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Due to larger screen sizes of phones, typing on them is now slowly becoming a pleasant experience for most users. People now mostly use their smartphones to type emails, social media posts, texts, chat messages, etc. But sometimes it becomes a little embarrassing if you ignorantly post an update or send an email to your boss with some easily avoidable grammar mistakes in your text.

grammarly keyboard reviewLife is quite easy on desktops as you can simply integrate any useful grammar check browser plugin or use any proofreading software to get the job done. Similar apps for Android and iOS are also available, but using them to proofread your every single status update, email, social media posts would be so old school. What if some app could simply automatically correct all the wrong spellings and grammar, so you just have to write the text and worry less about being grammatically correct.

Most Android keyboards offer spellchecks, but not all can auto-correct your grammar while typing. The brand new keyboard app from Grammarly is designed for this sole purpose to correct you while you are busing typing some text on your phone.

How to use the Grammarly Keyboard app:

If you are from the blogosphere, then you don’t need any introduction to Grammarly – an online grammar check tool. Right now, the tool is available as a plugin and software app for major browsers and operating systems. Now, as the app is also available on mobile platforms – Android and iOS – users can now leverage the tool to write error-free writing quickly from anywhere.

The Grammarly keyboard app works smoothly with all your apps. You just need to install it, enable from settings, and then you are good to go. Do note that the app requires an active internet connection to work. So if you are offline, then the app will not check grammar and show suggestions.

grammarly keyboard Android app in actionWhile typing, the Grammarly keyboard app will continuously monitor your text and will flag several errors on its icon, as shown above. Not just errors, it will also suggest the corrections and type of grammatical error. Tap on the suggestion to auto-correct mistakes in your text.

The keyboard app is not as advanced as Gboard. There is no option to customize the keyboard height and one-handed mode. However, there is enough spacing between the letters on the keyboard, which makes typing more comfortable.

As the app is entirely new, it also comes with some unexpected bugs which the Grammarly team will fix soon, we hope. You won’t face any issue while using the app, but in some contexts, the app fails to detect any error. But, that’s a common issue with most grammar checking tools available in the market right now.

Below is the screenshot of Grammarly Keyboard settings from which you change the language preference from British to American and vice versa.

grammarly keyboard settingsOther features of the Grammarly Keyboard app:

  • Auto-correction
  • Double-space full stop
  • Auto-capitalisation
  • Vibrate, sound, and pop-up on keypress.
  • Choose between American and British English preference.

Final Words:

Grammarly Keyboard is highly recommended for professionals and students who want to keep an eye on their grammar and improve their writing skills. The only con is that the size of the app is 70 MB, which means if you still use a device with low internal storage, you will have to free up some space for it. Also, the app requires an active internet connection to work and will take some time to fix early spotted minor bugs.

Do give it a try and let us know how much you liked by posting your comments below.

Install the Grammarly Keyboard app from Google Play Store.

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