4 Quick And Easy PDF To Word Online Converters

Did you ever find yourself working on a Microsoft word project and, of course, without second thoughts, saving it as a PDF file, and then after minutes before presenting it, you forgot that you have to make some corrections or modifications to your file? This kind of situation might be a hassle and will stress you out. This is where an online tool converter saves the day. In this article, we will share 4 quick and easy to use PDF to Word online converters

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PDF files are the most commonly used format of documents these days because they are universal; meaning, you can access it from any device. The thing is, some circumstances like you forgot that you still have to edit or modify your Word, it’s convenient to know that there is some PDF to Word free online converters without having to download any programs.

Are you having second thoughts about converting your files online? Don’t worry; these online tool converters respect your privacy and delete the files you uploaded. Also, after an hour, the converted file will be deleted on their system as well. Rest assured, your confidentiality is in good hands.

4 Quick And Easy PDF To Word Online Tool Converters

1. PDFBear: Making PDF Great Again

PDFBear offers not the only PDF to Word conversion but also other standard file formats. You can also organize and optimize, view, and edit your PDF files on their website. It’s an all in one package. You don’t need to download any other programs. Just go to their website, and you can easily and quickly convert that PDF file to Word format in only a short amount of time.

In just four simple steps, you can convert your PDF file to Word format. The first is to select the PDF file or drag and drop your data to the PDF converter. Then the converter will scan the texts from your PDF file, wait for a while, and then a precisely Word formatted document is ready for you to download and modify. It does not get any easier, right?

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2. Small PDF: We Make PDF easy

Now, don’t underestimate the “small” in Small PDF. This online tool converter is just as good as any other online tool converter out there. In Small PDF, you can convert your files easily and quickly without downloading any unwanted program as it is also web-based. It also offers a PDF to Word converter tool that converts your PDF files into modifiable Word files. 

With much made easy drag and drop of files, you can convert PDF to Word in no time. There’s no data cap or size limit, or you don’t need to be members to use their converter tools. Just upload your file to their online converter, and then Small PDF will instantly start the extracting. Optical character recognition will initiate if you select a scanned document, then you can download your Word. 

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3. IlovePDF: Every Tool with PDFs In One Place

This online converter tool is another full package—every single tool you want for your PDF files is at your grasp. Convert, merge, split, compress, and even adding watermarks on  PDFs within minutes. Nevertheless, it also offers the conversion of your PDF files into easy to edit Word format documents for free, and the converted Word document is almost 100% accurate. 

With IlovePDF, you can convert your PDF file to Word documents with incredible accuracy and precision. The first step is to drag and drop, or you can also select the file you want to convert. After the converter tool processed your PDF file, you can click “convert to Word.” Within seconds, Your PDF has been converted to an editable Word document, and you can already download it.

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4. PDFSimpli: PDF Made Simple In Seconds

This online converter tool offers everything you need to do when it comes to PDFs. You can convert your PDF files to any format of your liking. PDFSimpli holds up to their signature; zero skills are required to use their site Anyone can convert their PDF file to any other format in an instant. And as it says, it also offers PDF to Word converter tool, and you can convert your files anywhere, anytime.

PDFSimpli converts your PDF file in such a way you can edit them during the conversion. So the first thing is to drag and drop or select the PDF file you would like to convert, and then the converter processes your file and takes you to another window. It lets you magically make your edits, and then you can click convert and download your file as a Word document.

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Online converter tools will lighten up the load

With this, we sum up our list of best PDF to Word online converters. The best part of these tools to convert PDFs to DOCs is that they are all free to use.

With these online tool converters, you don’t have to get worked up over waiting hours for the process to finish. You can rest easy as you can have your files converted in no time.

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