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Android app to execute code in 23+ programming languages

Here is an Android app that allows users to code in more than 23 programming languages, including C#, Java, Python, Swift, etc., and compile them online.

Online Compiler is an Android app that allows you to execute code in more than 23+ programming languages, including C#, C++, Python, Java, Swift, etc. So, if you are looking for an app to code on the go, you should check out the Online Compiler Android app.

Like most other coding apps, it is not perfect for developing real-world projects, but it is helpful if you want to test some code snippets.

The app is more than recommended for anyone who has just entered the coding world. Use it as your daily driver to solve programming puzzles and improve your coding skills.

online compiler android app

How to write programs and compile them using the Online Compiler Android app

The app is pretty straightforward. Just install it from the Play Store using the link provided below.

The app uses powerful cloud servers to execute code, which helped their development team keep the size below 2 MB, making the app lightweight. Big kudos to them for this!

After installing the app, select a programming language from its menu, as shown below, and start writing the code in its IDE.

pick a programming language to code

Once you have written the code, compile it to see the results in its Output screen. If your program requires any inputs, the app will prompt you to enter values, as shown in the screenshot below.

specify program input if any

If your code is successfully compiled, you will see the results in the Output screen, as shown below. Like most compilers and coding apps, it also flags errors, the type of error, and the line number that triggered the error so you can quickly fix it. Online Compiler makes it pretty easy with its reading mode, making code inspecting a lot easier.

Do note that you online require an internet connection to execute the code. That means you can still practice your coding skills in this app even if you run out of your data pack. As the app automatically saves the code files, you can execute the program whenever you connect to the internet.

The app also lets you switch between light and dark themes. So, if you don’t like the default light theme of the IDE like many other developers, you can easily switch to the dark mode from the settings.

Additional Features:

  • The intuitive and decluttered interface lets you pick a programming language and write code quickly.
  • Dark and light color themes work as Day/Night modes
  • You can also open your existing code files within the app.
  • Auto Save ability on the go.
  • Reading Mode to inspect your work.
  • Share your code files in written text mode.
  • Text Wrapping mode included.
  • ‘Quick Access’ or ‘Tab’ allows you to insert special characters quickly.
  • Save coding in your local storage as file extensions of all languages.
  • Output Tab enables you to see your coding live and fast.
  • Code Syntax Highlighting

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The Verdict:

All these features are perfect, but I missed the feature to save coding files/projects on the cloud, but that won’t affect its usability as it offers everything to let anyone code on the go and see code snippets in action.

While on the hunt, I looked up all possible alternatives for Online Compiler. There are many similar apps, but none of them could beat Online Compiler as it supports more coding languages and is lightweight at the same time.

We reviewed –

  • Terminal IDE – This was mainly focused on Web Development with complete Java/C/C++/HTML Development. However, with more fluidity than an Online Compiler, you won’t switch between two apps when you already have it covered in an Online Compiler.
  • DroidEdit – Content and source code editor (like Notepad++ on the PC) is accessible for Android tablets and smartphones. It supports various languages like C, C++, C#, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Ruby, Lua, LaTeX, and SQL.
  • Syntax Highlighted Code EditorSupports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP editor, Python, Java, C, C++, CoffeeScript, Haskell, Clojure, and Groovy.

While these apps are promising in their features and languages, I recommend that anyone go for Online Compiler because of its nature and work environment, allowing you to write codes offline and flawlessly.

The app is an excellent example for beginners who want to enhance their coding skills.

Get Online Compiler Android app.

The website version of Online Compiler is also available.

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Himanshu Tyagi
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