Liquify Images Online With These 5 Best Websites

Are you looking for some of the best tools to add the liquify effect to your photos? If yes, then you have landed on the right blog. Here I have reviewed the 5 best online websites to liquify images online.

The best part is that most of these tools are full-fledged online image editors, and you can add other unique effects to your photos.

As a professional photographer or a graphic artist, you must know the best techniques to modify and adjust your photographs to produce unique styles and effects.

In this regard, the Liquify tool is one of the most widely used filters in many graphical applications, such as Photoshop, for retouching and artistic effects.

The Liquify tool facilitates the distortion of the pixels of an image without losing the image quality. Using the Liquify tool, you can produce the following changes in selected pixels of your image.

  • Warp: This is one of the artists’ most prominent Liquify tools. It pushes the pixels of an image to reshape it in the direction in which you drag the mouse.
  • Pucker: This tool, also a part of Liquify, works like a brush, carefully retracting pixels from the edges by moving the pixels toward the center and is most often used to shrink areas.
  • Bloat: This Liquify tool is the reverse of Pucker. It moves the pixels away from the center of the brush area.
  • Push: This tool is used to Push the pixels toward the left or right based on your click-and-drag mouse movements.

Like the above, there are several others filters present in the Liquify tool based on the application that you are using.

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5 Best Websites to Liquify Images Online

Let’s now explore these online tools to liquify photos online.

1. Polarr

polarr liquify image online

This famous online free photo editor provides various tools, effects, and filters to edit and modify your image, such as Perspective, Distortion, Toning, Reflecting, pixelating, Liquifying, and more.

It also allows you to adjust the Brush Size and Strength when you are Liquifying the image.

Upload the photo you want to Liquify and click on the ‘Retouch’ icon below the Text and Shapes tool (A) in the toolbar on the left.

Set the brush’s size and strength and use any of the Liquify tools available such as Warp, Pinch, Bulge and Restore.

Click on the ‘Reset’ button to reset any of the Liquify effects you have applied.

Click here to navigate to the Polarr Photo Editor.

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2. iPiccy

lpiccy - liquify photo online

Let’s move on to the following website to assist you in Liquifying an image online, Ipiccy, another popular online photo editor.

iPiccy provides you with the Move, Pucker, and Bloat tools and allows you to set the Brush Size and Intensity like the previous website.

The Liquify tool is available in the Advanced Section in the panel on the left-hand side. Just upload the required image from your system or a URL, adjust the brush characteristics and use the required Liquify tool.

If you are not satisfied with any changes, click on the Erase icon under Liquify, and go on clicking the affected pixels to undo all the changes sequentially.

Apart from Liquify, Ipiccy also provides various tools, filters, adjustments, and effects to help you modify an image.

Click here to head towards iPiccy.

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3. Pixlr

pixlr liquify images online

This is yet another famous and influential image and photo editor that you can use to Liquify an image. It provides the Push, Enlarges, Shrink, Swirl Right, and Swirl Left tools under the Liquify option.

Just upload the required image, click on the ‘Liquify’ icon (spiral) in the toolbar on the left and select the required tool.

You can adjust the Brush Size, Density, and Strength before using any available tools. If you aren’t content with any of the applied effects, use the ‘Restore tool to undo all the changes one by one.

Like the previous websites, Pixlr too boasts many other Options, Effects, and Filters that you can use for image editing.

To navigate to Pixlr, click here.

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4. Photopea


The following image editing tool supporting the Liquify option is Photopea, a web-based photo and graphics editor widely used for making illustrations, web design, image editing, and more.

Photopea supports many Liquify tools like Blow, Shrink, Twirl, Smudge, Reconstruct, Push left, and more. To access these tools, click on ‘Filter’ in the menu bar at the top and select ‘Liquify.’

All the Liquify tools will now be available in the toolbar at the left, while the Brush Size, Density, and Rate can be adjusted using the right panel.

Photopea also provides powerful image editing tools, as seen in other websites listed above.

Click here to navigate to Photopea.

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5. Befunky


Let’s move on to Befunky, the final website in this list which is yet another popular photo editor that allows you to edit photos, apply photo effects, create collages, and much more, including the options for Liquify tools.

Befunky supports only Smudge, Grow and Shrink. These tools are part of the Reshape collection that can be accessed by clicking on Touchup (Eye icon) in the toolbar on the left and then choosing ‘Reshape’ under the Miscellaneous section in the panel on the left side.

Like all the above websites, you can adjust the Brush Size, Pressure, and Strength and Erase all the changes you have made using any of the Liquify tools by clicking on the ‘Erase’ icon.

Click here to visit Befunky Photo Editor.

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All the websites I have listed above are one of the best online tools to Liquify an image. When selecting any particular tool, I choose Photopea since it provides the maximum number of tools under Liquify. You may spend some time with each website and choose the one that best suits your requirements. Do write to us with your observations.

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