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How To View Instagram Stories And Profiles Anonymously

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This tutorial will teach you how to view Instagram Stories and Profiles anonymously. Instagram introduced stories in 2016. Insta stories involve vertical videos and pictures that take less than 15 seconds. Instagram stories disappear within 24 hours. When logged in, people are displayed circularly at the app’s top.

It is not easy to view Instagram stories anonymously. The developer keeps it secret and visible only to the people you follow. Its primary purpose is to prevent people from spying on others or stealing their data. Furthermore, some people might conduct personal research without the owner’s permission.

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Two methods to view Insta stories anonymously

how to view instagram stories annonymously

1. Turning off airplane mode

Despite the Insta team’s tight security, several ways you can view Instagram stories anonymously. First, you could use the airplane mode trick. Just enable airplane mode and wait for a few seconds.

Do not refresh the Instagram page, as the app performs the function automatically. You can watch a story without a data connection or Wi-Fi without anyone noticing. Now, open the app and immediately tap on the respective Insta stories you want to view.

However, this method will only allow you to view a few stories loaded in the background. If there are more stories, it won’t preload others due to the absence of data or Wi-Fi connection.

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2. View anonymously Instagram stories with a fake account

The second method is using an anonymous fake account that the user is unfamiliar with. For example, you could log out of your main account, then create a new one using fake names. Instagram makes it easy to switch between various accounts.

The option is always at the bottom end when you click on settings. After everything is set, log in and view other people’s stories and Instagram highlights. They won’t notice you. Make sure the name is not associated with the one you have used on another account. You can easily spy on other people using this method.

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How to become an anonymous Instagram viewer

You become an Instagram story viewer whenever you look at another person’s stories. Simply put, Instagram Stories viewers is a list of individuals who have accessed your story, excluding anonymous people.

Therefore, the usernames always show who has viewed your stories. Sometimes you will see more viewers than the number of usernames; some people replay them.

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One can easily view Instagram stories on your PC if logged in. But using third-party apps to watch Instagram stories anonymously online is recommended. These apps mandate you to perform some functionality like hiding the view, downloading the stories for reuse, etc. Furthermore, the current design of the Instagram PC is not fully designed.

Of course, there are many tools and apps for Insta stalking, but all of the main features you can see at story viewer for Instagram are by StoriesIG. Just go to their site, then log in with your Instagram credentials.

The stories are arranged at the top, just like the mobile app. Refresh it several times to get all the stories. Then, tap on the individual profile you are interested in viewing the story. The site is user-friendly; it automatically goes to the next person if the slides are over.

If you want to escape, use the left and right arrows on the keyboard. To exit, you can easily tap an X button on the right corner or swipe up for those with touch screen PCs. Also, you can paste the user’s name that you want to spy on at the search bar on this website. Again, the stories will appear at the top for easy viewing.

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The mobile phone application is fantastic for the anonymous Instagram viewer because the app is user-friendly. However, it is advisable to use another app to view Instagram stories for some reason.

Those apps can download any stories that interest you, which is impossible with the official application. Furthermore, they give you the power to view other people’s stories anonymously. You can also repost Insta stories with ease.

The best IG stories viewer application is InstastoriesWatch. The app was created mainly to repost other people’s stories. However, it has additional functionality, and it makes you become an anonymous stories viewer for Instagram stories.

Additionally, you could download stories, including your own, if you deleted them by mistake. To repost while viewing IG stories, hit the three-dot button. It brings the option of sharing and copying the link. Go to the Repost app, paste the link, show many sites, choose Instagram, edit the story, and repost easily. The Repost app can also help you download Instagram stories privately.

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Download Instagram profiles, pictures and videos anonymously

The official app does not give you that mandate when downloading Instagram stories. Therefore choosing another way will be an added advantage.

1. Download all data using PC anonymously through incognito mode

If you use the PC to access Instagram, you can easily download pictures and videos. Using your mouse, right-click on the picture or video to output several options.

Choose “Save As.” Your files will pop up, and select the directory. With this, you can download reels, pictures, videos, and IGTV content anonymously. I prefer doing this while in incognito mode to hide your identity.

Suppose you want to download and access another personal profile privately. Just open incognito mode, then log in with your credentials. Please search for the username of the victim, then open their account.

Right-click your mouse in white space at any place, and the option to save will pop up. Save the page as web. All content, including IG stories, pictures, and reel videos of the related profile, will be downloaded.

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2. Download all data using Android or iOS

Suppose you want to download all your data using an Android or iOS phone. Install the app, log in and click on the bar at the right corner. Choose the setting buttons. On the submenu, select ‘Security’ options.

It will open another window. Go for the ‘download data’ option and fill in your email at the bottom. Your password at this point is also required, and then hit done. Wait for a few minutes, almost two, and you will find all your content on the email. This is only applicable to your profile.

If you want to download other people’s pictures in private mode, use the DownloadGram app. Go back to your Instagram app, and click on the three dots on the left part of the picture you want to download. Please copy the link and paste it onto the DownloadGram. The app will download images and videos.

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3. The best Instagram Video Downloader – InstaSaver app

There is the moment you will need to download videos of others privately to use on your IGTV or reels. InstaSaver app is the best mobile application for this function. Go to the AppStore or play store and download the app; it’s 100% free.

While browsing on Instagram, tap on the three dots on reels or a regular video. The three buttons are found in the right corner of the video. On reels: observe keenly at the bottom right. Select the Copy Share URL. Then navigate back to instaSaver, and paste your link.

The selected video will automatically be highlighted on your feed. Choose the latest video, tap the down arrow, and save the video or photo. If you feel that some of the videos and photos have lost value, there is an option to delete each of them from instaSaver.

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It’s always good to watch the Insta stories daily. But, to be safe, I prefer using third-party applications like the repost mobile app or the Weinstane website. They have many advantages like easy repost, privacy, download option, etc.

When you want to download your content on your PC, go to your profile and right-click to save the site as web. If you are using your mobile app, there is an option to download data in the setting privacy submenu.

Use incognito mode when you want to do something against the official Instagram terms and conditions. It keeps you safe from the Instagram tracking algorithm. Also, don’t use any mobile app with fewer reviews on the Playstore or App store.

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