How Does DoorDash Make Money?

Food delivery services today are considered as the latest trends. This means you will find many new services coming up at present. DooDash is one such food delivery service. The unique feature about DoorDash is that it does not have a dedicated kitchen service.

The company has partnered with different local kitchen services and restaurants. They offer delivery services only. They collect orders from local customers and get them delivered. The food is ordered in nearby restaurants.

For any such service to be successful, time management is essential. This is why Doodash always ensures that the food is booked in the nearby restaurant. The company also hires the best fleet of contract drivers. The drivers are nick-named Dashers. They will often pick up the parcel from the restaurant and deliver it to the customer at his address.

The business model of the company is so simple. But then how does DoorDash make money? To understand this, you have to get familiar with the company’s business model.

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How Does DoorDash Make Money

how does doordash make money

In simple words, the company generates money from different income sources. It mainly focuses on three different stages to create good income – Commissions (usually earned from the restaurants), logistic services (in the form of white-label), and service fees (made from the customer side).

The company also makes money from different service plans they offer to the customers. In the present scenario, the company provides premium subscription plans for customers. It also offers unique catering plans for its business-grade customers.

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Understanding the working model of the DoorDash

If you know the on-demand food delivery services, you are probably aware of the work process. These types of services will only collect the order from the customers. DoorDash makes use of mobile and online platforms to collect customers’ demands.

Once the order has been collected, it is forwarded to the local restaurants. The beverages and food orders are directly placed with the nearby restaurants. The company offers customers the convenience to place an order on their Android mobile phone, iOS platform, and official company website.

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How DoorDash generates profits?

If the company has to manage its in-house kitchen services, generating profits is never easy. Several expenses may not be easy to bear for the company. But DoorDash follows a very different business model. It does not manufacture food in its kitchen. Practically the company does not have its kitchen.

DoorDash has offered the local restaurants and food services convenience to partner with the company website and mobile application.

The company presently operates within the US and has a list of many restaurants and food chains as its partner. DoorDash has also moved a step ahead of any other similar services. There is more demand for food delivery services. It offers space to the restaurants to set up their kitchen in that location.

This is one benefit of setting up their kitchen services in the selected areas to prepare food. The company terms these kitchens as ghost kitchens. So how does DoorDash make money? It has an excellent network of kitchen services with restaurants and fast-food chains.

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The company’s delivery chain

The delivery chain of the company can be termed as the backbone of the business. The company hires drivers in different areas for food delivery services. The drivers work as Dashers. They are only responsible for collecting orders and delivering them on time.

The company guarantees instant food delivery to the customers. This is one of the reasons why the company is a big success in the present time. The company only employs the dashers on a contract basis. So they are only paid the moment they have executed a particular order.

The company saves a lot of money here as it does not have to pay any fixed salary to the drivers. If delivery is to be made, the drivers are paid a commission.

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Calculation of the compensation

The company focuses on different factors when it comes to calculating compensation. It is not difficult to get familiar with the compensation structure. You have to understand the model presented below.

If you are concerned about how DoorDash makes money, you should further read the content. It is essential to understand the compensation model to calculate the profits.

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1. The company has marked something termed the base pay. This is the total hours anyone would spend when working with any company.

It is calculated depending on the work hours and the total distance that the dasher will have to travel to make the delivery. The company will also focus on the desirability of the booked order by the customer.

2. The company also calculates the compensation that it will have to invest in the promotional campaigns. The payment during peak and non-peak delivery hours may not be the same.

The bonus is also centered around the challenges and rewards. So if the dasher succeeds in delivering the order within the set time frame, then the compensation is always on the higher side.

3. Finally comes the tips that are paid to the dasher. This is the amount of money that the company will ask the dasher to keep for himself. So if the customer pays any tips to the dasher, he is allowed to keep it.

The company is also responsible for looking into the payment process for other administrative staff. No money has to be paid to the restaurant owners for placing the order. The company will pay the restaurants as per the discounted price.

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Wrap Up

The restaurants will earn money for each order booked by the customer via the official DoorDash website. But they will have to pay some portion of the income to the website as a part of the commission for getting the orders. Every completed order will earn some money.

The concept used by DoorDash is not new, as there are hundreds of other services operating today. But the quality of services offered certainly is not the same. That is what makes DoorDash different as compared to others.

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