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Healthcare Content Strategy Tips and Trends

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Healthcare is not the most accessible industry to create content for. It would be best if you had many technical and ethical considerations.

Help ease your content creation worries by following these tips and trends. Master the art of effective healthcare content with five simple tips. Maximize your content strategy by utilizing three growing trends in healthcare.

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5 Tips to Increase Healthcare Content Visibility

healthcare content strategy

There are many ways to improve your healthcare content strategy. The most important one you can work on right now is search engine optimization (SEO).

Learn about the five most straightforward ways to improve content visibility through good SEO.

1. Use Simple Language

Accessibility and readability are two often overlooked concepts when discussing content writing. Although writing styles vary from person to person, there are aspects that every writer should optimize.

Connect with your audience by making your content accessible. Healthcare content can be challenging for laypeople to understand, even without jargon. If readers can’t understand your content, they’ll move on.

High bounce rates hurt your SEO score and make your website less reputable. Avoid penalties to your website by writing concisely:

  • Use short and simple sentences.
  • Avoid using complicated medical terminology.
  • Keep your paragraphs short.
  • Avoid monotonous language.
  • Use clear, action-oriented words.
  • Don’t use vague or unclear language.
  • Understand that your readers are patients.

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2. Create Local City Pages

According to Digital Authority Partners, location-based SEO and local city pages are two simple yet powerful tools that get results.

Healthcare-related searches are often urgent. Patients want to know how to cure their conditions. More importantly, patients want to know whom or where to seek help. Location-based SEO and local city pages are your best response to these needs.

Regardless of the number of hospitals in an area, a local city page for yours is invaluable. Searchers don’t have time to visit every hospital to review their services. Use local city pages to:

  • Advertise your hospital, clinic, etc., in a local area
  • Introduce your business and available services
  • Promote your location and accessibility
  • Share reviews from regular patients or locals
  • Post contact information and business hours

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3. Diversify Your Content

Healthcare content comes in many shapes and sizes. Knowing which works best for your goals is a matter of trial and error. However, healthcare content works best using these three primary types:

  • Blog posts make otherwise boring content more informal and personable. Use this to your advantage. Make scary stories about hospital visits a teachable moment for patients. Where do you go first? What questions should you ask? Tell your readers.
  • Videos make health and wellness topics engaging and more straightforward for patients to understand. Watching a demonstration on how to stop a nosebleed is more accessible than verbal instructions. Produce video content with this in mind.
  • Infographics help break down complicated medical topics into smaller chunks that laypeople can easily understand—for example, a chart comparing cold and flu symptoms.

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Other types of content drive traffic and engagement, such as lead magnets and evergreen content:

  • Lead magnets provide something valuable, like exclusive content or an offer in exchange for signing up for your mailing list. For example, encourage parents to sign up by offering an ebook of healthy snack recipes for children.
  • Evergreen content is anything that will always be relevant. For example, how to avoid the flu. However, this doesn’t mean that it will remain accurate forever. To create winning evergreen content, constantly update your posts with the latest information available.

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4. Connect with Your Peers

Networking helps broaden your audience base. You leave plenty of market segments untapped because they aren’t your target consumers.

This wastes the potential of your content and services. Reach potential patients through communities they’re already part of.

Like influencers, you can enrich your platforms with cross-promotion posts. Prime examples include:

  • Writing a guest post for another website
  • Appearing as an expert on a podcast
  • Interviewing another expert for your website
  • Working with influencers to spread content
  • Using social media to connect with potential partners

A cross-promotion aims to provide valuable content to another website while promoting your own.

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5. Give and Earn Backlinks

Backlinks to your website show that your content has authority. On the other hand, backlinks to another website (called external links) show that your content is well-researched.

However, handing out or accepting backlinks from just anyone is not enough. Make sure that you:

  • Link to websites with high domain authority. Websites in this category have a reputation for verified and trustworthy content. The best examples in healthcare are Mayo Clinic, WebMD, and Psychology Today.
  • Remove backlinks from unrelated websites. Search engines punish websites that buy or artificially inflate their backlinks. Avoid this by only keeping backlinks from places that genuinely find value in your content.

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3 Healthcare Content Trends to Get Ahead Of

Getting to the top of search results takes a lot of effort. However, you can speed up the process by placing yourself firmly on top of online trends. Instead of competing with other websites, make yours the standard to follow.

1. Service Self-diagnosis

Why do people self-diagnose? The general public has been developing a deep fascination with health and wellness. Thisessentiallygely a positive development because it encourages health consciousness. However, this habit of self-diagnosis can be dangerous.

Self-diagnosis is dangerous to teens and young adults due to the amount of misguided or misinformed content that circulates online. Social media is full of this type of content.

Take advantage of the trending interest in health topics by publishing high-quality articles. Encourage your audience to consult with doctors for proper diagnoses and advice. Combat online misinformation and help destigmatize misunderstood illnesses.

Get ahead of this healthcare content trend by:

  • Leveraging the knowledge and expertise of top doctors and specialists.
  • Interviewing legitimately diagnosed individuals about their experiences.
  • Producing short videos to attract attention on social media platforms.

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2. Conduct Your Surveys

As mentioned above, the general public is deeply interested in health and wellness. Unfortunately, medical surveys aren’t always accessible or up-to-date. Even if the findings are still applicable, recent data is preferable.

Publishing your studies also has the added benefit of raising your SEO score. By making your research findings publicly available, you can earn plenty of backlinks to your website. Having multiple legitimate backlinks to your website increases your site’s domain authority.

How do you conduct sizeable surveys as a healthcare website?

  • Put “fun” health and wellness quizzes on your website and wait for responses.
  • Share surveys on social media platforms to reach more participants.
  • Encourage participation by exchanging services or offering discounts.

Of course, more formal research methods may be required depending on the nature of your study. However, the suggestions above can drive user engagement, which is a positive outcome.

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3. Share Reviews and Feedback

Like any other business, hospitals and clinics have customers. Every customer has standards and expectations for the service they receive. It’s especially hard for hospitals and doctors to win customers’ confidence.

Provide your clients with the space and tools to share their experiences openly. Not only is it suitable for your website’s user experience, but it’s also good for your business.

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Summing Up

A winning healthcare content strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple things like friendlier language can make a difference for your website. Use the tools in this guide to make your website a welcoming and engaging space for visitors and patients.

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