How Long Does It Take For An App To Be Approved By Apple?

how long does it take for an app to be approved by Apple
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Do you want to know how long does it take for an app to be approved by Apple? In this article, we will discuss everything related to the App Store’s app submission guidelines so that you can get your app live asap.

After you create an app, the final step is to start its distribution via major app stores. Google Play Store and App Store are two major sources of app developers where your app can get organic downloads and meet its users. Both app distribution platforms, review each app against their set of policies to see if your app should be in the app store or not.

This article will explore how long it takes for an app to be approved by Apple as it has tighter guidelines compared to Google Play Store. We have also collected all the details in this post that you will need for the App to be accepted on Apple App Store. If it is refused, we have listed things you can do to re-submit your App.

Here’s what you will learn in this post.

  1. Reasons for app rejections by App Store.
  2. Tips to prevent app rejections in the App Store.
  3. Things to do if your app gets rejected by the App Store.
  4. How long does it take for an app to be approved by Apple?

Let’s begin.

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Most common reasons for app rejections by Apple

It is a possibility that you might miss out on a few essential things while submitting your app on the App Store.

Let us discuss a few key reasons why an app can get rejected at the App store.

1. Incomplete data

Make sure your contact information and all the details are mentioned clearly. You need to add a sample account for the testing team to look at the software’s output if your App has a login portal.

2. Errors and Bugs

When it comes to app selection, Apple is a little bit uptight. They would not allow it if the software has bugs and it crashes. Make sure the App is free of errors and bugs before you try to submit it on the App Store.

3. Broken links

App Store does not allow non-functional and broken connections from users. User support and contact information links should be provided for all the applications. The Apps for Kids have to include a link to their privacy policy.

4. Improper explanations

The overview of your app must include specific details about your App. The screenshots in the app must convey the functionality of your App. Mention appropriate keywords while writing the description, and stay away from the needless stuffing of keywords.

5. Performance Issues

App stores would not approve it if the app doesn’t run well and is choppy or laggy.

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Tips to prevent app rejection in Apple App Store

Make sure you review the items listed below before sending your App for approval. It will help you avoid any unnecessary rework and delays afterward.

1. User Safety

The application’s safety is one of the items you have to fix before sending it to the Apple App Store review team. Users want to feel assured that the applications they install are secure, so the Apple App Store is not the best place to send your app if your app contains upsetting content, damages the smartphone, or is intended to shock users.

Apple’s team is continuously searching for new ways to boost their devices’ performance, and throughout the testing process, they hold apps to the same standards. The App that you submit for review should be the final version and should have fully functional URLs.

Before submitting, delete any placeholders or empty content, and then test it before you submit. Trial versions, betas, and samples cannot be submitted for review by the Apple Store. The App Store is not a testing service for Apps, and it will automatically reject the app that is full of technical bugs or is not the final version.

2. Test it again and again

Make sure you have checked the hardware compatibility extensively during the production of your mobile App. Whenever possible, it needs to run on the iPad to get the most from your App. The most successful are universal applications that can run on multiple devices. This will allow the review team to approve the App quickly.

3. Clear monetization policy

Ensure your business model is clear when it comes to monetizing your app, or it may hinder the review process. If the review team cannot identify how in-app transactions can be made, the review process will slow down and lead to the App’s rejection. If the team believes you’re trying to trick clients, expect quick disapproval and potential prohibition.

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4. Earn your reviews the right way

Suppose the review team sees that you have tried to inflate your app’s rating or exploit the ratings with misleading feedback. In that case, they will take swift action to protect the App Store’s reputation, which typically means denying your app and barring you from submitting applications in the future.

The real reviews will come in at their own pace, so do not attempt to outsmart the system, or you might lose your place in the Developer Program.

5. Monitor the App overtime

One thing is sure: Apple customers have always put a high priority on products they purchase that are creative, refined, simple, and painless to use. While half the battle is won by a great design, make sure the software is entirely usable across various platforms.

Even after approval, the app needs to be closely monitored, so if it stops running for some reason, it can be disabled at any time by the review team.

6. An original App idea

Finally, before sending your mobile app to Apple’s App Store approval team, come up with your ideas. In the Apple App Store, copycats are not accepted, so if it closely resembles another app with minor adjustments, it will be rejected.

You also run the risk of crossing the line of an intellectual property infringement lawsuit when you clone a standard app and make adjustments.

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Things to do in case your App gets rejected

Here are a few things you can do if your App gets rejected. These will help you to make it work better and get accepted the next time.

1. Evaluate Rejection

There needs to be a reasonable explanation for that if your app has been refused. Before you re-submit your app, make sure that you find out the reason and fix it.

2. Feature Validation

Often, consumers use an App’s functionality for various spiteful purposes even though the App begins with an honest approach. App stores guarantee that you will be able to take action against them. You can give them information and credentials of your backend functionality to help them ensure this.

3. Ask for Re-evaluation

Get in contact with the app store and get the app re-assessed if you have reviewed everything and do not find an error in your App. Often, without making any changes, the Apps gets approved in the second go.

4. Look for people with similar experiences

If the reason behind the app’s rejection cannot be identified, go online to find other individuals who have experienced the same problem and check out the potential explanations.

5. In-App purchases

Make sure your App has its payment gateway if your app accepts payments. Otherwise, this might be one of the reasons your App can get rejected.

Now that you know how to get your App approved let us check out when the App stores accept your App after uploading it.

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How long does it take for an App to be approved by Apple?

Ensure that you go through the App Store approval guidelines so that your App gets approved without much hassle. You need to concentrate primarily on your app’s content, design, and functionality to get your app accepted.

Submitting and getting your App published on Apple App Store can take up to 48 hours or longer, depending on your App. In certain rare cases, it takes 4 to 5 days for the App Store to approve it. Usually, 50% of the Apps on the Apple App store get reviewed within 24 hours and 90% within 48 hours.

You can check your App’s status in the My Apps tab of iTunes after submitting the App for approval. If you need immediate support or have a critical problem with scheduling, you may request an accelerated review.

Apple will let you know the particular reason behind it if your app gets rejected. If they don’t mention it clearly, you need to humbly remind them and solve the problem to re-submit the App. The best way to avoid app rejection is to follow all the guidelines and review the App yourself before submitting it.

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Final Words

After reading this article, you will clearly understand how long it takes for Apple to approve an app. Along with this, you now also know the common reasons for app rejections and things to do if your app gets rejected.

Do share your app approval process in the comments section so that others can learn from it. Also, share this post on your social media profiles so that other iOS app developers can also learn about Apple’s approval process.

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