How to Create Youtube Thumbnails That Get More Clicks

This tutorial teaches you how to create YouTube thumbnails that get more user clicks. Using the tips in this tutorial, you can design eye-catching thumbnails that quickly grab users’ attention. Thus, helping you to get more views on your videos and more subscribers in the long run.

Whatever you do, it takes hard work and determination to improve quality. But when it goes live, it requires exceptional marketing skills to reach an audience. The same formula applies to YouTube. You need to showcase your marketing skills somewhere on YouTube. And that’s part of your video preview.

Nowadays, it is difficult for every YouTuber to attract viewers to the channel. Posting your videos on a social network will help you get decent views. But in terms of high traffic, organic views are much more critical. The thumbnail initially determines most video views.

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How to Create YouTube Thumbnails that Get More Clicks

In short, the video will get more reach if the thumbnail is good. This is YouTube’s simple mantra for success. Many video bloggers use thumbnail makers for youtube to gain success in this field and create the most attractive visuals for subscribers.

1. What is a video thumbnail?

A thumbnail is a “preview image” of your video. The viewer sees this image when viewing or scrolling a YouTube video. Typically, YouTube prompts you to select three different frame images as the thumbnail for your video.

If you forget to mention this, YouTube will randomly choose one of these three images and display it as a video thumbnail. Therefore, if you are satisfied with these images, then do it. Otherwise, you can create and upload your thumbnail image to YouTube.

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2. What is a Personalized Thumbnail?

A custom thumbnail is the same as a video thumbnail. But you can upload an image of anything. Uploading a custom icon aims to make it attractive and attract more traffic to your video. Please consider the following size and format before uploading a custom sketch. Thumbnail size and formats:

  • Image Resolution: 1280*720
  • Pixels: 640
  • Formats: JPG, GIF, PNG
  • Limit: 2 MB
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9

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3. Why is a thumbnail important for video use?

In a nutshell, using a custom thumbnail for a YouTube video increases the Click-Through-Rate (CTR). CTR is the percentage of times a viewer clicks on a video versus the number of times it appears when prompted.

For example, if your video appears 1000 times in an offer and the viewer clicks 20 times, your CTR is 2%.

The higher the CTR, the greater the benefit to your channel. In other words, it directly affects your views and income increase. Hence, it’s important to use eye-catching thumbnails to increase your video’s CTR.

We listed the tips for creating YouTube thumbnails. Try following the tips and techniques below to help you make an eye-catching sketch for your video.

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4. Add catchy words

add catchy words to youtube thumbnails

Try adding modifier words—for example, Free, Browse, Featured, Discount, Coupon Code- when sketching. The reason is that these words grab more audience attention than ordinary words.

So, try adding words like this, but remember that content is associated with the thumbnail in the video. Also, don’t add too many words when using this strategy. Make it more accessible and more innovative.

5. Use larger fonts

If you use catchy words, apply a larger font or make them stand out. A smaller font will get you nowhere, even if the video contains 100% quality content.

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6. Add channel logo

Add your channel logo to each YouTube custom thumbnail template. There is nothing obligatory about adding a channel logo. But this is a simple marketing strategy aimed at uncovering your channel.

Remind me; that your channel is your brand. So, you need to demonstrate this whenever you have the opportunity.

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7. Attach funny reactions

Much of the video itself contains several thrilling reaction clips. If your video has some frames, don’t forget to add them. The best example is finding fun videos. The logic is that viewers are interested in watching the entire video.

Don’t use Clickbait words 
This is nothing more than adding comments to the thumbnails that are irrelevant to the video to engage the audience. Typically, there is no connection between the video and the thumbnail.

Think about it. When an audience is attracted to a thumbnail and comes to watch a video, they will quickly determine if the video is related to what is indicated in the thumbnail.

Hence, it badly affects the audience of the channel. Meanwhile, these results tell YouTube that the video is inconvenient for the user. Also, it affects video SEO.

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8. Keep the same template style.

Just look at your previous images. When creating any templates, try to stick to them. It’s easy for viewers to remember and catch your channel wherever they find it.

9. Simple editor to create YouTube previews.

It would be best to grab viewers’ attention by having one of the most popular YouTube channels. And the first thing people notice is when they see a video in the YouTube preview. Of course, it’s worth the effort to create the perfect preview.

Did you know you can create awesome previews with such tools as Crello? Effortless, by the way. Crello’s designers have prepared many templates you can change at your discretion and get an original preview.

This is easy and hassle-free to do. Just choose a template and create a great YouTube preview. They offer tons of awesome templates for your future designs.

Moreover, Crello’s interface is self-explanatory, so even a beginner will understand how to use the editor. A good preview influences a visitor’s decision to watch a video.

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This tutorial taught you how to create YouTube thumbnails that get more clicks. After considering these tips, you can design eye-catching thumbnails and improve your video CTR.

Creating your thumbnail is an integral part of regular YouTube searches. To grab your audience’s attention and increase your channel revenue, focus more on “sketch.” Meanwhile, if you haven’t followed the tips and techniques above for your old video thumbnails, try adding these things and get enough results.

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