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10 Best Free Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools

Discover the top 10 free Instagram hashtag generator tools to boost your social media presence and increase engagement. Get more likes and followers.

Here we have shared a list of the 10 best free Instagram hashtag generator tools. Explore these excellent tools and use them to generate plenty of hashtag ideas for your next Instagram posts.

Have you ever spent hours brainstorming Instagram hashtags for your posts, only to find that they didn’t generate the engagement or reach you hoped for? Or maybe you’re new to the platform and feel overwhelmed by the vast array of hashtags available?

The truth is hashtags can make or break your Instagram strategy. Overall, we found these 10 free Instagram hashtag generator tools incredibly useful in streamlining the process of finding the best hashtags for your posts.

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10 Best Free Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools

Let’s make it clear once and for all that Instagram hashtag generator wastes time…

… for those who use social media as a storage for memories.

It is a must-have to make it big on the platform.

What is a Hashtag Generator?

A hashtag generator is a tool that automatically selects hashtags based on keywords. All you have to do is to provide input, be it words or photos. After that, the algorithm will analyze popular hashtags on Instagram and collect a selection of the most relevant ones for your publication.

Advanced versions also come up with the most up-to-date hashtag performance stats, the number of mentions, and recommendations on what will help your content get out to more users on Instagram.

Delve into social media marketing software without previous research, and you could easily find yourself robbed for low-quality goods and services. This is why lists like this get made to get you posted, as well as the honest professionals of the industry, on how to find the best hashtags for Instagram.

Check out ten free hashtag generator tools (or at least affordable), and you won’t constantly worry about betting on the wrong one.

1. Inflact

inflact - free instagram hashtag generator app

The AI-based tool is an online service that provides only updated and new hashtags. The algorithm analyzes Instagram search results daily, so getting the best hashtags currently possible is a matter of course.

All you have to do is enter up to five keywords or attach a photo or link; Inflact will do the rest. You will receive a sorted set consisting of three sections formed by frequency, with “popular,” “average,” and “rare” options at your disposal.

Click on each hashtag to get difficulty details. It is a decisive advantage, as you can analyze your competitiveness and build an effective hashtag strategy. Enhance navigation with related hashtags by tapping any in the section or opting for a bright button to automate your selection.

The Inflact Hashtag Generator allows three inputs for free, plus another three if you register on their site. The monthly subscription starts from 49€, a reasonable price/quality ratio.

You can also expand your toolkit with advanced and pro packages that include scheduled posting, DM automation, Instagram Downloader, etc.

You see, the service is an absolute go-to for promotion on Instagram.

2. Toolzu

toolzu - instagram hashtag generator app

If additional features make little difference, perhaps there is no desire to overpay. Toolzu Hashtag Generator is a great solution.

It runs on a principle similar to the first service but lags in analytics allowed. You can still search for hashtags by keywords, photos, or links. The third search option is rare, so having it in an analog product is a lucky break.

You can track hashtags by frequency or refine your social media marketing campaign reasoning from difficulty or volume data. However, three separate sections are missing here.

All options are on one page and marked with multi-colored inscriptions High, Low, and Medium. Therefore, be extremely careful when ticking the ones you want to carry on with.

Trending and top hashtags for Instagram are also available. So you can diversify any publication for your industry or niche. This is a practical approach to get more exposure for your Insta posts and avoid spammy hashtags. Naturally, such general hashtags work poorly for the target audience but can drive traffic from users you have never been connected to.

The developers give three free attempts to test it; three more are accessible after registration.

However, the service is paid. As a significant part of the functionality is reduced, the price is also reduced. Unlimited inquiries become available for only $10 per month, and if you subscribe for a year right away, you can save another $2.

In exchange for saving long, painstaking hours in front of a computer screen, three cappuccinos sound like a good bargain.

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3. DisplayPurposes


The IG hashtag generator from DisplayPurposes is a true “hidden gem” among free software for Instagram automation. It is not just a mega-functional service, but a thought-out to the minor detail product with a fantastic design and aesthetics.

Even if you are far from marketing tricks, and relevant hashtags are not part of your professional concern, we promise you childish delight from using this tool. We hung here for an hour; if not for other essential things on the plate, we could have doubled or even tripled that time.

You start from a standard home page with a search bar to enter the keywords. The service suggests setting the limit with the slider.

For example, instead of the usual thirty options, you can limit yourself to 25 and go with an automatic selection for the number you have chosen. Manual selection is also in stock for those who want to specify the template.

Analysis of existing publications on banned and spammy tags is another original feature at your fingertips. Just paste your IG profile link and get a detailed report of malicious hashtags in your captions.

You also don’t have to rack your brains on how to find trending hashtags for Instagram; on top of that, they are easily filtered by language, age, country, gender, etc. It is hugely to the purpose while dealing with a particular location or targeting a definite audience.

So, everything is practical yet pretty standard.

And this is where the real magic begins. Click on the Maps section and visually trace back hashtags according to their origin and use locations. Zoom in Maps to a specific country, state, or even city, and you’ll see how the hashtags evolve and perform in real-time.

If your emotional balance is still there, what about viewing the semantic core of a hashtag? Incredibly eye-catching graphs are unlikely to leave you indifferent.

Well, for the most unyielding. The service is free!

We are telling you, it is dead good!

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4. Kickstarter

hashtag generator for kickstarter

Those seeking a standard user-friendly interface may look closer at the Hashtag Generator from Kickstarter. It is a high-quality free tool that generates hashtags by keywords and images and can also process a complete phrase.

In addition, you can still get analytics. Well, it is not as complete and comprehensive as previous services. However, it is pretty enough to make it a nifty addition to a marketer’s tech stack.

The AI system sorts hashtags by reach and relevance. Although the selection parameters are not transparent, since the hashtags are immediately displayed on the home page, these filters can be effectively implemented for a 3 R marketing strategy.

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5. All Hashtag

all hashtag

The online service with a telling name works hard to satisfy all (well, or most) requests related to hashtag generation.

Apart from the already familiar search by keywords and filters, you can also create unique options—just type in the words you’d like to fuse and let the All Hashtag Generator cover it.

Top, random, and live hashtags are organized in ready-made sets of 30 hashtags. So to select the necessary ones manually, you have to transfer relevant hashtags to any additional tablet or doc.

Regarding the unique options, it is the same practice we are used to. Tick the hashtags you like and design the templates. All the work this time is done in-app.

You can also count the number of hashtags already selected. This is usually done to avoid incurring the wrath of Instagram’s algorithms or to replace current options with better ones.

Switching sections whenever you need to act can be a hassle. If a UI/UX approach is essential to you, the service is not like the sharpest tool in the shed. You may find it bothersome to jump between four tabs on the site.

Yet, it is a free hashtag generator with social analytics, so let’s be less demanding.

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6. Sistrix

sistrix hashtags idea generator

Sistrix is another reliable service that has gained deserved recognition. The tool aims to detect suitable and potentially advantageous hashtags quickly. You will never get lost among multiple features, as it simply lacks them. Popularity ranking is the only bells and whistles you can count on.

Not so hot for SEO professionals or experienced users; however, it is an excellent tool to get your hand in. It gives you maximum control over the selection process and saves you from serious blunders, as you already work with a base of more than 7.7 million hashtags.

The most popular hashtags are supposed to boost the number of likes and followers regardless of your content. Therefore, the service encourages choosing at least a few from a separate box below the main chart.

You start with 25 free daily inquiries, and then the platform offers to unlock an unlimited package. Are you ready with credit cards? There is no need. Just register and enjoy the finest hashtags for your content.

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7. Hashtagstack

hashtag stack

If you want to store your handpicked hashtags online, it is just the right tool. Let us also mention it is well-organized and frequently updated so that you can stay consistent with good hashtags for Instagram.

It may be strange to see search results not grouped by category. However, it has analytics features that help you identify the best hashtags and track post performance. There are post count, average/ the lowest likes, and comments metrics to ground your hashtag choices on.

Of course, you will have to tinker a little longer when selecting suitable hashtags. But it is not a big deal. You don’t have to pay for it.

The only effort required from you is registration. It is an optional step. By skipping it, you can continue with all the features except for creating collections.

Many users are already accustomed to working with additional resources for storing hashtags, but regular online access is a far more convenient way to interact with information. On top of that, you can opt for hashtags on both desktop and mobile.

So why not give it a shot?

8. Photerloo

stock photo hashtags generator

The tool wasn’t meant to be a hashtag generator. It kicked off the service for sharing photos online automatically on different platforms. As developers noticed a significant demand among social network users, they expanded the toolkit.

It has a clear and straightforward interface. There is a box where you can drag a photo or click to upload it. Machine learning is then applied to analyze the image to develop Suggested Photo Keywords and Suggested Instagram Hashtags afterward.

Photerloo is not that rich in metrics. The only one that may be useful is a panel with the hashtag’s popularity. The tool divides all the options into six levels, so at least you can sort out potentially poor performers.

What we like about it is a keyword generator. It seems like having your SEO specialist at hand. So, you can always flood the caption with powerful wording that naturally gains a warm welcome from Instagram algorithms.

And yes, the tool costs you nothing.

9. Hashtagsgenerator.net

hashtag generator app for android

If you still have issues finding trending hashtags for Instagram, the hashtag generator by Hashtagsgenerator.net is the answer. It can be put to use for TikTok, Twitter, or Facebook.

So, suppose you are running more than one business account or a personal profile on different social media. In that case, the service is perfect for immediately finding powerful hashtags for all.

It operates by the same principles its alternatives do. You will be asked to provide a keyword as input and click on a magnifier icon. The whole analytics stack is available as soon as you are ready.

The service claims to have millions of hashtags in its database. Be sure you will get up-to-date variants that are extremely helpful to keep up with the latest trends on the platform.

Maybe, you will miss some specific hashtags that lead to greater engagement. But before you start nagging at the tool, remember it is free.

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10. Hashtagmenow

hashtagmenow - free hashtag generator tool

The hashtag generator by Hashtagmenow.com is simple, practical, and powerful. It takes no additional guides to activate its potential. You enter several keywords and get top-performing hashtag lists for each.

The only inconvenience you may face is the absence of the keyword in the dropdown. Don’t give up now, as you can always run on synonyms. If the results with new input are not satisfying, the list with related tags is at your fingertips. So you will never experience a choice shortage.

It is a fantastic piece of code that goes beyond your followers. The Common Like and Follow hashtag list is designed to fit every caption. It means other users can easily find your Insta profile, so you will keep growing organically.

On top of that, the service is free of charge and takes no registration.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Hashtags are an integral part of social media marketing strategy beyond contemporary trends. It is crucial to work with hashtags, as they add up to promotion. In other words, they support an advanced search so more people can trace your content according to the request expressed.

Yet, random hashtags won’t work for your profit. You tackle it with appropriate options or delegate the workload to a hashtag generator.

You are the one to decide!

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