How Geolocation Features Are Used in Mobile App Development

Today geolocation functionality can be built not only for navigation applications. Location-based apps have become a standard for many industries.

Geolocation features can enrich various applications, including those developed for transportation and logistics countries, taxi and car rental services, apps for pet owners, and many others.

And given the range of new opportunities that users and companies can get, their implementation is a win-win game thanks to such functionality.

While users get the convenience of interacting with mobile applications and a highly personalized approach, businesses can reach higher customer loyalty, user satisfaction, and, consequently, a growing number of sales and increasing profits.

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How Geolocation Features Are Used in Mobile App Development

how geolocation features are used in mobile app development

As the penetration of smartphones across our society is continuously increasing (with a level of over 80% in the US), companies have no choice but to focus on mobile applications as an additional channel for establishing interaction with their audience.

And to attract new users and retain the existing ones, they need to ensure that their offered solutions fully meet the market standards and users’ demand.

This article examines how businesses in many industries can benefit from GPS application development.

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Online dating apps

Today there are a lot of web and mobile dating solutions that allow people to find their potential partners based on various parameters, such as interests and hobbies, for example. But Tinder has set another trend in this segment, and today, the location-based filter can boast the highest popularity.

The GPS-powered functionality integrated into online dating applications can help restrict the search zone only to candidates with whom a user can theoretically meet offline. If you plan to launch an app of this kind, it will be a good idea to consider building such functionality.

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Food delivery applications

Food delivery mobile solutions started gaining popularity some years ago, and no evidence can indicate any signs of decline. The reasons for this growth are self-evident; it is straightforward to take a smartphone from your pocket on your way home and order pizza via an app (and even pay online for it) instead of making calls or coming home and switching on a laptop to make an order.

And a GPS feature, in this case, allows users to see what restaurants can deliver food to their place (if they use an aggregator platform like Uber Eats or Deliveroo) or to check whether a restaurant courier can bring their orders to their location (if they use an app launched by one restaurant).

As a result, users won’t perform any unnecessary actions and will clearly understand what options are available to them. Moreover, in many applications, there is a possibility to track the process of delivery, and this option has a very positive impact on user satisfaction.

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Pet tech solutions

Over the recent decades, the attitude of pet owners to their furry friends has changed significantly. Today, we can observe that cats and dogs are mainly perceived as actual family members. They receive much love and care, and their owners are ready to invest money in their health and well-being.

Given this fact, it is unsurprising that the demand for tech solutions that allow developers to enhance the quality of interaction between people and their pets is growing.

GPS-powered mobile solutions allow users to track the physical activities of their cats and dogs and monitor their walking distance. Moreover, dog owners are often interested in geofencing features that help them to restrict the area where their pets can walk. An app user will be notified if a dog leaves the indicated zone.

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Taxi hailing apps

Uber is one of the leaders in this industry and is well-known in many countries worldwide. And for most smartphone users, opening an app and ordering a taxi is much more convenient. In contrast, the app can automatically detect the user’s location and find free drivers.

Users can also see where the driver is when they accept the order and how the car moves. The app also calculates the price based on the distance to the destination. Without any doubt, geolocation technologies have entirely revolutionized the taxi service market and changed user experiences.

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Weather forecast apps

Though many applications allow users to indicate where they want to track weather changes manually, it is also possible to switch on the functionality that will automatically detect the user’s location and update weather forecasts.

It means that when you are traveling, you do not need to change the settings; it will be enough to have an internet connection to see the weather forecasts for your location.

Fitness apps

Applications of this type are prevalent among a vast audience of users. Even those people who do not regularly attend gyms or are not going in for sports may be interested in calculating their steps and tracking their walking distance and speed.

All this is available thanks to fitness apps with geolocation features. Many jogging or cycling apps can help users create routes and monitor their movements on maps.

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Location-based apps provide users and businesses with a range of new opportunities and can entirely change a lot of market and industry standards. Let’s summarize the key ideas that we can get from our quick overview of apps powered by GPS features.

Among the most significant benefits of such functionality that help boost user satisfaction regardless of the exact type of app we are talking about, we should also mention personalized offers and recommendations to users, a filter-based search of goods and services, and real-time delivery tracking.

Moreover, such technologies can empower you to create unique location-based features for your customers, allowing you to stand out from the row of your market competitors and expand your client base.

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