5 Free Online Pedigree Chart Maker Websites

Here we have compiled a list of the 5 best free online pedigree chart maker websites. A pedigree chart is a visual flow chart meant to display a person’s genetic information in an easily readable form using standardized symbols.

The chart generally displays which family members are affected by a specific genetic trait or disease and is very helpful in determining the patterns of disease inheritance in that family.

You can imagine a pedigree chart as a family chart but for a completely different purpose: studying a family’s genetic characteristics and framework. Pedigree charts can analyze the genetic attributes of only a small population or area.

Pedigree analysis plays an extremely vital role in a branch of Biology named Genetics. If you are a student of Genetics, you may have to frequently generate pedigree charts for your research projects that involve the study of population.

You can easily use tools called Pedigree Chart Makers that will help you create the charts quickly and effortlessly.

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5 Free Online Pedigree Chart Maker Websites

In this article, we will explore 5 Free Online Pedigree Chart Maker Websites that you can use to create your charts and export them as images.

Some of the websites we have listed below will require some information and parameters of the pedigree as input, based on which they will generate the Pedigree Chart.

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1. Free Online Pedigree Tool

free online pedigree tool for windows

This is a powerful online tool that can be used to build a Pedigree Chart right from scratch. Click on Pedigree Builder to start the process.

You must specify basic information about the Proband and parameters like the number of sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, and more. Proband is the person who serves as the starting point of the genetic study.

Finally, you will be taken to the application workspace screen, where the pedigree chart will be displayed and can also be modified and edited. When you are done with the chart creation, you can save it as an image. No registration or sign-up of any sort is required for this tool.

Click here to navigate to Free Online Pedigree Tool.

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2. Canva

canva - online pedigree chart maker websites

Let’s move on to the next Pedigree Chart Maker from Canva, a viral and widely used online graphics designing tool. Using Canva to create a pedigree chart may not be wise, but it can be done.

The ‘Shapes’ tool of Canva can create/insert almost any shape you can dream of, including the standardized symbols like squares, circles, triangles, lines, etc., used in pedigree charts.

Since Canva is not tailor-made to create these charts, you may have to manually insert the shapes and arrange all symbols and components, unlike the previous website.

You must register for a Free account with Canva before creating any design using it. Start with a blank canvas and then add and position all the components as they need to appear in pedigree charts. Finally, you can export the chart as an image using Canva.

Click here to visit the Canva website.

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3. Visual Paradigm Online

visual paradigm online

This is yet another popular online designing suite that you can use to create Infographics, Collages, Flowcharts, and more, including Pedigree Charts.

Just click on the link we have provided below, and you will be navigated directly to the Pedigree Chart templates of Visual Paradigm. Select any of them per your requirements and then click on ‘Edit this Template.’

The Visual Paradigm Workspace will now be launched, and the chart will be displayed for you. You can modify all the aspects related to the components and symbols by selecting them and using the various tools in the vertical toolbar at the left. You can also use the tools panel at the left to add more shapes.

Once the pedigree chart is ready, you can export it in JPG, PNG, SVF, and PDF formats. Before using Visual Paradigm Online, you must sign up and register using your Google account.

Click here to visit Visual Paradigm Pedigree Chart Maker.

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4. Figma Pedigree Chart Marker

figma pedigree chart marker

The next Pedigree Chart Maker is a design tool that is very popular and used to create any graphic right from websites, applications, logos, and more to infographics and flowcharts, including Pedigree Charts. The name of the tool is Figma.

Start by clicking ‘Try Figma for Free’ and immediately head towards the main workspace used for generating the chart. A sample pedigree chart will already be available for you. You can use the small toolbar at the left or the panel at the bottom to add more shapes,

Modify existing shapes by selecting them, adding connections linking them, and more.
Figma Pedigree Chart Maker does not allow you to download the chart as an image. You can, however, share it with others using web links or HTML embedding.

Click here to be directed toward Figma Pedigree Chart Maker.

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5. Myriads’ Easy Pedigree Builder

myriads easy pedigree builder

Let’s now move on to the final tool named Myriad Easy Pedigree Builder. Type your name and provide your Date of birth and Ancestry, such as Asian, Hispanic, Caucasian, Native American, and more and click on ‘Next.’

In the next screen, provide the details of your family members, such as the number of brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, uncles, aunts, etc., and click on ’Continue.’ The pedigree chart will now be displayed on the screen using the information you specified above.

Click on any family member in the chart, and a context-sensitive panel will be displayed on the right side. You can provide a name to the person, choose if he is Alive / Deceased, Adopted, etc., and also specify if he has Cancer or any Gene Mutation and more. Once the pedigree chart is read, you can click on ‘Print / Save’ at the top right to download the chart in PDF format.

Click here to navigate to Myriad’s Easy Pedigree Builder.

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You must spend some time with the tools listed above and gauge them based on ease of use, flexibility, features, sharing, customization, and more. Use the tool that best matches your requirements which can change from one student to another.

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