4 Best And Easy Tips For Speeding Up Your Mac

Mac is an excellent computer for work, and it fits as a perfect tool for any profession, no matter if you are a creative professional or an accountant. Macs make you more productive and more efficient because of their speed, functionality, and effectiveness.

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But over time, all computers become slower. Especially the ones that have almost full hard-drives. A clogged up hard-drive is terrible for any computer, but it affects Macs the most. So if you do not clean your hard-drive occasionally, you will end up with a slow Mac.

Luckily, there are quite some methods that can help prevent Macs from becoming slow or fix the problem after it has already occurred. You can always find a tech blog and look for solutions. It does not matter how experienced you are with macOS yet. There are still new things to learn. And the tips below should be a great reference as well.

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Tip #1 – Always Update the macOS

always update mac

Always strive to make sure that all of your apps and the macOS itself are updated. Understandably, nowadays we all live in a very rushing and dynamic world, and it is easy to forget thighs, especially when it is much easier to turn off your Mac instead of waiting until it updates.

There are many reasons why updates are essential, and each update is different. But one of the main reasons why you should update your computer and apps is the latest security patches. As mentioned before, we live in a very dynamic world, and new viruses and malware are created every day.

Apple is working hard to protect its users from all sorts of malware, but the user has to do his part too, which is updating the macOS. If you do not update regularly, you can no longer praise your Mac to be one of the safest computers – because if it is not updated, it is not safe at all.

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Tip #2 – Regularly Scan for Malware

As mentioned before, Macs are one of the safest computers, but they are not immune to malware, and they are even more vulnerable if the updates have not been installed for quite a while.

Either way, it is always smart to have a proper antivirus for your Mac and perform an occasional malware scan – to be safe. It is still worth it because if you think about it, you will pay a couple of dollars for an app. But you will protect your computer from data leakage, complete data deletion, or even worse.

Indeed, there are also free app options that can be used for malware scans, or you could be lucky and find a great offer. It is up for you to choose.

Lastly, you can fortify your security on the internet using virtual private networks and proxies. But avoid free versions of those because they are quite prone to attacks.

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Tip #3 – Optimize Storage

optimize storage

If you have the macOS Sierra or any newer version of macOS, then you have access to the option called Optimize Storage. This great option helps you free up disk space on your Mac faster, which allows your computer to perform more quickly.

To find this option, first of all, click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner and click on the option called About This Mac. Then, you will see a few upper tabs – choose the Storage tab. Then, click Manage.

Here you will see a list of useful tools that will help free up space on your Mac and make it run faster. It includes the option to automatically clear the files from your Trash Bin after 30 days, to store items in iCloud instead of Mac, and many other useful options.

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Tip #4 – Review Login Items

review login items

Login items are the apps that automatically start up when your Mac is turned on. It is entirely normal and practical to have a few login items – especially if these are the kind of apps you use every time you turn on your Mac. For example, an email app that you use first thing in the morning for work.

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But if you notice that not only your Mac has become slower, but it also takes forever to boot, then it means that the time has come – you need to remove some of your login items. Do not feel alarmed if you see some apps as login items, and you do to remember adding them to the list – it is often an automatic setting.

To review your login items, click the Apple icon, and choose System Preferences. Then, click the Users & Groups option, and select the Login Items tab. If you want to remove an app from the list, click on it and then click the minus icon.

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