How To Create Crosswords Using Google Sheets

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In this tutorial, I will share a simple method by which you can create crosswords using Google Sheets and solve them collaboratively. So, if you are looking for a way to play crosswords puzzle with your friends or family members, then here is the simple method. The best part of the method is that you don’t have to install any app or software to play and solve crossword puzzles with your friends.

After following this tutorial, you will be able to automatically import crossword puzzles from The Guardian and XWord Info into Google Sheets and then use the collaborative features of Google Sheets to play with anyone you like.

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Now, let’s get started.

How To Create Crosswords Using Google Sheets And Solve Collaboratively?

Crossword is a widely popular game, and people love to play it and fill those squares to challenge their intelligence. People like solving mysteries and crossword puzzles are mysterious in themselves. If you are also obsessed with playing crossword puzzles every single day of your life, then you will love this method.

To create crossword puzzles automatically in Google Sheets, you can use an add-on named CrossSheet. With the help of this Google Sheets add-on or extension, you can import crossword puzzles from The Guardian and XWord Info.

What I liked about this add-on is that it correctly displays the crossword puzzle. Additionally, if you hover your cursor over any starting cell of any across or down the word, then you will also see the hint. The feature will allow you to focus on solving your crossword puzzle rather than wasting time looking at suggestions that are displayed on the right side of the puzzle.

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Step 1: Create a new Google Sheets document, and from the Add-ons menu, select the Get add-ons option.

install google sheets addons

Step 2: Now, you will see a pop up where you can search “CrossSheet” to find the add-on and install it in your Google Sheets, as shown in the screenshot below.

search crosssheet add-on

Step 3: After installing CrossSheet, you will be able to access the options to import crosswords. From the Add-ons menu, select the Import Guardian Crossword option. You can also select the Import xwordinfo crossword option if you want to import any puzzle from there.

import guardian crossword in google sheets

Step 4: After selecting the Import Guardian Crossword option, you will see a dialog box where you have to paste The Guardian crossword puzzle page URL.

input url to import crossword

In the next step, we will see from where you can access the URL of the crossword puzzle.

Step 5: The Guardian has a webpage where they post daily crossword puzzles that you can access from here. On visiting that page, you will see numerous Crossword Puzzles.

copy guardian crossword url

Furthermore, open any crossword puzzle which you would like to import in your Google Sheet and copy the URL from the address bar of your browser, as shown in the screenshot above.

In case, you want to XWordInfo crosswords, then you can access their Sunday puzzles from here and paste their URL to import.

Step 6: Paste the copied URL in the dialog box and click on the Ok button.

paste guardian crossword url

Step 7: That’s it! Now, CrossSheet extension will fetch the crossword on that web page and display it on the active sheet, as shown in the screenshot below.

google sheets crossword

Step 8: Now, you can share your Google Sheets document with your colleagues, friends, or family members using the in-built options of the Google Sheets. Click on the Share button at the top-left, and you will see a dialog box where you can specify the emails of individuals to share the document.

collaboratively solve crossword puzzles

That’s all you have to do for playing crossword puzzles with your friends and spend some quality time together.

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Wrapping Up

In this tutorial, I shared a simple and easy method by which you can create crossword puzzles using Google Sheets and solve collaboratively with your friends and family members.

All you have to do is install an add-on and import any crossword puzzle either from The Guardian or XWord Info.  Thus, giving you the option to import any crossword puzzle from these sources and solve them with your friends and family members.

Do let me know if it helped you and your experience with solving crossword puzzles with friends. Have fun!