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How To Find And Install Drivers On HP ProLiant Servers?

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installing servers on hp proliant servers

As far as computer servers go, the HP Proliant series makes managing and configuring your device as straightforward as possible. Without the proper drivers installed, however, you cannot make optimal use of your server.

Whether you are trying to find and install updates on an HP ProLiant Rackmount, Tower, or BladeSystem server, the quickest way to ensure you have the latest and most updated drivers is to visit the Hewlett Packard Enterprise online support center. It is the go-to source to keep your HP server up and running as efficiently as possible.

Service Pack for ProLiant

The hands-down most straightforward way to keep your drivers up to date is to download the Service Pack for ProLiant, also known as SPP. This ISO file bundle is a comprehensive collection of firmware, drivers, as well as system software all downloadable as a single solution stack. Simply browse the Hewlett Packard Enterprise website for the SPP you wish to download and save it to a directory on the system.

The convenient SPP Custom Download allows you to select what you require from the entire SPP ISO bundle in the case that you do not need everything available. Customize your pack on the HPE website and follow the same procedure.

Keep in mind that each Service Pack for ProLiant has been thoroughly tested and is easy to use. Keeping your HP Server updated with an SPP means consistent content and format for simplified use. Benefit from less downtime or time spent maintaining your server and experience more uptime. Always be sure to have a recent backup of your system ready and available BEFORE deploying any server updates.

Smart Update Manager

Updating computer servers can be an extremely time-consuming task. The Smart Update Manager, or SUM, is a useful tool to keep your HP server up to date. It does the work for you by continually checking which versions of software and drivers your server is currently running on and then makes suggestions and recommendations for updates. Should you choose to update to newer versions, SUM will apply them in an efficient order to hinder operations minimally.

The Smart Update Manager increases the ease of managing your computer server and allows driver updates to be done offline, online, automatically, interactively, or via a web browser. With the combined use of SPP and SUM, the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Smart Update Technology will efficiently keep your ProLiant server running on the latest versions. Updates are error-prone and less time-consuming.

Go one step further and allow the maintenance and updates of your HP server to be done automatically with Smart Update Tools, or SUT. This allows the software-defined infrastructure management system, or HPE OneView, to apply the downloads for you. If applying server updates in a complex and distributed environment without a proper plan, downtime can be incredibly costly. Making use of SPP, SUM, as well as SUT will allow system administrators to ultimately spend less time and money, ensuring drivers are up to date and fully functioning.

With the help of these Hewlett Packard Enterprise tools, a small to medium-sized business can easily streamline their IT infrastructure. By downloading a single Service Pack ISO bundle that has already been thoroughly tested, making sure you only update what is necessary for your specific model and configurations. Doing it automatically with a plan is the most efficient way to find and install drivers for your HP server. Make the most of your hardware by using the latest software available.

Manual update

If you have refrained from updating the drivers on your server via the methods above, you also have the option of manually downloading the files you require. The only information that is needed is your model number, which you find on the management page of your HP Proliant server. Simply click on system information, and it will be displayed. Once you have the model number, you can browse the HP support website for the driver updates your specific model may require. Have your HP Passport user ID and password ready for verification and follow the listed steps.

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