Newsreels Review | The TikTok for News APP

Want to save more time but stay up-to-date with the news that matters? We have an app for you! With Newsreels, you can get your daily dose of trustworthy news and headlines from the world’s top publications.

You have absolute control over the topics you want to read about and the news channels you want to get them from. If you wish to take your daily updates in short bullet points or watch stories in trendy newsreels, this smart news app covers you.

Stay updated on current events with Newsreels. Discover daily trending stories from across the world about business, entertainment, sports, regional, political, and crime, along with international, national, local, and many other relevant topics.

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How to use Newsreels

If you are a fan of significant aggregators like Apple News, Newsbreak, or SmartNews, you will enjoy exploring this next-generation news aggregator app.

Getting started with Newsreels is pretty straightforward. After installing this app, you can use it as a guest or create an account. As a guest user, you will not be able to make your news channel.

newsreels - tik tok style news app

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After signing up, the app will prompt you to select languages you would like to watch and read local or worldwide news. It supports multiple languages such as English, French, Dutch, Hindi, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Italian, German, etc.

The best part is that Newsreels also allows you to choose regions and topics to follow. To move forward, you must select a minimum of 3 subjects from Gadgets, Crime, Technology, Science, Crime, Entertainment, Health, Weather, Food, Finance, and many others.

As soon as you complete the onboarding process, you will see the main screen of Newsreels, where you can watch short news clips based on your preferences in the previous steps.

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Additional features of Newsreels

1. Newsreels is the new TikTok for news

  • Our newsreel feature is just like Tiktok and Instagram reels but for news
  • You’ll find an unending stream of short-form newsreels that you tailor for you
  • It allows you to discover and watch the most trending stories in one tab
  • Watch and get updated in the most convenient way to know the news on-the-go
  • Our TikTok-like reel feature will keep you updated, from your morning coffee to evening chores

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2. Summarized bullets of the latest breaking news

read news on newsreels

  • With a community of editors working hand-in-hand with innovative news app technology, our newsreel cuts the edges from top news stories so that a five-minute read is shortened to just a few seconds.
  • This way, you can absorb more information instantly instead of spending hours reading entire articles.
  • Join the conversation about the day’s top article or newsreel
  • Read from thousands of publications
  • Gain access to our collection of news publications ranging from worldwide names to local and regional outlets
  • Read news articles from trusted sources and news channels like Reuters, The Guardian, NYT, CNN, BBC, and many more.
  • Watch any newsreel from your favorite sources.

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3. Hundreds of topics to choose from

choose topics for news - newsreels

  • Newsreels curate a variety of headlines and allow you to customize your feed to include topics such as entertainment, technology, finance, business, world, science, sports, breaking news, politics, lifestyle, travel, and many more – all with one tap of a finger
  • Get daily notifications or place our widget on your home screen to know the most important breaking news sourced from various publishers and news channels like CNN, BBC, and many more

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4. The world in different lenses

select language for news

  • Just key in the topic that interests you, and we will do the rest
  • Within seconds, you can discover and quickly read through different viewpoints regarding one topic
  • Read in different languages
  • Get your updates in short bullets or a newsreel

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5. Perfect for multitasking

  • Don’t have the time to keep reading? No problem
  • Our intuitive audio feature will read the top news stories in your feed


Newsreels are one of the best news apps for everyone who wants to stay updated with TikTok and Instagram-style reels. What I liked the most about this app is that it lets you follow various authors, and you can start your channel. It also enables you to customize your news feed only to see the news of utmost importance to you.

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