How To Insert GIFs In Google Slides


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Today, we will share how you can insert GIFs in Google Slides to add a bit of life to your regular presentation. There are three methods of inserting GIFs in Google Slides:

  1. From a URL: Here, you will use the source URL of any GIF file on the Internet (which should be publically accessible) to add it to Google Slides.
  2. From your computer: Upload any GIF from your computer to add it in Google Slides PPT.
  3. From Gooogle Drive: Select and insert any GIF from your Google Drive.

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We have covered all three methods in this tutorial. So, depending upon your requirements, please feel free to jump to any section and see the steps of adding GIF files to Google Slides presentations.

These days everybody loves GIFs. Yes, even if they are added to plain boring presentations.

If you are working on your next keynote or presentation, you must consider adding a few GIFs so that people relate to your content more.

Most importantly, you will be able to catch their attention and convey your message with more effectiveness.

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How To Insert GIFs In Google Slides From URL

If you want to insert any GIF from Giphy in Google Slides, you can follow these steps.

1. Visit Giphy and search for a GIF you would like to add to your presentation. Once done, click on the “Share” button and then the “Copy GIF Link” button to copy the URL of the GIF.


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2. Now, visit Google Slides and open a presentation or create a new one to add the GIF.

3. Select “Insert > Image > By URL ” from the toolbar menu,” as shown in the screenshot below.


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4. You will now see a dialog box where you must paste the URL copied in the second step.


5. As soon as you paste the GIF URL, Google Slides will fetch it, and you can then insert it by clicking on the INSERT button, as shown in the screenshot below.


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Congrats! Now you have successfully added a GIF to your Google Slides presentation. You can drag and resize it as per your content and make it look more funny and contextual.

How To Insert GIFs In Google Slides From Your Computer

You can insert a GIF from your computer into a Google Slides presentation in this method.

1. Download any GIF from the Internet that you would like to add to Google Slides PPT.

2. Now, from the Insert menu in the toolbar, select the “Image > Upload from computer” option.


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3. As soon as you choose the option mentioned above, Google Slides will prompt you to select an image. You can also select a GIF file to add to your presentation.


In this way, you can insert a GIF into Google Slides from your computer.

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How To Insert GIFS In Google Slides From Google Drive

The best part is that Google Slides also lets you insert images or GIFs from your Google Drive.

Let’s now see how precisely you can do that.

1. Open Google Slides and open an earlier created presentation in which you would like to add a GIF or create a new one.

2. From the toolbar menu, select “Insert > Image > Google Drive.”


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3. Now, you will see a Google Drive sidebar to the right side of your presentation.


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From this sidebar, you can find and select the GIF file. Once done, you can insert it into your Google Slides presentation.

Wrapping Up

This tutorial shared three simple methods to insert GIFs in Google Slides. You can use GIFs in your presentation by following any of the three methods shared in this tutorial.

Depending upon where your GIF file locates, you can add it from a URL, Google Drive, or upload it from your computer.

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