How To Add Line Numbers In Google Docs [Solved]

Do you often work with long texts in Google Docs and often lose count of line numbers while proofreading? Or want to know how many lines are in your Google Docs file, you are landed on the right page here. I will share a simple method to add line numbers in Google Docs.

how to add line numbers in google docs

Going through a long document without line numbers is pretty tedious. You will lose count of which line or passage were reading. Line numbering makes it easier for you to go through long scripts or documents. You can easily remember the line or passage number to continue from where you left without wasting time scanning the doc with your eyes to figure it out.

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How To Add Line Numbers In Google Docs

I will use a free Chrome extension named Line Numbering to add line numbers in Google Docs.

Follow these 3 easy steps, and you can add line numbers to your Google Docs on the fly.

Step 1: Install the Google Docs add-on from the end of this tutorial link. Once you have installed the add-on, you will notice a line numbering icon at the top bar right to the Chat icon, as shown in the screenshot below.

line numbering icon added

Click on the icon and sign in with your Google account to enable the extension. Logging in allows the extension to synchronize line numbers across your devices.

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Step 2: After successfully logging in with your Google account, you can now access the Line Numbering add-on options.

line numbering options

Now, you can configure the options to see line numbers per your requirements. For example, select the Restart Each Page option to restart line numbers on each new page.

Similarly, you can customize the add-on to count after every x number of lines. This option will come in handy if you don’t want to see line numbers against each line of your Google Doc.

Step 3: Once you have set up this Google Docs add-on, you will see line numbers per the configuration, as shown in the screenshot below.

line numbers added in the google doc

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Features of the premium version

In the free version of this add-on, you can only adjust the line numbering settings, but if you want to customize the appearance of these numbers, you will have to upgrade to its premium version.

Line Numbering add-on allows you to customize the size and color and apply borders to the displayed line numbers. If you are okay with the default appearance, then there is no need to upgrade.

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In brief

With the method demonstrated in this tutorial, you can easily add line numbers in Google Docs. The best part is that you can configure how you want to count the line numbers.

If you know any method other than the one explained in this tutorial, please share it in the comments section. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to receive such tutorials and tips straight to your inbox.

Get Line Numbering for Google Docs.

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