How to Make Awesome Marketing Videos on a Budget

Modern realities prove that a high-quality website, a balanced pricing policy, and a text blog about the product or service are no longer enough. We need a more powerful means of promotion: video content.

Our previous guide already wrote that video marketing is ruling the roost in the digital marketing landscape. And its influence is only strengthened. So, 9 out of 10 viewers said they are eager to see more videos from brands.

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But how to make them if your budget is limited? Don’t worry; there is a way out. And this is our article.

How much does it cost to create a marketing video on average?

how to make awesome marketing videos on a budget

Having a budget allows you to hire the right people, from actors to scriptwriters, and not participate in the process except for evaluating the final result. But it costs an absolute fortune. So, on average:

  • Animated tutorials cost between $5,000 and $10,000 to produce from start to finish.
    Hiring actors for a video can start at $100 an hour, but if it’s a global star, get ready for fees of hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Writers may start at $100-$300 an hour but prefer a flat rate (from $350 to $1,000) for a completed project.
  • The work of video editors, on average, costs from $200 to $800.

And although you can always find cheaper options on the market, the final figure will still be disappointing.

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So what can you save on?

1. Plan, plan, and plan again

Consider the details before you start creating. If you want to change something in the middle of a project, it will take more time, and as we know, time is money.

Instead, think through the tiny details of the video before you start shooting it. It would be best if you were clear about the purpose of the video and what platforms it will be hosted on.

This will save you a lot of money in the long run, no matter how you approach the creation process.

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2. Use the resources at hand

Probably you already have ready-made videos on your hard drives, but you don’t consider them to be marketing. If suddenly you spoke at some industry conference, ask the organizers for a copy of the video (usually, they keep a record of the event).

Or maybe your developers suddenly filmed testing a new product. Many videos that seem raw and intended solely for internal use can be very popular with the audience.

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But if you still didn’t find interesting content on your PC, use the following ideas:

  • Interview one of the employees. It can be a top manager or a narrow specialist; the main thing is that they tell something interesting and valuable.
  • Interview your clients.
  • Show the audience how you work or have rest.
  • Create a video tutorial or review of one of the products.
  • Adapt popular video memes to your business area.

At the same time, it is not necessary to use professional cameras, light gear, etc. Use any device, even iPhone, to get a more or less transparent image.

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3. Master editing software

As a rule, it is much easier to hire an experienced editor who will quickly show you the results you want.

But if we save, then we save. Master the multifunctional free video editor with no watermark, where you can do color correction and perform basic stuff like trimming a clip or applying effects and dynamic transitions.

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4. Use a ready-made library of music and footage frames

It is not necessary to create original music for the video. There are hundreds of thousands of unique and quite atmospheric compositions on stock; you can save your budget well by purchasing them.

Moreover, shooting a blue sky with running clouds or an employee’s laughter from scratch is unnecessary. Ready-made footage is bought at theme sites. The same goes for computer graphics. There are enough models of houses, vehicles, or people in stock. It’s easier and cheaper to buy than to remodel.

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5. Reduce timings

Brevity is an absolute advantage when it comes to video marketing. This is why Instagram Reels and TikTok clips are so popular. This is pure psychology.

Most videos should be kept around two minutes long, although the ideal video duration varies based on where you distribute or embed it.

As a rule, longer videos rarely hold the modern user. But be sure, if you do your best, the main essence can be messaged even in a 60-second video.

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Two things you absolutely can not save on


The golden rule of filmmaking is that an excellent script dominates over the most spectacular picture. The same rule applies to video marketing. The script should resonate with the audience, hit it right on the pain points while being original and memorable.

It’s not easy to create one. But every time you decide to get by with just pretty graphics, remember the resounding failure of Guy Ritchie’s expensive blockbuster King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and the success of the independent film The Blair Witch Project.

Content is always more important than form. And if there is a choice between creativity and beauty, it is better to save on the picture.

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If the sound in the video is too quiet or there are extraneous noises in it, the viewer will reach for the “close” button. Sound quality comes first.

Wrap up

In the end, we want to convey a critical thought. In video production, it’s critical to redistribute the budget rather than skimp on absolutely everything.

These marketing tips will help cut the commercial’s estimate a little. Still, all this is necessary to direct the released funds to other, more significant parts of the video production – script, animation, etc.

The concept of “I want a Mercedes-Benz AMG at the price of a Kia Rio” is flawed from the very beginning and will only lead to a waste of money! But if you save on one thing correctly and invest in something worthwhile, only success awaits you. Good luck!

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