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Tips to Improve your 3rd Person Shooter Gaming Skills

Enhance your 3rd person shooter gaming prowess with expert tips for improved skills. Level up your gameplay and dominate the virtual battlefield.

Shooters are the most popular genre in the gaming industry because they allow the player to experience a full range of emotions without having to experience similar events in real life.

For each shooter, there are common tips that will be useful in any project, regardless of additional genres, storyline, and degree of action.

Even the process of Destiny 2 carries, even the rounds in CS 2, even the assaults in PUBG and Escape from Tarkov – the principles of shooting are the same for all games.

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Train yourself to shoot in the head.

Regardless of which project you choose, the headshot system will always provide a huge advantage for the shooter, especially if there is an opportunity to be the first to start the battle.

This system simulates the realism of warfare and the destruction of the enemy with one shot if he hits the head.

To train yourself to constantly and effectively shoot enemies in the head, you need not be lazy, set the correct mouse sensitivity, and not make unnecessary movements while shooting.

3rd person shooter gaming skills

Of course, headshots are primarily a personal gaming experience, but to start getting it, you need to follow basic recommendations.

Shoot one cartridge at a time. This approach enhances accuracy and conserves ammunition, which is particularly advantageous when initiating a battle.

However, avoid excessive zeal. If you fail to eliminate the enemy and a firefight promptly ensues, fire at will but maintain control over the process.

Consider shooting in bursts of three rounds or manage the spray trajectory of bullets. The one depleting their ammunition first will likely lose the battle and face demise.

Try not to move, or at least make movements that are too sudden.

Shooting in the head is about accuracy and concentration. If you try to imitate eSports players and make strafes and micro-movements, then due to inexperience, you can throw off your aim, indicate your position, and not even hit the enemy.

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Use the cover system.

Whatever the project you choose – be it Destiny 2 boosting, be it CS 2, be it PUBG – each of the games in the shooter genre has a cover system, which can be thoughtful or nominal, but in any case, it must be taken into account when conducting battles.

In certain situations, these moments can serve as opportunities to peer out from behind cover during combat.

Games like ARMA 3 and other realistic shooters provide the chance to engage in relatively secure battles by utilizing rocks and other difficult-to-hit objects as protective barriers.

However, it’s crucial to remember the strategic consideration that such cover could be neutralized with a well-placed grenade or circumvented altogether. Thus, maintaining control over the entire battle process becomes imperative.

Learn to shoot bursts and spray correctly.

Burst shooting is firing three rounds at a time; such a setup can be placed on a weapon, or you can control the spray to fire exactly three rounds for each salvo.

This format will help you deal lethal damage to enemies at medium distance, which most players use in all shooters.

At close range, a spray is more effective; at medium range, three rounds; and at long range, one round.

It is also essential that burst shooting significantly saves ammo during intense combat, not like single shots, but more than with a spray.

You will essentially have ten volleys of 3 rounds to destroy the enemy. As for the spray, this is a method of conducting continuous fire on all cartridges but with strict control of the flight of bullets.

This format is a little adventurous but lethal, and in essence, it is all-in when you bet on one short battle in which either your opponent or you will die.

Each weapon has its type of bullet spread, and you need to learn it so as not to shoot dozens of rounds past the target.

For some, you need to lower the sight and take it to the left so that all the bullets fly to the target.

Of course, if the situation allows and your self-control is better, using three-round equipment, even close-ups, or even single shots to save ammunition and more targeted shooting is better.

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Change your position and attitude.

You will rarely have situations where you will fire without response, and it will always be a fight to the death, and there may well be a sharpshooter against you.

To confuse him at least a little, or even dodge a bullet in the dynamics of the battle and a certain amount of luck, you can change your position from standing to sitting and back.

All this works during continuous fire and battle dynamics when there is a struggle for initiative, and you do not allow the enemy to fire at you with impunity and precision.

Know how to shoot with any weapon.

This advice applies to most games and processes – Destiny 2 carries, eco rounds in CS 2, PUBG with an unsuccessful landing, and so on – the more weapons available, the better you can play your match.

Often, these are assault rifles, sniper weapons, a shotgun, and a submachine gun, regular and heavy pistols.

You never know what you’ll be fighting with, and the ability to shoot from everything can serve you well, but remember that each weapon has a better range for combat.

It’s better to consider it to avoid finding yourself in the wrong position in a long-range fight with a shotgun.

And vice versa – a shotgun can play an excellent role and cause enormous damage to many enemies if you know how to shoot with it and where, when, and from what position to attack enemies.

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