How To Insert Checkbox in MS Word

how to insert checkbox in ms word

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The functionality of a checklist is provided by adding checkboxes to your Microsoft Word document. Ticking off-line items as they are completed or acted upon. Inserting a checklist into your Word document is extremely useful, especially when creating surveys in Word.

In this guide, we will use the Microsoft Word 2021 desktop app as currently, it is the latest version of the Word. If you’re using a different version, things may not be the same, but you can still follow along.

How To Insert Checkbox in MS Word

This article will show you how to insert an interactive checkbox in Microsoft Word for softcopy documents and a non-interactive checkbox in hardcopy (printed) documents. Then you can begin incorporating them into your forms, surveys, and lists.

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Inserting Checkboxes For Hardcopy(Printed) Documents in MS Word

Follow these steps to insert checkboxes in Hardcopy documents:

  • Place the cursor where you wish to add checkboxes. 
  • Make sure you’re on the Home Tab in the ribbon.
  • Click the drop-down arrow to the right of the Bullet points button.
  • Now, click on Define new bullet option. Adding Bullet points in MS word
  • Now, click on the Symbol option in the new bullet menu. 
  • Select the following symbol (Displayed in the attached screenshot) and click OK. Adding new bullet symbol in MS word

Now, you’ll see a hollow square as a bullet point; you can use this as a checkbox for the hardcopy.

To add more checkboxes, click the Bullet button, and they will be added automatically (to get your usual bullet back, click the down-arrow next to the Bullet button and choose the symbol you prefer). You can select either the standard bullet or the checkbox from the menu in the future instead of using the “Define New Bullet” dialog box.

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Inserting an Interactive Checkbox in MS Word

You can tick interactive checkboxes in an MS word document without obtaining a hard copy. Here’s how to insert an interactive Checkbox in MS Word:

  • Right Click on the File tab and click Customize the ribbon option. Customizing Ribbon In MS Word
  • Choose Main Tab from the Customize the Ribbon menu.
  • Select the developer checkbox in the main tab’s subheadings.Add Developer tab to the ribbon in MS Word
  • To close the Customize the ribbon menu, click OK.
  • Now, you’ll be able to see an additional Developer Tab on the ribbon. 
  • Open the Developer tab and place the cursor on the list item where you want the checkbox to be inserted. 
  • Now, click on the Checkbox icon (as displayed in the screenshot) to add an interactive checkbox to a document in MS word. Inserting an interactive checkbox in MS word

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Customizing the Checked Symbol in the Checkbox

Click on the checkbox icon to create interactive and fillable check boxes, depending on how many you require. When you check the box, the X sign will appear by default. 

If you want to replace that symbol with, say, a (tick) sign, follow the steps:

  • Go to the Controls options in the Developer tab and select the Properties option.
  • If the Properties icon becomes blurry, check the box you inserted and then go there.
  • The Checked symbol option is located at the bottom of the Content Control Properties
  • Select the preferred sign for the checkbox by clicking the Change button.Changing Interactive Checkbox Check Symbol In MS Word
  • To confirm the changes, click OK.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What Should I Do if I Want To Include More Check Box Symbols in the Printed Version?

You are not required to go through the entire set of windows. Click the small arrow to the right of the “Bullet List” button, and the checkbox will appear under the “Recently Used Bullets” section.

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How Do I Protect the Word Document That Is Fillable?

Open the form you want to secure or lock. Select Developer > Editing Restrictions. After you’ve chosen your restrictions, click Yes, Start Enforcing Protection.

Why Don’t Checkboxes Work in Word?

For the checkbox to function correctly, the document must be locked (protected for filling out forms). The shading is due to your Word preferences for field shading. You can choose whether to shade fields when they are selected or always. If you never want it to be shaded, change the preference to Never.

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So this is all you need to know if you want to insert checkboxes in Microsoft Word. We hope this article helped you understand how they work. If you enjoyed the article, please spread the word.

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