How to Choose a Topic for an Essay: Tips and Tricks

What is an essay? First of all, an article is a literary genre. The name “essay” is translated from French as “sketch.” It expresses the feelings and point of view of authors. The essay doesn’t answer specific questions but instead conveys the author’s unique perspective of a topic.

Essay writing develops argumentation, logic, correct expression of one’s opinion, and apt choice of information and its presentation to the reader.

As with any writing work, it can be challenging to write an essay. This may be a misunderstanding of what teachers want to get from you. Therefore, you need to read the topic and rely only on it carefully.

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Essay Characteristics

how to write essay - tips and tricks

The essay has its characteristics. That is why everyone can distinguish it from other writing works:

  • A particular and sometimes narrow topic that prompts thought;
  • Authors speak only about their thoughts and impressions;
  • The conversational style of presentation allows writers to use slang, jargon, foreign words without translation, and neologisms in the essay;
  • Despite the seeming emotionality, writers reinforce their point of view with facts and evidence.

The main thing to remember is that you don’t have to copy information from sources already posted by someone. An essay is personal. In it, you are free to write about your thoughts, assumptions.

Convey your doubts and ideas. Describe emotions and feelings. Don’t deepen, expand, and move away from the main topic, and don’t inflate the volume.

You should write it according to a previously prepared plan or at the behest of the heart. There is no need to lie. Don’t come up with something that doesn’t exist. This is not a fantastic book. This is a life story, and it shows your thoughts.

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Expert Guide to Choosing an Essay Topic

What topic should you choose? Sometimes students are given a list of questions. They can select one of them and write their thoughts on one or another subject. But they can also write an essay on the topic that seems interesting to them.

But they get confused here. Why? The most basic reason is that they don’t know what to write about. But if you write on a topic that interests you, then the whole process of writing an essay will seem more interesting, and you can quickly write your thoughts on paper:

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Look at the suggested topics and find the one that appears the most interesting to you;

  • Determine the basic science each topic belongs to;
  • Determine the meaning of the offered statements (“What do I think the writer wants to say?”)
  • Find out the problem in the context (“What are the main problems associated with this topic? What should I find out to reveal it?”)
  • Formulate your attitude to the topic and its statements (“Do I agree with it? Why not? What is my own opinion about it?”)
  • Choose examples and facts that convincingly substantiate your position.

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What Do You Need To Pay Attention To?

Having received the task to write an essay on a free topic, you should correctly think of what to write about:

  • How familiar are you with the topic?
  • Is the essence of the problem that needs to be described clear?
  • Have you ever written essays on a specific topic before?
  • Will you be able to meet the allotted time and the established volume?

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It is better to choose a topic that is close to you. This will make it easier to select the arguments and present them correctly. And this is very important when performing such tasks because you have to state your current vision and support it with well-known facts.

After choosing specific topics, evaluate each of them for how meaningful you can reveal it. Do you have interesting observations and ideas on this topic, can you surprise the reader with something, or do you feel inspired when discussing this topic? It would help if you understood that you would have to formulate a specific thesis and then reasonably prove it in the course of work.

Will you be able to do this for the selected topics? What are your trump cards?
When exploring the potential of a topic, pay attention to the availability of literary sources. In some cases, it is more logical to find the necessary information in the sources and then formulate thoughts in the form of an essay.

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Making an Essay Plan

When the topic is chosen, and the idea is formulated, you need to imagine the course of your thoughts. And it’s better to write down all the reviews in a draft so that you will have a plan. Divide for yourself an essay-reasoning conditionally into the following parts:

  • Identifying the problem;
  • Your attitude to the problem;
  • Guidance of arguments and examples;
  • What conclusion did you come to?

Having previously worked out an outline, you can begin to describe each item. Use a draft for a start. You can always fix or add something to it. Perhaps thoughts will come chaotically to you. They certainly need to be fixed. Over time, each phrase will take its place in the text and make up the complete composition of the essay. Even if you have made grammatical and spelling mistakes, you can correct them.

The essay allows you to reveal your potential, shows your literacy, the quality of your written speech, the ability to formulate the essence and problems of the topic, and fully disclose it. You express your thoughts and experiences.

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Writing an Essay Yourself vs. Asking For Help?

It is no secret that many students have difficulties in writing essays. Not everyone can correctly choose and reveal the topic, beautifully stating their thoughts on paper.

An utterly reasonable question arises — is there any point in taking risks or entrusting the task to a specialist? When choosing the second option, it is crucial to ensure that the author’s skill level is appropriate.

For example, on the Affordable Papers website, such tasks are performed by experienced academic performers. So, you will get a high-quality essay. There are no cheapest offers on the Internet!

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