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How To Search YouTube Videos By Length

In this tutorial, you will learn how to search YouTube videos by length. Use this method to view videos of specific duration only.

This tutorial will teach you how to search YouTube videos by length. By default, YouTube lets you sort videos based on length.

You can apply search filters to get videos under 4 minutes, between 4 to 20 minutes, or above 20 minutes on the YouTube search results page.

This tutorial is handy for searching YouTube videos by specific length. Using this tutorial method, you can filter YouTube search results based on their duration.

For example, you can view YouTube videos below, above, or between specific durations.

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Method 1: How to Search YouTube Videos By Length On Any Browser

Follow these steps to filter YouTube videos by length on any browser:

1. Open YouTube in your browser.

open youtube in your browser

2. Search for any video on YouTube.

search for any video on youtube

3. Now, click on the “Filters” option at the top-right of the results page.

click on filters option

4. Now, you will see the Filters dialog box.

youtube search filters to find videos by length

5. Select any duration to filter YouTube videos on the search results page.

find youtube videos by length

6. After you select a Duration filter, YouTube will show videos of that specific length only in the search results, as shown below.

videos of specific length in search results7. To edit or remove the Duration search filter, click the “Filters” option again. After that, choose any other duration or remove the existing one by clicking the “X” button.

remove or change duration filter on youtube

Congrats! You have now successfully filtered YouTube videos by length.

Method 2: How To Search YouTube Videos By Length on Computer Using Chrome Extension

Note: YouTube Time Filter Chrome extension has been removed from the Web Store. Please stay tuned till we find a similar or better alternative. We will keep you posted 🙂

We will use a Chrome extension, YouTube Time Filter, to search YouTube videos by length.

This Chrome browser add-on will work on YouTube and let you specify the duration in hours, minutes, and seconds only to view YouTube videos of that specific duration.

Now, let’s see the steps to search YouTube videos by length.

Get this Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store using the link at the end of this tutorial. Click the Add to Chrome button to install YouTube Time Filter, as shown in the screenshot below.

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install youtube time filter

If you plan to use this Chrome Extension more often, pin it to make it more accessible.

As shown below, click on the plugins and pin icons to pin this Chrome extension.

pin youtube time filter chrome extension

Do note that this Chrome Extension only works on the search results pages of YouTube. Therefore, open YouTube and perform a search. Load as many results first before using YouTube Time Filter for best results.

After loading many search results, open the Chrome Extension by clicking its icon. You will see the options to specify the video length below.

search youtube videos by length

You only want to view YouTube videos between 3 to 10 minutes.

You will select 3 minutes in the From drop-down and 10 minutes in the To: drop-down. After that, click on Filter Now! Button.   

youtube videos filtered by length

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Chrome Extension will then refresh the search results page and only show videos of 3-10 minutes.

During my testing, the Chrome extension seemed to work fine. However, you might get inaccurate results or a sloppy YouTube interface if you don’t load enough search results.

But, it gets the job of searching YouTube videos by length, ideally. I tested a couple of similar Chrome extensions, but YouTube Time Filter worked the best.

Note: If you notice any issues, reload the page to refresh the extension, which should work fine.

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Additional features of YouTube Time Filter

  • Dynamically filters videos on scroll
  • Real-time filtering of YouTube videos based on a specified length
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Efficient performance

Method 3: How To Search YouTube Videos By Length on Android or iOS App

Now, let’s see how you can search YouTube videos by length on Android app:

1. Open the YouTube app on your phone.

open youtube app

2. Tap on the “search” button to find videos.

tap on search icon

3. Now, tap the “three-dots” button at the top-right.

tap on three dots menu on search results page

4. Choose the “Search filters” option.

choose the search filters option

5. Next, tap “Any” next to the “Duration” option.

choose duration to find youtube videos by length

6. Now, you can choose the duration you want to search the YouTube videos.

There are four options:

  • Any: Get videos of any duration on the search results page.
  • Under 4 minutes: Get videos shorter than 4 minutes on the search results page.
  • 4-20 minutes: Get videos between 4 to 20 minutes in length on the search results page.
  • Over 20 minutes: Get videos over 20 minutes of length on the search results page.

7. After selecting the duration, tap the “Apply” button, and the YouTube app will show only videos of that specific duration.

youtube videos filtered by specific duration

As I choose the “4-20 minutes” option, YouTube only shows videos of this specific duration. You can follow the same steps to find YouTube videos of specific length.

Wrapping Up

In this tutorial, we shared a simple method to search YouTube videos by length. You can use a free Chrome extension named YouTube Time Filter.

After installing this Chrome extension, you can filter YouTube videos based on their duration right on the search results page of YouTube.

The best part is that you can use it to view YouTube videos above or below a specific duration.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you search YouTube videos by length?

To search YouTube videos by length, go to the search bar, type “video length” followed by your desired duration (e.g., “10 minutes”), and press enter.

2. How do I search for a video by duration?

To search for a video by duration, enter specific time constraints (e.g., “10 minutes”) in the search bar filters on the video platform of your choice.

3. How do I filter Google video searches by length?

To filter Google video searches by length, click “Tools” below the search bar, then select “Duration” and choose the desired duration option (e.g., “Short” or “Long”).

4. Is there a way to search within a YouTube video?

No, YouTube does not provide a native feature for searching within a video. Users can only search for videos using the search bar.

5. How do I sort YouTube by length by watch later?

To sort YouTube by length in Watch Later, click “Sort by” below the video grid, select “Duration,” and videos will be arranged from shortest to longest.

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