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What Does the Future of Learning Code Look Like?

Explore the future of learning code. From enrolling in full-time programs to online bootcamps, you will get an insight into the future.

Coding is becoming an increasingly helpful skill, with more and more jobs becoming available that require coding. Many learning how to code are taking advantage of online options such as remote college courses, remote coding bootcamps, and self-learning resources on websites like YouTube.

Though new resources have entered the scene, how we learn to code will likely evolve as we move deeper into the future. With this trend growing, it seems like the future of learning to code will become largely remote and online, with the prospect of in-person classes becoming increasingly less attractive.

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Current Avenues to Learn Coding

Anyone can learn coding in various ways, each with pros and cons. Some forms of learning to code are becoming more popular, while others are becoming more antiquated. Learning to code will likely move into online and remote learning as we move into the future. Here are the main current avenues you can use to learn to code.


Self-teaching is an accessible way to learn coding that can cost little to no money. This type of learning consists of readily available resources, such as YouTube videos, forums, and even books. This is an attractive avenue of learning to code for many people because it allows them to learn at their own pace while not spending extra money.

Though there is a time commitment to learning coding, as with learning anything, self-teaching is excellent for those unsure if coding is for them because it requires little to no monetary cost.

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For this reason, you can test the waters and then give it up if you find it not appealing. Conversely, having a foundational understanding of coding from self-teaching can make it easier to pursue more structured and in-depth avenues of learning, such as bootcamps or university programs.

YouTube videos can offer excellent beginner instruction in different coding languages, such as Python and Java, while forums can be a great place to ask other more experienced coders questions.

Another valuable resource for beginner coders is shells, which are platforms for you to practice coding safely. In addition, there are plenty of other coding resources in the form of guides and cheat sheets, all of which are typically free and easy to access.

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University Programs

Pursuing a university program in computer science is one of the most traditional ways to learn to code. Though the costs can be high, many people find the structured nature of university programs conducive to learning.

In addition, a university program can provide these outlets if you prefer the university classroom setting and the ability to interact in person with professors and peers.

Though there are many in-person university programs, more and more universities are taking advantage of online learning and offering fully remote programs.

If you appreciate a strict structure and remote learning, you can benefit greatly from an online university program.

Though the structured nature of university programs can be a draw for some, tuition costs typically cost tens of thousands per year, acting as a barrier to entry for many people.

Another barrier you may face when looking at university programs is the full-time commitment.

Though some universities may offer programs that cater to individuals who work full-time, most programs will require that one clear their schedule to have enough time to attend classes throughout the day and do the required coursework.


Coding boot camps are one of the newest ways to learn to code and can offer you a streamlined and in-depth learning experience. Many bootcamps are fully remote and can be done from home. If you’re looking to transition into a new career as quickly as possible, a coding boot camp can be a great resource to learn how to code promptly.

Often, boot camps are designed to provide you with the skills you need to get a job as a coder. With this being the case, boot camps can teach you the most up-to-date skills needed in the industry at any given time.

There are a variety of boot camps, and whether you’re looking to gain skills as a front-end, back-end, or full-stack designer, you’re sure to find a streamlined coding boot camp that caters to your needs. Though the costs of boot camps can be higher than self-teaching, they are often a mere fraction of what university tuition costs.

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Coding boot camps are an attractive learning avenue because they offer the flexibility of self-teaching with the in-depth training of a university program. With boot camps becoming more popular, people’s future learning to code will largely revolve around these programs.

We may see coding boot camps specifically targeted at niche groups, such as high school seniors who don’t plan to go to college or full-time working adults over 40 looking for a career change.

Why People Are Learning to Code

More and more people are pursuing coding as both a career and a hobby. As modern-day life is becoming increasingly digital, people are becoming more familiar with online spaces and the process of creating them. Here are some of the reasons that people are learning to code.

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Coding Roles Are Growing at a Rapid Rate

Coding is a great career choice that seems like it’s on a trajectory to grow, boasting good salaries and a myriad of freelance, full-time, and remote working options. More and more companies need coders as the world becomes digital-friendly.

This includes new companies needing coders and established ones needing coders to help them build a better digital presence. A career in a rapidly growing industry can guarantee that jobs will be available when you complete your schooling or training.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for some other declining fields. This growth in the industry is an attractive draw for individuals looking to enter into a new field and build a career for themselves.

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Coding Can Be a Lucrative Side-Gig

As the cost of living rises in many cities across the country, more and more people are searching for lucrative side gigs to bolster their income.

Coding can be a great way to do this, and is an excellent freelancer job. The freelancing option allows you to work as much or as little as possible, depending on your skill level and availability.

As coders are in high demand, many find it relatively easy to find coding side gigs once they have the skills necessary to code. More and more individuals will likely learn to code, even if they don’t intend to leave their full-time careers in a different field.

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Coding Offers You the Opportunity to Change Careers

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have increased free time. As a result of this free time, many began to question their current careers and whether it was right for them. As most people know, transitioning from one career to another can be difficult.

Whether it’s the time commitment or the cost of schooling, it can sometimes feel like the barriers between you and a new career are insurmountable.

Luckily, those interested in computers have found learning to code and transitioning into a coding career feasible, given the plethora of learning resources today.

Though a full-time university program may be too expensive and time-consuming for adults working full-time, utilizing coding boot camps and free self-learning tutorials can be a great way to learn a new skill without giving up your current income.

The flexibility of learning how to code is an attractive aspect of transitioning into a coding career.

Those interested in changing careers as quickly as possible can take advantage of streamlined boot camps, while those who aren’t in a rush can utilize videos and free resources to learn at their own pace in their spare time. Whatever your work schedule, coding is a skill you can learn at your own particular pace.

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Why Remote Learning Is Becoming More Popular

Remote learning has become more prevalent in recent years, and it is more than likely that the future of education will be remote.

This is also true for learning coding, as remote learning works well since coding is already done on a computer. Here are some reasons remote learning is becoming more popular, especially for learning how to code.

Learning Coding Remotely Can Save You Money

The large-scale lockdown brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic showed many that remotely working and going to school is feasible.

Being exposed to this change, many of us realized that the convenience of working and schooling from home is a great way to reduce many of the stressors of everyday life.

These stressors can include sitting in traffic, spending money on gas, and moving to another geographic location for school or work.

This is especially true when it comes to getting a university degree. With the cost of housing and gas rising across the country, many prospective university students can save tremendous money by staying home and attending classes remotely.

With technological advances, doing schoolwork and attending lectures are simple and accessible online and, in most cases, do not take anything away from the learning experience.

With the COVID-19 pandemic showcasing how accessible remote schooling is, it is more than likely that more universities will begin to offer more online options that don’t require students to live close to the university they attend.

Online schooling options will make school more accessible to more students who may not be able to move to another location and could act as a way to open new possibilities for more people.

Learning Remotely Can Offer You More Flexibility

Having the option to learn remotely can be a great way to add more flexibility to your schedule. You are afforded more free time to spend without commuting to class. In addition, you can sometimes do remote learning asynchronously, so you don’t have to attend class at any specific time.

If you have a changing schedule and enjoy flexibility, asynchronous online classes allow you to do your schooling on your own time whenever convenient. Having the ability to introduce more flexibility into your schedule is a huge plus and can even be a way to decrease stress and be more productive.

Going to a specific location for learning is becoming a more and more antiquated institution, and many are instead taking advantage of the remote options for learning that are becoming more readily available.

The Future of Learning Code Will Likely Be Online and Remote

Taking note of the current trajectory of learning in general, it’s likely that the future of learning how to code will likely be mostly, if not wholly, online and remote. The flexibility and convenience offered by remote learning make it a clear winner for most when choosing how to learn how to code.

Though traditional in-person university programs have perks, such as strict structures and the ability to interact with peers, the monetary and schedule barriers don’t make it worth it for most people.

With university programs taking advantage of online remote learning and coding bootcamps gaining popularity, the future will likely see new forms of online learning that fall somewhere between the strict structure of university programs and the streamlined pace of bootcamps. Whatever the future of learning to code, it will likely be online and remote.

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