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Prerequisites for students who wish to study coding

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Coding is becoming an essential skill in the age of information. Understanding various computer languages, such as Python, can help stand out in highly competitive industries.

In other cases, employers expect the current generation of employees to have at least some basic understanding of computers.

Most will require you to demonstrate these skills during interviews. As a result, they provide their knowledge workers with personal computers and expect them to portray innovativeness and creativity.

Studying coding to survive and remain competitive in such an industry would be best. You must also demonstrate an understanding of cyber security and safety principles.

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4 Websites where you can study coding for free

free websites to learn coding for kids

1. Coursera

Coursera is one of the largest free online education platforms in the world. It allows people to improve their skills in almost every academic or professional field at no cost.

With free courses and tutorials, Coursera is a leading free university where students can learn from expert tutors. However, getting a verifiable certificate may imply additional costs.

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2. Edx

Similarly, Edx is a free online university with tons of educational resources. It partners with reputable institutions of higher learning to deliver content through prerecorded tutorials.

Professionals develop their courses to match the target audience’s needs. This style of content delivery guarantees ease of understanding and freedom to review the materials severally. Besides, you can audit the courses for free or pay for a certificate.

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3. Codecademy

Unlike other education platforms, Codeacademic is a programming-dedicated learning environment. However, the site requires users to evaluate their coding skills before enrollment.

This is not an interview but an assessment. Codecademy is a technical learning environment that teaches through action. With artificial intelligence, the system identifies your skills and tutors you through training instead of tutorials.

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4. freeCodeCamp

freeCodeCamp is an excellent starting point for beginners. It is most suitable for people without prior knowledge or programming.

It combines tutorials with technical examples allowing learners to gather general computer knowledge. The learning environment also contains videos with illustrations and guidelines.

Sometimes all you need to study coding is an attractive and structured learning environment where you can explore and enhance your computer knowledge.

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Tips for new coders

tips for new coders

1. Focus on the fundamentals

Understanding fundamental principles in any field always leads to perfection. Achieving expert-level skills begin with comprehension of the information obtained early in the learning process.

In programming, you must master the language, its rules, and the small hacks for getting things done fast. Besides, self-taught techniques are easier to remember.

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2. Seek help

Learning when to ask for help enables you to overcome obstacles and learn through training. Always feel free to contact experts to get coding homework help online.

The best way to grasp life hacks and master-level skills is by learning from the experts. You can improve your coding abilities by consulting with professionals or comparing your work with expert-level scripts.

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3. Practice

Once you learn the basics and a few life hacks, start developing your programs. Identify common problems and write codes often. Design your programs to improve your abstract reasoning.

You can practice on free platforms such as Arduino, GitHub, and the Tor project.

4. Coding Essentials

Technically, anyone with a basic understanding of English and access to a computer can learn how to code and become a professional programmer.

All you need is an understanding of your preferred programming language and a computer. However, your aptitude and commitment will determine how best you can code.

Your creativity and innovativeness will distinguish your work from those with primary and expert skills. In that case, you may not need complex assets or input material to start coding.

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5. Basic Algebra

Although programming mainly involves understanding the computer languages used to translate real-life problems into the binary system, one must have a basic comprehension of algebra.

Math may not be a requirement when studying coding but having such knowledge is always beneficial. In most cases, software engineering and mathematics are interlinked.

6. Abstract reasoning

Coding relies on one’s ability to break down tasks into smaller components and logical steps. Abstract reasoning is one’s ability to solve unfamiliar problems with minimal knowledge or experience.

A coder’s capacity to interpret issues based on logic and disaggregate the components of a problem to develop a working solution requires abstraction.

Although most people can translate their concrete reasoning to logical reasoning before they turn twelve, conception only develops from twelve years towards adolescence and into adulthood.

However, not many people can translate this development into problem-solving ability. Thus, those who can utilize abstract reasoning will likely succeed in coding.

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7. Basic Computer Knowledge

You must also know how to use a computer, especially the most ordinary commands. You may be required to download and set up a few programs to start coding, including the integrated development environment and its installer.

In most cases, tutors will assume you already know how to start a computer and run different programs. As a result, this basic information will determine your ability to comprehend and use the computer language.

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