How to turn on the emergency bypass on an iPhone

Most of us, during an important meeting or FaceTime, do not like to get notifications from others. In such times, Do Not Disturb has been the biggest blessing. But, when enabled, this button can stop all the notifications, even the emergency ones.

This can create a problem at times. This is where we can use emergency bypass on the iPhone. This iPhone feature can work wonders in times of emergency. Now, how to turn on the emergency bypass on an iPhone? Learn more about it here.

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What is an Emergency Bypass on an iPhone?

An emergency bypass button is available on iPhones where the owner can set an emergency bypass for contact and keep receiving notifications from only them. Irrespective of your iPhone being on DND or silent mode, the owner will still be able to receive calls and messages from the selected contacts.

It is an iPhone feature that temporarily silences the phone so that the user is not interrupted during critical situations by constant calls or notifications. But, this feature serves as vital in times of emergency. This option has been on iPhones for a long time. It all started with iPhone 10 and continues.

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How to turn on the emergency bypass on an iPhone?

Even though the emergency bypass feature has existed for some time, most people do not know about its existence. This is because we have never heard of it or found it.

Step 1# Open Contacts on your phone and select the name you want to set the emergency bypass for.

Step 2# When the contact opens, click on Edit on the right side of the corner.

Step 3# Scroll down and select the Ringtone.

Step 4# Turn on the Emergency Bypass to allow calls

Step 5# Click on Done

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That’s it. Now you will be able to receive calls even when you are on a Do Not Disturb or Silent mode.

This raises an interesting question. Think of situations when you are in an important meeting and do not want any calls. Then, not even your silent button can save you then.

So, when you do not want any notifications from the selected people, you can turn the emergency bypass button off for the selected contacts and attend your meeting peacefully.

Bonus tip: If you also want to turn on emergency bypass for facetime, you can do it the same way and get it activated. And there is no additional configuration required while facetime if calls are bypassed. Facetime calls also fall into the same category.

This way, you could receive calls, but about messages? Here is how to do it.

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Step 1# Go to Contacts and select the name of the contact whom you want to turn on Emergency Bypass.

Step 2# Click on the contact and find the Edit button

Step 3# Scroll down and click on Text Tone

Step 4# Turn on the toggle for Emergency Bypass for text messages

Step 5# Confirm by clicking on Done. The changes will be automatically saved.

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Advantages of Emergency Bypass

  • Pauses calls and messages at times of important things
  • Keeps the user notified in case of emergency even when DND or silent mode is on.
  • You can set this option for important contacts and loved ones, as you do not want to miss something in case of an emergency.
  • The options are not permanent, so hence can be altered

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Take Away

Even though turning this button can sometimes be tricky and irritate you, it is a great way to filter out priorities.

If you don’t want your phone to ring, you can disable the button for the selected contacts. Emergency Bypass is something very few people are aware of, but it can significantly help during an emergency. I hope now you know how to use your emergency bypass and set the features right.

So, to keep receiving notifications for calls and messages from your important people, enable your emergency bypass buttons now!

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