UX design, and data analytics. Several industries are serviced.

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All in all, you have many options for choosing an edtech partner. The list of five companies presented here is not complete. Nonetheless, you can see that firms with experience are abundant.

Many businesses offer 5 and more years in the field, proving that you can rely on experience rather than words alone. You can even find firms with tens of years of experience. If you need help, visit the listed companies’ websites and decide.

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