How To Avoid Time Wasting on the Internet [Productivity Tips]

It is evident that even before we start, you waste a lot of time on social media. Some people wake up and go straight for their phones.

They get on the internet through social media applications or other sites. You waste your first hours of the day without noticing like that.

We will go through ways that will assist you in avoiding time-wasting on this website. Ask yourself why people or why you waste time online.

Instead of spending quality time in your books, you are scrolling through the web.

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How to Avoid Wasting Time on the Internet

Other times you may find yourself wasting time is when you are reading these articles. Productivity articles will consume most of your time. The following are ways that will help you in avoiding time wastage.

1. Locking Down Usual Haunts

Plain and straightforward as it may sound is that you can block all the arenas that make you waste time. By doing this does not mean that you will not have access to other sites, no. All we are trying is to put effort into helping end procrastination.

If it is Reddit that takes up most of your brain time, block it. If you are looking for something, google it. Avoid browsing through your social media news feeds to find something. It saves mental effort.

A tool that you can use to block these distracting sites is Freedom. It is available for iOS, Windows, Mac, and Android. It blocks all the sites that cause distractions using a customized list. Using the app is not free, but this does not stop you from using its free trial.

It has seven trial sessions that expose you to its interface and use. The application charges a monthly fee of $6.99, but you can opt for a yearly or a lifetime plan. Other applications that you may use are Focus, Pomodoro timer, FocalFilter, and SelfControl. Focus and SelfConrtol are available on Mac. FocalFilter is available on the Windows platform.

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2. Holding Self Accountable

You can use various methods to track your activities. By monitoring what you do, you will have a reference point showing your progress in life.

There is no time that you will have nothing in your achievements or progress. When you know the time that you give on activities you do, it is less likely to find yourself wasting time online. What makes this approach possible?

Any time you go off track, you will always feel guilty hence switching to a productive task. Keeping a diary is a better way of tracking time, but there are modern solutions too. You can use an application such as Streaks or make use of RescueTime, an extension. The extension automatically tracks the time that you spend on every online site.

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3. Eliminating Notifications

You might have put effort into blocking sites, but then you leave on a loophole. Notifications are big distractions that often derail a person. When you get a notification, you lose focus on the task you are doing. It then sends you to time-wasting.

You can get rid of unnecessary notifications. You will find this setting in the Notification Centre of your OS X gadget. Also, remove the notification on your mobile phone. During work hours, you can put your gadgets on Do Not Disturb mode.

Make an effort to schedule the times that you check your social media pages. Opening the sites during the day might carry away your concentration.

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4. Taming One’s Email Addiction

Many people waste a lot of time checking their emails. You find yourself checking the inbox, trying to clear out unwanted mails.

Mails stream in every day, and some need you to think of the reply deeply. Others may ask you to carry out research or schedule meetings. When you swipe from one mail to the next, you get distracted.

You deny yourself the opportunity to complete other vital tasks waiting for you. A working solution for this problem is rescheduling the time you view your emails. Spend more time doing other productive stuff; force yourself if you have to.

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5. Having a Computer mainly for Work

When you are in a position to get two laptops or desktops, kindly do so. Dedicate one for only work while the other can be a multipurpose computer.

On the work computer, remove all social media applications so that you can only focus on doing work on it. Find yourself a safe study room in your house or work far away from the leisure laptop or computer.

If you cannot find a second machine, you do not have to sweat it. Students can always access the computer lab to carry out essential tasks when you have no access to time-wasting programs, your productivity rate increases.

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Parting Words

Do not forget that when you read articles that help improve productivity, you waste a lot of time. What do you do now? Put to the test one technique from this article, then implement it. Try the blocking applications and wait for the results to come. All the best.

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