5 Best Free LAN Screen Sharing Software For Windows

free lan screen sharing software

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Do you need to share your screen over a local network but don’t have an Internet connection? If yes, here we have compiled a list of the 5 best free LAN screen sharing software for Windows. With these free software, you can instantly share your PC screen with someone you want on your local network without connecting to the Internet.

In most of these programs, you only get a desktop screen for viewing. But in the following post, we have added a remote desktop tool that you can use to quickly access the mouse and keyboard on a remote LAN PC. There are several options for screen sharing, but they need the Internet. Several online services do the same thing but also need the Internet.

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5 Best Free LAN Screen Sharing Software for Windows

If you are on an internal network, you don’t need the Internet to share your screen, but software for this kind of screen sharing is not standard. We started our research about this kind of software and have mentioned our findings below.

Some of these are not dedicated software for LAN screen sharing, but they offer functionality with some very nice features. Without further ado, let’s start exploring these best software for LAN screen sharing.

1. TeamViewer

TeamViewer does not need any introduction as it is the first remote desktop platform that most people prefer. It is free for personal use and comes with features for accessing a remote desktop and doing other things.

But only a few people are aware of the fact that TeamViewer can also function on LAN. You can use it the same way in LAN mode as you use it for remote connections. The only difference is that you will have to use the remote PC’s IP on the LAN instead of the TeamViewer ID. The link password is created automatically.

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2. VLC Media Player

The most used free media player on Linux and Windows machines is probably the VLC Media Player. It has a long list of features that make it one of the best video and music player choices.

Alternatively, it allows you to stream URLs for any media on a network. You can stream your laptop screen, movies, and audio. And that’s the functionality you need to use to share your computer.

Here, VLC allows you to specify the frame rate for live screen sharing, and you can also choose to set the desktop video stream quality. To see the screen shared by your peer, you can create a UDP URL that you can enter into another VLC media player.

Get VLC Media Player.

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3. BeeBEEP

BeeBEEP is essentially a LAN messenger software with a LAN screen sharing feature. Here, you can find all community and private chat functionality and the option to share your screen.

You can conveniently share your screen with just one click. Screen sharing can also be turned off whenever you like. The advantage of using this software is that you get features such as file sharing, messaging, and screen sharing.

It is advanced software where you can share your screen in a chat window with just one click. The output of the video is not that impressive, but it is suitable for internal communication.

Just run it, enter your name, use the Windows Firewall to activate it, and you’ll start seeing your peers. You can start a conversation with them. There is also an option to share the screen in the chat window.

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4. TightVNC

As the name suggests, TightVNC builds a VNC server on a PC. You can install this server on different network nodes, and then you can connect to any server via a VNC viewer from any PC on the network.

TightVNC has both the modules of this program. The best thing about it is that you can use it as a remote desktop to take control of another machine. This software can therefore help troubleshoot remote LAN PCs.

You can build a password-protected screen-sharing system with TightVNC. You can also choose to disable file sharing and hardware sharing. This tool creates the fastest screen sharing among all others in this list. To connect, you only need the IP address and the password of the remote LAN PC.

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5. ScreenTask

Another free software for LAN screen sharing is ScreenTask. Here you can share the screen on a LAN with dedicated software and set it up in a few clicks. This software lets you share your screen over HTTP. This provides you with an HTTP URL that you can use on any local device on the network.

This program streams your screen to a specified URL and can be viewed in a browser. The user interface is fundamental, and you can customize it with just a few clicks. This open-source software for screen sharing can be downloaded from GitHub using a link. After that, you need to extract and run it. The primary user interface is a bit classical, and you can start quickly.

You can configure the port number on the main interface and set a screenshot interval to 500 milliseconds by default. Click the “Start Server” button and start screen sharing. Please copy the URL box’s link and enter it in the PC’s browser connected to the LAN. The streaming will start in the browser, and you will also find an option to stop it anytime.

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Having gone through the above list, we know about the best free LAN screen sharing software for Windows. All these are amazingly effective when it comes to sharing the computer screen on a LAN. If you share your screen in the network often, give these tools a try and let us know which is your pick.

Please let us know which LAN screen-sharing software you like the most in the comments section below—looking forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions.

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