Steps to Turn Your Unique Gaming Idea Into An App

You’ve had an idea for a gaming app, you think it’s unique and never been done before, and you know it will be an absolute hit. But you suddenly find yourself asking, where do I start? How does an idea translate into a working app that users can discover and download?

steps to turn your gaming idea into an app

Read on to find out how the first initial idea can be nurtured into a fully functioning and professional gaming app.

Follow these steps to turn your unique gaming idea into an app:

1. Coherent Idea

First, ensure your idea is clear. Identify the genre of your game, is it a puzzle, sport, or lifestyle-related? Is it to help someone unwind after work or compete with friends in their leisure time?

Your gaming idea should be easy to explain, otherwise it will be difficult for you to promote the app.

2. Market Research

Next, you will need to conduct market research, does something similar already exist? If so, is it successful? What are their user reviews? It’s best to collate as much information as possible to help you in refining your idea. Learn from other’s mistakes.

3. Target Market

Now, ensure you have fully defined your target market. Try to think on a deeper level than just one generic group, for example, if young children, aim to be more specific, are they young boys aged 5-11 who love dinosaurs? This will really help moving forward. Learn more about it at Fan Studio.

Steps to Turn Your Unique Gaming Idea Into An App

4. Budget

Creating an app isn’t a cheap process. You need to identify how to manage the costs. From hiring a professional in house team consisting of developers, designers and a project manager to help you keep everyone in check. You can also outsource the development of your gaming app to get your app developed at a very good cost to quality ratio.

Finding investors could be a viable option for some, but not for all. Keep a business plan in hand, branding, and wireframes of your gaming idea to gain their intrigue and trust.

5. Branding

Branding is critical. Identify a name, logo, and aesthetic that the app will convey. Will it be bright and colorful, or dark and mysterious? You may consider hiring a marketing team or graphic designer to assist with this, as first impressions of your app will make or break a sale or download.

6. iOS Versus Android

Another important consideration is iOS versus Android, or both? Remember this can heavily influence the costs of hiring a developer team. Will your app be free with in-app purchases or advertisements collecting the revenue, or is your app so unique and necessary it needs a price tag to match? These points must be clearly defined before moving to the next stage…

7. Development

You are likely going to need to out-source the development of your app. It’s a complex process that could take months, so you need to ensure the company/team will be easy to communicate with and reliable.

8. Testing

Before the app is released and marketed, it must be thoroughly tested by members of your target market. It is important to receive and listen to their feedback before the app gets into the hands of the public, to give you the chance to iron out any issues before it’s too late.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, creating an app takes considerable amounts of planning and time, not to mention a rather large budget to match. This isn’t a small side project can you juggle with your everyday work and family life, unless you can invest in a large team of people to assist you. The rewards, however, when all steps have been followed, will be worth the efforts.

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