How To Remove A Hyperlink In Word

In this article, you’ll learn how to remove a hyperlink in Word. Microsoft Office Word is one of the most widely-used productivity tools worldwide. The tool is so popular that the world uses its file format for Word-based documents. The MS Word was launched in 1983, and since then, there have been many feature additions.

One such feature is the hyperlinking feature, where you can link specific text parts to a link. While this feature is very productive, sometimes it can be excruciating. Let’s take an example where you copy some text from a website, the hyperlinks are copied with the text, and when you paste them into Word, they are pasted too.

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These hyperlinks don’t look good when you take a print of such documents or send it over to your colleagues at work. Removing these hyperlinks is essential in such cases, so we are writing this article.

So Without further ado, let’s jump straight in.

What Is A Hyperlink, And Why Should I Remove It From My Word Document?

Hyperlink in MS Word works precisely like a link, but there’s more to it. These links are disguised as text, generally highlighted with an underline and a blue color. Clicking on such text will take you to a webpage.

It would help if you considered removing a hyperlink from your Word document because these links can look unprofessional when the document is for work purposes. Additionally, these don’t appeal well in printouts.

Another reason you should do this is that websites often use hyperlinks to promote their content or link to other pages on the web. These pages can sometimes be malicious or spammy in general. You should remove that hyperlink if it’s not helpful to you.

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Let’s look at what you can do to remove these hyperlinks from your Word document.

Methods To Remove Hyperlinks In MS Word

You can follow any methods below to remove hyperlinks from a Word document. Make sure you check all the methods out to find the one best for you.

1. Remove Hyperlinks In Word With The Right-Click Menu

This is the most common and widely used method; to do so, select the text that contains the hyperlink or right-click on the text. Now, a menu will open. Click on the Remove Hyperlink option for the selected text in the menu.

remove hyperlinks In word from the right click menu

While this method does the job fine, it certainly isn’t feasible when there are multiple hyperlinks to remove, as you cannot select them all at once to remove hyperlinks, which can take time. Check out the following method to remove multiple hyperlinks at once in MS Word.

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2. Remove Multiple Hyperlinks In Word Using Keyboard Shortcuts

You can always use keyboard shortcuts to remove multiple hyperlinks from MS Word documents. Here are the steps:

1. Open the MS Word document you want to remove the hyperlinks.

2. In the document, press Ctrl+A to select all text, or press and drag your cursor to select some specific text.

use keyboard shortcuts to remove multiple hyperlinks at once in MS word

3. Now press Ctrl+Shift+F9 to remove hyperlinks from the selected text.

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3. Remove Hyperlinks In Microsoft Word Using Paste Special

You can also avoid pasting hyperlinks in the first place using paste special. Here’s how to do it:

1. Create A New Microsoft Word Document or open an existing one.

2. Right-click on the area where you want the text to be pasted.

remove hyperlinks from ms word using paste special

3. In the right-click menu, under the paste options, select the clipboard icon with ‘A’ that says keep text only. When you click on it, you will paste only the text in the document; it will also remove the images copied with the text and match the source formatting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How To Insert Pictures In A Word Document?

To insert pictures in a Word document, go to the Insert tab in the top right corner, then select the insert picture option. Now, you can insert a picture from the web or simply the one on your computer. You can also resize the pictures you add and do many other modifications.

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2. Is It Safe To Add Hyperlinks In A Word Document?

Yes, it is entirely safe to add hyperlinks in a Word document. Even if you believe the links can be potentially harmful, they won’t harm your computer unless you open them.

The Bottom Line

This was all for our article on How to remove a hyperlink in Word. We hope you found the article helpful. When adding a hyperlink to a Word document, check the webpage for potentially harmful content or downloadable material.

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