10+ Reasons Why You Should Teach Coding To Kids


benefits of coding for kids

Are you confused about whether you should encourage your kids to code or not? If yes, in this article, you will find all the answers to your questions, as here we will share 10+ reasons you should teach coding to your kids.

Before getting started, read some amazing stats by Code.org.

  • 90% of parents want their child to study computer science and choose coding as a career
  • 54% of students like computer science as a subject
  • $.58M lifetime earning of a high school graduate
  • $1.19M lifetime earnings of a college graduate
  • $1.67M lifetime earnings of a computer science major
  • A computer science major can earn 40% more than the college average

Now, let’s dig deeper and see how coding can help your kids excel and develop problem-solving skills.

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10+ Reasons why you should teach coding to kids

Coding is fundamental for kids, and every school around the globe should teach them to kids. It will help them in their overall personal development and boost their problem-solving skills.

The most common concern for parents is at what age they should start teaching programming to their kids.

The answer to this question is subjective, and you should understand that coding for kids is different from what professionals do.

The journey for kids to begin their coding journey should be fun and creative. Otherwise, they will feel quickly lose their interest.

Do not overboard your kids with coding at a very young age. You can start teaching programming basics to your kids from the age of 6-7. The best way is to let your kids be creative and increase the technicality as they progress in their academic phase.

It’s vital in the 21st century to help develop academically and improve organizational skills and perseverance, leading to a great career.

Various studies have shown that children who study computer science perform better in other subjects, excellent at problem-solving, and 17% are more likely to attend college.

Let’s now dig deep and explore the benefits of coding for kids.

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Coding benefits related to the academic performance of kids

1. Writing: Coding helps improve writing skills as it teaches the value of concision and planning, which indirectly leads to good writing skills.

2. Creativity: Coding helps build creativity as codes are basically run on experimentation and strengthen their brains, which indirectly embraces creativity.

3. Math: As coding is based on logic like math, which, however, helps in building mathematical skills. It also helps to visualize the abstract concepts and makes math more fun and creative.

4. Confidence: Parents have reported that coding helps in building problem-solving skills. And indirectly helps in boosting the confidence level of kids.

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Coding benefits related to the soft skills of kids

5. Problem-solving skills: In coding, kids breakdown the complex problem into smaller parts. In various other fields, we can apply this skill and enhance the problem-solving skills of a kid. As the ability to solve complex problems is a skill that is required in general. Understanding the logical sequence of solving problems will help your children throughout life.

6. Collaboration: Coding skills teach your children to work in teams on various projects, which lets them learn teamwork. A significant amount of collaboration with other students is required in coding skills they join by technology’s common interest. And these collaborative skills will be needed in their future in the workplace also.

7. Communication: Communication is a skill that is required in every stage of life, whether it is school, college, work, or whole life. Coding teaches how to break complex problems into easy ones and arrange them into a language that computers can easily understand. A child who knows to communicate complex ideas will tend to grow in various industries in further life.

8. Persistence: Learning a new skill can a little challenging at the starting stage. But tackling these problems can teach the valuable skill of persistence. Making mistakes and learning to solve problems, and researching to look for better solutions can build this highly desirable skill.

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Coding benefits related to the future journey of kids

9. Competitive Advantage: If your kids learn to code, then when they will be applying to colleges, internships, and jobs, they can gain a competitive advantage over their peers. When your child has a hot skill like coding, they appear more desirable in potential employers and admission faculty’s eyes.

10. Empowerment: Learning coding will allow your kids to work on incredible projects and that you can be proud of as it actually makes a difference. Through coding, they can make innovations to help others.

Kids share positive messages through storytelling. Coding can empower kids to be the authority on something and helps others by teaching others about the topics they excel in.

11. Tech skills: In digital literacy, programming is important for kids to learn and become familiar with computers and other technologies.

12. Career Preparation: Coding is a highly demanding skill these days and even considered one of the highest-paying jobs. If a kid knows to code from a small page, then it would help them in their future to grow in the tech industry.

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Final Thoughts

In the 21st century, coding is slowly becoming an essential skill that kids can learn to become future-ready. Therefore, you should start engaging your kids in the world of coding. Teaching kids how to code is a fun process and will help them become more creative and build a strong mindset.

However, despite all the benefits of coding for kids, you should not push them hard if they don’t want to do it. In our next post, we will share some cool resources that you can use to introduce programming to your kids and see if they want to do it or not.

Do let us know if you are planning to teach coding to your kids in the comments section. In case you face any issues, then write to us at codeitbro@gmail.com, and we will try to assist you.