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How to find NFT Developers for Hire to Boost Team Productivity

In this tutorial, you will learn how to find NFT developers for hire to boost team productivity. Learn more here.

NFTs, Crypto, Blockchain – You have heard about these terms. But the question is, what is NFT, and how do you hire an NFT developer?

To begin with, NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is new in the game and is taking the world by storm. This technology is getting a lot of attention. Many are talking about this. Some are even saying it is a scam. But some people are making money with this technology.

Due to the hype train, NFT developer for hire is in huge demand. However, the supply is limited. So, finding an NFT expert for hire makes it very hard. What to do? Is there any solution? Well, yeah!!!

This article is curated explicitly for startups or individuals who want to learn how to find NFT developers for hire. We are sure that, after this blog, you will be able to hire NFT developers.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) – Game Tokens Or What?

how to hire nft developers

We know now that you understand NFTs or why you want to hire NFT developers. But, for the ones who are new, here is the thing.

NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens in the form of assets on the blockchain. Non-fungible means these tokens can’t be subdivided, copied, or substituted, meaning they are unique.

If you buy or create an NFT, you’ll be the sole owner of that piece and all the rights to that asset. Think of this like a house that is under your name, but the difference is you cannot physically touch that house. Seems sketchy, right?

Digital Art Pieces

Digital art pieces are the perfect example of NFTs. Remember those Bored Ape Yacht Club. Those art pieces sold like cake. The reason is that they are rare. The rare an art piece is, the more expensive it is.

Artists making these NFT tokens only have one agenda (making money is hidden): to get recognized among the new generation. Moreover, it is also creating awareness about art in young tech-savvy individuals.

Sports Collectibles

According to Statista, a recent survey stated that about 26% of Americans are avid sports fans.

Entities like NBA and UFC leveraged that and started their series of NFT collectibles. A short clip of LeBron James was sold for almost 380,000 USD. Well, it is rare. That means the new owner can sell it at a named price.

With this, NFT fans can further indulge themselves in sports. Many countries witnessed a massive spike in sports niches and NFTs because of the LeBron James deal.


Where are our die-hard gaming fans? Is this for you, guys? Let us tell you that you can earn real money by playing games. The games that are based on NFTs are called P2E ( Play-To-Earn). Some examples of such games are

  • Axie Infinity
  • Gods Unchained

Back then, you had to pay for a game to play it. With P2E games, you’ll need an NFT to exchange or redeem it for game points/items.

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Finding NFT Developers- Where To Do That

Now, to the big question- How To Find NFT Developers? We know they are in demand and rare, and we know how to leverage that to your advantage and land your perfect NFT developer. Let’s dive into finding the developer.

Freelance Platforms

The first and most optimum way to find an NFT developer for hire is by using freelance platforms like Upwork or Fiverr.

These platforms’ advantages are that you can see their past projects, reviews, and previous client comments. Moreover, they are also available at an optimum hourly rate.

Just make sure you know what type of NFT you want. With that, you can screen and filter the developers using the required skills.

Using Networking

The following best method is using networks in your circle. We are sure someone has pitched you the idea of creating NFTs. How about you contact them and ask for an NFT developer? They will indeed direct you toward the right path.

Hiring Firms

Finding an NFT developer is a significant challenge among hiring agencies, and such firms are roaring with NFT developer demand. These agencies will hunt and hire the NFT developer for you.

Just reach out to them and pitch them your project details. However, remember that this is an expensive method and burdens your pocket.

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How To Hire An NFT Developer

Now that you know what NFT is, how you can make money, and where you can find such individuals, let’s talk about how to hire NFT developers.

Market Research

Market research is one of those steps that, if done right, can lead to tremendous success. However, going wrong can make you pull your hair in the long run.

Market research highlights trends, what is booming, and what users ask. Apply that knowledge to your NFT project and see what current people are developing.

See whether art NFT is good for you. Or is it a P2E game? Regardless of what you choose, see how you can improve it. That all can be done effectively if you have done the proper market research.

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Finding Potential Talent

The next step is to find NFT developers who can transform your vision into a digital asset. In the above section, we mentioned platforms where you can get NFT developers for hire.

Remember to check every detail of developers and then create a list. It will help you in making an informed decision. Call developers for interviews that you think are suitable for the project.

Hiring Process

Once you think the developer (team of developers) is good, you can start onboarding. Create essential hiring documents so that you can hire an NFT developer and introduce that developer to your team.

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