How Technology is Transforming Education and Creating New Jobs in EdTech

Education is essential to how every child grows up, from the moment they start kindergarten to university studies and beyond. It can help to develop their minds and bodies for the life of an adult, equipping them with the mental and physical tools to survive and thrive in this modern world.

One of the many ways in which the digital era has transformed how young people grow up is in the form of technology. Technology is a part of many, if not most contemporary learning settings, from online study sessions to the technology used in a physical classroom.

Consequently, this has created a new method for teachers to use in their instruction process and the content creation field. This is also true in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), which we’ll explore now.

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What is TEFL?

technology is transforming education and creating new jobs in edtech

In short, TEFL is the instruction of the English language to those who are learning this language. These learners often speak a different native language in their home environment, so they can sometimes find it challenging to discern some of the finer differences between their mother tongue and English.

This is where an enthusiastic and committed TEFL teacher can help. Read the full post here for more details on the salary a TEFL might expect to make in this sphere.

Before that, though, getting certified with a reputable TEFL certification makes a lot of sense. For one thing, these courses are accepted across the globe as an authentic barometer of a candidate’s willingness and ability to teach the English language.

Moreover, the courses are run by a team of friendly and helpful TEFL staff who have spent years working in and around the subject. This translates to a quick and meaningful approach to solving problems during the classes and a handy toolkit of teaching techniques that can be utilized from day 1 in the TEFL classroom.

Last but not least, these programs are a simple means of being accepted for foreign work visas, as many nations globally do not accept a TEFL teacher application without one.

Even for those countries where a TEFL qualification is not mandatory, and fewer of these than ever, the TEFL candidate with a bona fide certification is likely to place themselves right at the head of the pack for getting a position quickly.

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How can technology be used in the physical TEFL classroom?

One easy way a TEFL teacher could use technology in their day-to-day teaching is via an overhead projector. Many schools and academies try to provide these for their TEFL teachers, especially as they usually understand the myriad benefits of having access to such a multi-functional tool.

First, these projectors can quickly play audio and video content so that the student at the back of the classroom can hear and see just as quickly as those near the front. This enables a smooth playing of listening monologues or dialogues from a course book or an online video explaining a specific grammar point more clearly.

Additionally, recent years have seen a massive increase in interactive online quizzes, where students can answer questions related to the English language on their phones or even their laptops.

Some educational institutions have begun to provide these handheld portable devices to allow students to engage with classroom content without having to lug around a backpack full of paper notes all day.

Furthermore, the onset of cloud-based technology has allowed learners to work live in the classroom, having the chance to save their work as they go along. This is optimal for all those times in the TEFL classroom when there is an unexpected interruption, from a student needing to use the bathroom to a sudden announcement by the headteacher for everyone to meet in the school gymnasium.

In the past, it might have been much more difficult for a TEFL student to pick up the train of thought where they left off, but now the digital process of saving work as it is done means it is super straightforward to continue from the last word or sentence completed.

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What are some new jobs in TEFL Educational Technology (EdTech)?

For those who have been working as a TEFL teacher for a while, or even for those who are pretty new to the domain but prefer to work behind the scenes more than in front of learners all the time, EdTech is a new and exciting aspect for these kinds of TEFL educators to consider. Indeed, several positions need to be filled, some of which shall be described below.

For one, websites such as Teachers Pay Teachers offer quick and easy lesson plan kits for those TEFL teachers who are a bit pressed for time or short of an idea or two on teaching a specific area of the English language.

While it is worth bearing in mind that this is a paid service, and the teacher may use a different variant of English or even teach a completely different age group, this can certainly be an option for a last-minute solution in this field.

Another great example is exam creation, especially in rapidly growing sectors such as the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). These major examination bodies are typically looking for exam content creators who can combine their high level of knowledge on the ins and outs of the English language with an exam format specifically tailored to test the abilities of English language learners.

Finally, some TEFL teachers create digital content on social media like Facebook and Instagram. While these may not be paid directly, there is a chance to attract new students to a product or service and earn some side money from the advertising revenue streams on these sites.

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