How To Convert Animated GIF To Flipbook That You Can Print

convert gif to flipbook
Source: Gifprint

Do you want to convert your favorite GIFs to flipbooks? If yes, then here I have share a simple method to converted animated GIF to flipbook. There are many software and apps available to create flipbooks but none of them allows you to turn GIFs into flipbooks.

To convert any GIF to a flipbook, I will use Gifprint which is a free website. What it does is that it magically turns your favorite GIF to flipbook that you can download as PDF. Now, you can print this PDF and use it to create a flipbook.

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How to Convert GIF to Flipbook

The best part of using Gifprint is that you don’t have to create any account to convert GIF to flipbook. Before, moving ahead make sure the GIF quality is up to the mark to ensure that your flipbook experience isn’t affected by it.

You can use any of these GIF speed changer websites to either speed up or down your animated GIFs.

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Just follow these 3 simple steps and within a few minutes you can turn any GIF to a flipbook.

Step 1: Visit Gifprint and upload the GIF that you want to turn into a flipbook. You can also specify a URL and the tool will automatically pull the GIF from the source.

upload your gif Step 2: After specifying the GIF source, click on the Submit button. Now, you will see a processing window. The tool takes around 30-40 seconds to process a GIF. It might take longer time as it also depends on the GIF you are converting.

gifprint processing gif to convert to a flipbook

Don’t close the tab until the processing isn’t finished.

Step 3: Once Gifprint has done the processing, you will see GIF frames and the option to view all the frames and download all of them as a PDF file.

print gif frames in pdf to get your flipbook

Download the PDF by clicking on the Download Printable PDF. Moving ahead, take a print out of this PDF file and cut all the frames.

Congratulations! You have successfully converted your GIF to a flipbook. After you are done with these steps, your flipbook might look something as shown at the starting of this tutorial.

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Closing Thoughts

With the method explained in this tutorial, you can turn any of your GIFs to flipbook. The best part is that the website accurately extracts all the frame so that you can easily use them to create an amazing flipbook.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Gifprint now and share which GIF you converted into a flipbook. Also, if you know any other tool which does this job more effortlessly, then share it in the comments section below.

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