8 Online Song BPM Calculator Websites [2023]

Are you curious about the BPM of your favorite song? Do you want to calculate a song’s BPM? Hopefully, this will help you as we list the top online song BPM calculator websites.

In case you’re wondering what the definition of a song’s BPM is, it denotes the Beats Per Minute. It is helpful for artists when checking the tempo of any song’s backing track. It is beneficial when making music since artists know how the listeners will feel when listening to the song.

BPM has many uses apart from this. Doctors and fitness enthusiasts also use it in the medical field. It helps sample the song or for making remixes.

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8 Online Song BPM Calculator Websites

Do you want to measure your favorite song’s BPM? The easiest solution would be to go online, but which is the best? Read ahead to find out the best 8 best song BPM calculator websites.

1. Song BPM

song bpm - online song bpm calculator websites

This is the top website recommended for calculating the BPM of any song. The website has an extensive archive of popular songs, making it a no-brainer to search for any audio track. You have to type in the song’s name and view the results. The only demerit of this may be the limited number of songs in the website’s database.

Steps to calculate the BPM:

  • Go to the website and type the song’s name in the search bar.
  • The result shows the songs that match your search query.
  • You can view the song’s BPM, duration, and key beside each song.

Visit Website.

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2. Tunebat

tunebat - song bpm calculator

This website helps to find the song’s BPM and key as well. This website also has a vast library of songs detailed with their BPM, time duration, and keys. All you need to do is fill in the song you want. You can even preview a snippet of the song and receive a Spotify link to the song.

You have the choice of uploading the song if it isn’t available. The website will then calculate the song’s BPM and display it. This option is helpful when you cannot find the song you’re looking for but want to know its BPM.

Steps to calculate the song’s BPM:

  • Visit the website and search for the song in the search bar.
  • The resulting list will contain the songs that match your search, displaying the song’s information and BPM.
  • As another option, you can select the “Key and BPM Finder” tab on the website.
  • You can upload the music file to calculate the song’s BPM.

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3. Conversion-tool

online song bpm finder

This website is an excellent online song BPM finder. It can calculate the BPM of any song. You have to upload the audio clip, which gets processed and displays the audio’s resulting BPM.

Steps to find the song’s BPM:

  • Go to the conversion-tool website and click on the ‘Audio Convertors’ option under the category of ‘Convertors.’ Choose the ‘Special’ tab and select the ‘Online Song BPM finder’ option.
  • You can upload your audio file here or enter a URL to fetch the file. You can even import a file from your OneDrive.
  • The screen will display the resulting BPM of the song.

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4. AnotherProducer

beats per minute calculator

This website has an online song BPM calculator that calculates the BPM by taps. The calculator will show you the song’s BPM based on the tapping of the song. Here there isn’t a need to upload the audio file.

Steps to calculate the tap-based BPM of a song:

  • Go to the official website, and under ‘Tools,’ click on ‘BPM Calculator.’
  • Tap along to the beat of the song on the screen, mouse, or keyboard of your device.
  • The screen will display the real-time BPM when being tapped simultaneously.

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5. Musicca

musicca - song bpm calculator

This website is a good way for beginners to kick off their musical hobby. While it does have an online song BPM calculator, the website also provides an array of options for music learners. It comprises musical exercises as well as practice for virtual musical instruments.

This is a tap-based BPM calculator in the form of a metronome that counts the BPM and tempo of a song. Since the website is solely built for practice, the metronome is no different. But it can still be used otherwise to compute the tap-based BPM of a song.

Steps to calculate the BPM of a song:

  • Visit the website and choose the option ‘Metronome’ under the Music tools provided as you scroll down.
  • Dial the BPM value to zero, and press ‘Start.’
  • Start tapping accordingly, and you can see the resulting BPM of the taps.

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6. TunePocket

bpm tempo counter

This website offers a tap-based BPM and royalty-free music. To operate the BPM calculator, you must tap along to the song. The calculator will then process the BPM of the song.

How to use TunePocket:

  • Go to the website and click on ‘Tools’ under the Menu tab.
  • Choose Tap BPM Tempo Counter.
  • Calculate the BPM by tapping along to the song of your choice.

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7. JustinGuitar

tap bpm tempo counter

This website is recommended for guitar players. It comprises different tools of music, including a BPM calculator. This BPM calculator is also tap-based.

Steps to follow:

  • Go to the website, and under the ‘Tools’ category, select the ‘BPM Calculator’ option.
  • Tap on the screen or device along to the beat of the song.
  • The result is the average BPM of the song calculated based on the number of taps.

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8. SongData.io

songdata - song bpm calculator

This website is known for giving the song data of any song on Spotify. It is one of the largest BPM and key database websites. It also includes a few features allowing users to play around with it.

Steps for finding the song’s BPM:

  • Go to the website.
  • Type in the song or insert the URL of the audio.
  • You will be shown a series of results with the song’s details beside it.

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This was our list of the best eight online song BPM calculators. All of them can be easily accessed since they are free websites. You can choose one that is appropriate according to your taste and preference.

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