How to Write Research Aims and Objectives

The introduction is one of the most essential parts of a student research paper. Thanks to the introduction, the reader understands what the paper will be about, what problems it will address, and what it can tell.

However, students have questions when formulating aims and objectives because they need to highlight the most essential things in a few sentences.

The introduction also includes the following:

  • The relevance of the topic;
  • The subject and the object of the research;
  • research methods.

Not always the supervisor requires writing the last two points, but the objectives must be in both the coursework, the thesis, and the research paper.

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This article will help to understand how to distinguish the purpose and objectives of the research paper and formulate them correctly.

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How to write the purpose statement for a research paper

how to write research aims and objectives

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The purpose is the main idea for which the research paper is written and determines the work’s direction. It should contain the result that the student plans to get in the end.

Also, the purpose must be closely related to the findings or accomplishments outlined in the Conclusion section.

Tip: The aim should be short, specific, and spacious. Then there will be less chance of making a mistake in wording, making a mistake, or going off-topic.

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How to write the objectives for a research paper

An objective is a small formulated problem on a given topic. If the goal is to be achieved at the end of writing a research paper, then the tasks are done as you go. It is convenient to form one task per paragraph of the plan.

Tasks should be composed so that they do not repeat each other. Using the same verb in the formulation is undesirable; otherwise, you can list ideas separated by commas.

A sample of incorrectly worded tasks:

  • study the activities of ancient man;
  • to study the activities of an intelligent man.

The two statements can be combined: “To study the activities of ancient man and man of reason.”

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How to formulate aims and objectives in a research paper

Formulatingate the purpose of a research paper determines treviewer’s expectationswer. If the supervisor has read the introduction and it does not correspond to the conclusions obtained by the student, the assessment may be undervalued. Therefore, you should not enter into abstract, complex wording or confusing sentences.

Important: Changing the goals and objectives of the research paper during the work is the norm. Moreover: it allows the introduction to better match the central part of the report.

If the question of how to write the purpose and objectives in a research paper comes up, you could use reference words:

  • find out;
  • detect;
  • analyze;
  • investigate;
  • study;
  • summarize;
  • indicate;
  • examine;
  • verify;
  • show.

During the compilation, it is recommended to use the definitions from the title of the topic, the object, and the research subject.

Learning methods should be investigated, not the “learning process.” Teaching can be used to develop neural networks or other areas, whereas the learning process implies a mentor.

A research paper is a revision of material, publicly available sources with the creation of the author’s conclusion. Therefore, a research paper, unlike a term paper or dissertation, does not require creating something new and relevant.

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How many aims and objectives should be in a research paper

The task differs from the objectives in that the first specifies the topic and examines it from a certain angle, while the goal is directly related to the subject.

Therefore, it is not recommended to set more than one goal in a research paper. But if the topic covers a significant amount of information but is not a highly technical issue, it is better to put several goals and make them in the form of a list.

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If the topic sounds like this: “The structure of the human body,” then you should set two goals:

  • Analyze the human body structure.
  • To study the features of human organs.

If the topic is “Peculiarities of the structure of the human liver,” then one goal would be enough: “To study the peculiarities of the structure of the human liver.


There can be several tasks in a research paper, but when formulating it, it is necessary to ensure that the task corresponds to the topic’s title.

If difficulties arise, it is better to ask for help from your professor or contact Reddit essay writing service to get expert help. We wish you success in your studies and high grades.

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