How to spy on WhatsApp activities of your kids


The android gadgets such as cell phones and tablets are very popular among the users. Android lovers are always on the standby mode every time a new device is going to be launched in the market. Android devices are quite popular among all ages from kids to adults as they can use to play their favorite games and use apps to do some productive work.

theonespy dashboard to spy on whatsapp activities of your kids

Among all types of social media and game apps, WhatsApp is definitely ruling as most people use it to connect with their loved ones on daily basis.

Especially, nowadays kids mostly use WhatsApp to stay informed of their coaching classes and school homework. It becomes very important for the parents to keep track of WhatsApp activities of their kids to protect them from any scam and any other issue.

Luckily, if you are also looking for a way to spy on your kid’s WhatsApp, then there is an Android app called Android Spy Software from TheOneSpy.

Some ethical scenarios for spying on WhatsApp activities of your kids:

People who want to monitor young kids and teens WhatsApp activities to know about their immature activities such text messages, shared media files such as photos and videos to strangers and get involved in sexting, blind dating, access to the porn material and share their semi-nude photos on social media apps.

However, young users often put them into real trouble when they encounter with online predators. The android phones are also used in the corporate sector and bosses provide the gadgets to their employees to use WhatsApp to share documents within the working hours. So, employers want to have access to company’s owned cell phones to stay updated about the activities to prevent any sort of conspiracy via WhatsApp on Android. However, cyber infidelity is the biggest social issues these days and spouses don’t have trust their partners and they want to keep an eye on them to stay protected from cheating.

That being said, let’s dig deeper.

How to spy on WhatsApp activities of your kids

First of all, install the Android surveillance app on target Android phone. Get TheOneSpy Android monitoring software. Before moving ahead do note that this app is not available for free and you have to buy it first.

You just need to install the app on the target phone but you need to purchase the software as it is not free to use. Once you have installed the app, activate it and use the credentials to access the online control panel of Android Spy Software, as shown in the screenshot below.

theonespy - android monitoring software dashboard


How does android spy app work to spy WhatsApp?

Watch the above video to get a more coherent view of Android Spying app.

Once you access the dashboard of TheOneSpy Android spy software, you just have to send the remote commands to the targeted device to get the results. However, that also means that the targeted device must be online. Otherwise, you will not able to know what your kids are doing on WhatsApp.

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What sort of data you can spy using the app:

Switch to IM’s social media tab on the Android Spy software to remotely view WhatsApp logs of chat conversations, text messages, shared multimedia including photos, videos, and Voice messages.

Furthermore, a user can also use the WhatsApp live screen recording feature to make back to back short videos of the live screen of the targeted Android device at the time WhatsApp is running on the phone.

As a parent, you also get the option to use the keylogger (Password Chaser) feature to record all the keystrokes pressed in messaging apps like login passwords and messages. So if you want to know the password of your son’s FB account, this spying tool can help you. Use this feature to get the recorded keystrokes and reveal the password. After that, you can also keep track of Facebook activities of your kid as well.

The verdict:

I hope you now know how to spy on WhatsApp messages of your kids. If you feel any issues, then feel free to post it in the comments section and I will be more than happy to assist you. Do note that we do not endorse any unethical activity using this Android Spying Software. There are many use case scenarios and for us, it is better to protect our children from online harassment and frauds. Rest is up to you. Play safe and fair 🙂