Real-Time Sudoku Multiplayer Game: UsDoku Review

real time sudoku multiplayer game

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Are you looking for an awesome Sudoko Multiplayer game? If yes, we will share a review of UsDoku: a real-time multiplayer Sudoku game you can play with friends and other online players in a fun and challenging gaming environment.

Sudoku is a classic yet addictive game that requires patience, logic, and pattern recognition skills. It is so popular that you might have played it in a newspaper, magazine, or other media such as mobile or desktop.

However, most Sudoku games are single-player, where you test your logical skills by solving the puzzle. You are on the right page if you want to add flavor to this classic puzzle game. Here we will cover a free real-time Sudoku Multiplayer game known as UsDoku.

UsDoku is an online Sudoku game that you can play with friends or family and see who can solve the puzzle faster. The best part is that you can text chat with your friends while playing Sudoku.

You can also play with other online players in the lobbies and even create a game party. This review will explore UsDoku and how you can use it to play Sudoku with multiple players in real time.

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Real-Time Sudoku Multiplayer Game: UsDoku Review

Getting started with UsDoku is pretty straightforward. You don’t have to sign up to play Sudoku online with friends or family. Visit the link provided below and click on the Create Game button.

usdoku - create multiplayer sudoku game

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Now, you can configure the multiplayer Sudoku game in this step. Choose the difficulty level and the game visibility.

configure multiplayer sudoku game

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Once done, click the Create button, and UsDoku will ask you to specify your username for the game, as shown below.

choose your sudoku game name

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As soon as you click on the Set button, UsDoku will share a link or URL that you can share with your friend.

When your friend accesses the shared Sudoku game link, UsDoku will also prompt them to specify their user name. Once both of you join, the game starts automatically.

play sudoku multiplayer online

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The game interface is pretty intuitive. To input an answer, select a cell and click on any number, as shown above. You will get points if the answer is correct; otherwise, it will increase your incorrect attempt score.

As you play the game in real-time, you will see a list of all other players and their positions, scores, firsts, and mistakes, as shown below.

sudoku players real-time

Scoring Model of UsDoku:

  • You play Sudoku as you usually do.
  • The player to first solve a block gets 10 points.
  • The second player to solve a block gets 6 points.
  • The third player to finish a block gets 3 points, and the fourth player is awarded 1 point.
  • Incorrect answers have negative scoring, and you will not get any score for that block even if you solve it.

The best part is that you can also send messages to other players. However, there is no option to send custom messages. There are plenty of pre-defined message templates that you can send to all players in a game room. It would have been a lot more exciting to send custom messages while playing, as it makes it more interactive and thrilling at the same time.

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Features of UsDoku:

  • Create public lobbies and play Sudoku with other players around the globe.
  • Essential communication with players in a game room.
  • Game parties: No need to end or create new games. UsDoku automatically starts a new game once the previous one is finished.
  • No ads and user signups.

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In this blog, we explored UsDoku: an online website to play multiplayer Sudoku games with friends and other online players. The website offers a modern interface, and no issues were setting up public or private games. If you want to test your Sudoku skills and challenge other people, check out UsDoku. The best part is that it lets you chat with other players and create game parties.

Play the Online Sudoku Multiplayer game here.