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Nowadays, there are thousands of different dictionary apps available on both the App Store and the Google Play Store. These applications all serve the same purpose and can hardly be differentiated one from the other. Besides, they all provide comparable functionality, although some may present you with unhelpful definitions. As such, it becomes tremendously tedious for users to choose one app over the other as there is no visible distinction.

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Here comes « Huh? », a free application available on the App Store. It is not one, not two, but a collection of no less than 50 dictionaries, and the best part is that it is also available in 7 different languages. There is no more the need for choosing between multiple other dictionary apps as « Huh? » has your back covered.

Imagine looking for a word’s meaning on your preferred dictionary only to find out that you can’t quite grasp the definitions it provides you. Picture installing an offline dictionary only to discover that you are out of space on your device. « Huh? » is the remedy to the pain both the former and the latter situations cause.

So, what’s the fuss about « Huh? »?

free iphone dictionary app

Well, « Huh? », like all the other dictionaries, has the objective of promoting knowledge. However, it innovatively does this, enabling you to search for the meaning of a variety of different words and in distinct languages. Additionally, « Huh? » provides you with the opportunity to refine your vocabulary and can also accompany you on your journey to learn a new language and to fully master it.

« Huh? » is a unique app in the sense that it is both robust and simple. The deceptively beautiful and simple home screen includes the ability to switch between not less than the 50 available dictionaries, all without hassle. You can likewise choose the app and dictionary language straight from the main screen. Afterward, the search history locally stores your searched words and provides easy access to them later.

Best of all, everyone can use « Huh? »! In addition to being free of charge, the app also provides you, its user, with high-quality accessibility features. Dynamic text sizing, voiceover, and color contrast have all been adequately set up to accommodate you with the best possible user experience. On the other side, power users can perform desired operations with intense rapidity thanks to a remarkably simple widget and astonishingly beneficial Quick Actions, accessible by long-pressing on the app icon.

Notable features


« Huh? » wants to help everyone! As such, the app has implemented great accessibility features. For instance, dynamic text sizing conforms to your desired text size. Moreover, excellent color contrast benefits people with color deficiency, and an optimized voiceover helps visually impaired individuals to navigate the app with ease.

App widget & Quick Actions

Long press on the app icon to quickly access the definition of your two most recently search words. Besides, you can instantly open the app’s main screen or history screen via its widget, located in the Today View or, again, by long-pressing the app icon.

Dark mode

« Huh? » supports dark mode on iOS 13 to satisfy your taste and preferences. You can either navigate the app in its classic white theme or its modern dark theme.


« Huh? » provides you with no less than 50 dictionaries in all languages combined. These dictionaries range from the well-established universities to popular crowd-sourced websites. Only the very best lexicons and thesaurus make it to the app, ensuring fabulous functionality and excellent performance.

History page

Search for a word in « Huh? » and instantly have it added to your history page. This feature provides a quick and easy way to revisit a term’s definition with its corresponding dictionary.


With over 7 billion people in the world, « Huh? » tries to reach everybody. As such, the app supports seven languages, spoken by more than 2.875 billion people worldwide. « Huh? » does not only support Latin-based languages, but it also supports languages like Arabic.

Other features

  • Astonishingly no useless login or sign up required.
  • Exceptionally excellent support for the newest iOS firmware.
  • Fantastically modest internet data usage.
  • Surprisingly small app size.
  • And more!

Final words

« Huh? » is a feature-packed application, perfect for everyone. Its simplicity is unmatched, and the app can serve numerous purposes. From looking for a word’s definition in your native language to learning a foreign word’s meaning, everything becomes suddenly plausible. Unmatched, « Huh? » is one app everyone should be looking to install on their devices.

Go check out, « Huh? » and give it a try.

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